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JP Morgan/Chase Bank gets bailout money – gives $5 million to ACORN

Posted by iusbvision on August 21, 2009

[Editor’s Note: Welcome Pajamas Media readers! To see more corruption in action see our “Corporatism” category.]

It is amazing how many companies who get bailout funds give money to ACORN and the Democrats.

Remember ACORN, the vote fraud people?

15 Responses to “JP Morgan/Chase Bank gets bailout money – gives $5 million to ACORN”

  1. Ms Wiggins said

    This is the tip of the iceberg, I assure you it is much more than just this. We have tried to have the DOJ investigate and the news media stand-up and ask questions.


    [Thanks Ms Wiggins, this post is going viral on the net and the hits are going to the stratosphere so the word is getting out – Editor]

  2. Rebecca said

    I just cancelled my account with JP Morgan Chase. We must know who we are doing business with and hold them accountable! I refuse to do business with anyone giving money to any groups that I feel do not have ethics.

    [Thanks for using your free market rights to take a stand. – Editor]

  3. BizzyBlog said

    […] labor unions (probably illegally, based on the Supreme Court’s 1988 Beck ruling), and from shaken-down financial […]

  4. tony tyler said

    My mortgage was transferred to jp morgan chase after they recieved 25 billion from the government, how is it that we give 25 billion in funds to this company and the company is able and rich enough less than 6 months later to come along and buy my mortgage, it amazes me , this is as close to communism as you can get. i can not wait to get away from jp morgan chase, it makes me sick i am doing business and am forced to do busines with such a criminal organization.

  5. Darin said

    I am now being sued by Chase. I was served papers the night before Thanksgiving, that give me 30 calender days to respond to the court. Back in July I talked to their rep, as I am a sub teacher, and lost my job due to complications from the so called NCLB law in 2005. Been subbing since then.

    So I’ve just been thinking about how our country (which I’ve almost died for several times as a wild land firefighter)can allow this to even happen. First they whine about test scores for students. Next, change accountability laws to help raise standards. Third, no improvements actually made, so statistics are taken out of context to justify.

    I lost a permanent job as a firefighter with the feds in 1992, during the large military base reduction. So I go to finish my BS degree, get a teaching credential, so I can have a job I won’t be laid off from. I work from 1997-2005, then bam….budget and NCLB strikes again.

    In the meantime I saved money, bought a house, started a family, was never late on anything until 2008 (20+) years, and CHASE wouldn’t even consider any payment plan. The jerk on the phone asks me about my income…etc…. and is completely rude. But those bastards got $25 B of our money?..JESUS*$%^*^CHASE! you’ve got to be kidding me. What in the hell do you have to do to get by in this USA?

    Now with suit coming up, and FICO falling, I guess my hard work has paid off, I’m forced to bankruptcy, later probably losing the house. How will these consequences affect the economy? I was previously a model citizen, but perhaps I’ll qualify for financial support after this mess…IM GOING CRAZY………


  6. You keep electing Democraps and Republicons what do you expect. America is being handed over to the New World Order, a One World Government with NO elections. Leaders appointed to show you the way. Just continue to be passive, just continue to believe we have laws that protect us. It is time to Revolt/ReVote, retake control of this nation for We the People. Inaction is losing our nation, the time is now. Stop Obama, he is just the pawn led by Wall Street. Our jobs have left the nation, every product in our stores is now “Made somewhere else”. When I now find canned foods in my store from China, I am livid. The water is turned off in Central California farms, to save a little 3″ snail darter fish, while the orchards and farms die. That’s OK we can import all of our foods, while you go on Welfare, and get handouts of imported foods. When are Americans going to wise up and Defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights? If Don Cordell is your President, this will cease, it’s up to you. ReVote and Restore, not Change America.

    [Dear Don,

    In spite of the fact that the actions of the current Democratic Leadership and the Fed are doing their darndest to prove you right; as a communications specialist I feel the need to tell you that your communications style is all wrong.

    Your web site is a wall of text… that never works well to get a message across. That wall of text is filled with bold faced scare language that comes across as alarmist and over the top. While the message you are delivering has a great deal of truth in it, your presentation makes you look like a total nut job.

    Some one had to tell you. – Editor]

  7. Lora said

    Hey Don, I agree with and everyone else except the editor! He’s a nut job for calling you a nut job lol.


    Dear Editor,
    I misunderstood what you trying to get across to Don. I think you might be right, I think you were just trying to help him out.


    Although I was able to understand Don fine and was not afraid of what he said. He was quite entertaining and fun to read!


  8. Lora said

    Hey I wish I had the money to buy some electric cars and give them to people who want them! Can Obama give me some money!?

    Can I ask the Bill Gates Foundation? Who can help me with my cause to give people air to breathe and help people get better health!
    So they dont die of asthma and other chronic lung disorders!

    I am broke American Citizen at the moment and you know why because they give all our tax dollars to big corporations and no one else!
    Anyone here watch the documentary “Who killed the Electric Car?” Well at least right now we have a few Electric car companies like Colorado Auto Connection who are trying to make it on their own and can do conversions as well.
    These companies are small and are not the Big 3 Corps! and have never received bailout money from the government as of yet. And they want to Employ people in this country to build these cars! I thought that it was a good idea to let people know that their are other alternatives.

  9. Kathleen Stricchiola said

    I have been dealing with Chase since I was 1 month late last July. We all have horror stories, but Chase doesn’t care. We need to all get together and come up with a plan. I have had hope, until now, that I was going to get a modification. Now, I don;t think so, because from what I am reading, not just on this site, but many others, it doesn’t matter what your situation. They are setting up investors to buy foreclosures. Has anyone made any inroads with senators, ACLJ, Fox, Tea Parties? Anyone up for a fight?

  10. DEB said

    I had waited 13 months for A LOAN MODIFICATION and was denied. They threatened that we must make adjusted payments in good faith during that 13 onths. Now I know they were just trying to suck us for every penny they could get knowing they were never going to help anyone. It really doesn’t matter what your story is.

    When are they going to act in good faith? Where’s the bailout money they got? Why is the CEO recieving a pay package of nearly 17M?

  11. Kathleen said

    The problem is: we need representation but we are all in the same boat. If we could afford an
    attorney to fight Chase, we wouldn’t need mod’s. Has anyone ever paid a company to help them get a modification that actually negotiates with them??

  12. John Blanco said

    ACORN did not commit vote fraud. Individuals committed *voter registration* fraud by filling in fake names on forms. Blame the individuals, but it had no effect on the election whatsoever. The only one who committed voter fraud is Ann Coulter:


    ACORN is under investigation or has faced convictions in 15 states so far:

    Elsewhere, Washington state prosecutors fined Acorn $25,000 after several employees were convicted of voter registration fraud in 2007. The group signed a consent decree with King County (Seattle), requiring it to beef up its oversight or face criminal prosecution. In the 2008 election, Acorn’s practices led to investigations, some ongoing, in 14 other states.

    And indeed vote registration fraud leads to vote fraud because of the opportunity to make the dead or fake voter vote with an absentee ballot.

    As far as Ann Coulter, that whole thing was droped a long time ago because it was a simple snafu with multiple residences. Rich people often own multiple homes and keep their official voting residence as their family homestead. Military people often do this. Nice try – Editor]

  13. I’ve looked at a lot of political websites, and none of them tell the truth about the situation in our nation. All is well!
    Well go ahead and believe that, I’m telling the people the truth, and how serious our nations problems really are.
    If our citizens do not start learning what treason is going on with our so called Elected Representative, who are leading us to a One World Government that will make Russia’s Communist rule, seem like a Sunday picnic. We are near devistation, and I’m shocked that our citizens don’t feel we can retake control of this nation. Are we so far gone there is no Restoration of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
    Do you want Fundemental Changes (Communism)for America, Social Justice (tax you to give to those who did not learn an occupation to support themselves) so your money can be taken and given to those who lay back and live on your money?
    There is more wrong than Medical Care, War, Jobs, Taxes, Global Warming-Green Technology. The dismantalling of our factories, so we can’t make the Defense needs of our nation, are all in trouble. I’m trying to share this information, and Pretty Pictures do not do it. It’s time for some straight facts, or we just surrender, and accept Total Government Control of our lives. I’m a Patriot that won’t surrender, until I’m in my grave. I’ll never be too old to defend the United States.

  14. […] bring about the mortgage collapse? Friends of Obama collected TARP funds and then turned around and donated millions to ACORN and other Obama allies. Welcome to […]

  15. WorldsGreatestAuthority said

    Lately I’ve been thinking that the entire Executive Branch, and anyone who has been in Congress for more than 2 terms should be prosecuted under RICO statutes! Then I consider that it would be the Dept. of Injustice that would be running the prosecutions, and ALL the results are known before they even start. I’m starting to understand hopeless!

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