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Senator Fred Thompson on Obamacare and Death Panels

Posted by iusbvision on August 22, 2009

Senator Thompson via

Fred ThompsonWhile this and indications that the “public option” may not be long for this world may be welcome wins, concerned citizens should not simply pack up and go home. Any bill passed by the Senate must go to conference with the House bill which still contains the troubling provisions. As of today no one knows what a final bill might contain. For those who are concerned about this end-of-life provision I would suggest two questions to put to your elected representatives.

1. If these end-of-life consultations are indeed “voluntary” as proponents claim, then why is the word “voluntary” or other permissive language such as “may” no where to be found in the provision? And why are they not willing to add such language?

2. Why is such a provision contained in a bill that is supposed to be cutting costs for Medicare not adding to them?

The American people shouldn’t so readily be willing to let the politicians in Washington hit the reset button on health care legislation until they are certain of what that final bill actually looks like.

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