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Sarkozy: Obama is incredibly naive and grossly egotistical…

Posted by iusbvision on September 30, 2009

Sarkozy is the President of France.

Interestingly enough talk show hosts Michael Savage and Jim Quinn both reported Sarkozy making similar comments in this past week.

Thanks to for the video link.

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STUPID: Empire State Building “RED in lights” to honor China’s communist revolution…

Posted by iusbvision on September 30, 2009

redchina empire state

Only Democrats would do this folks…..

How many millions have had to die for the Chinese ‘utopia’?

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Palin’s New Book Confirms: McCain’s communications machine was incompetent. Liberal McCain staffers had a hostility to her base and thus misjudged it. May have cost them the election.

Posted by iusbvision on September 30, 2009

Here at IUSB Vision we have a category called “Palin Truth Squad“. You can see that we reported that the McCain campaign communications machine became more incompetent after the Palin announcement. It seems that Palin’s book is going to give us at least some of the details.

Later we reported that many of the McCain staffers were “David Frum” types like Steve Schmidt, that had previously overtly slandered religious conservatives and others in the Reagan wing of the party (LINK). Such people are mortified by Palin and by people such as Glenn Beck, John Gibson, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and even Brit Hume. This explains why McCain’s communications machine deliberately kept Palin away from Fox News and these other venues. They gave her a few moments with Carl Cameron at Fox, or perhaps she only did this after she went rogue, but at that time it was too little too late.

palin-silhouetteSome McCain Campaign staffers (Schmidt and Wallace) let their emotional hostility of the Reagan wing of the party blind them to a clear asset that could have helped Sarah to introduce herself to the country in a venue that would give her the opportunity to define herself clearly.

Palin should have been given interviews with Limbaugh and Hannity first, then Greta, Beck, John Gibson and then O’Reilly, Hume and Wallace so that Palin would have had the opportunity to define herself first and hone her interview skills with progressively tougher interviews in tougher venues.

To send a person who is new and undefined on the national stage to Charles Gibson and Katie Couric who set out with clear intent to destroy her (LINK 2, 3, 4) with much tougher gotcha questions than those two ever asked Edwards, Obama or Biden (LINK) was foolish because since those were her first interviews, it would be by those interviews that people would have their first impression of her. As a result the McCain Campaign forfeited its opportunity to define its own Vice Presidential nominee.

If Palin had done the interviews I mentioned first and then did ABC and CBS she would have been ready, but more importantly the American people would already have had a solid first impression and definition of Sarah Palin in mind which would have put her in a much better position for a hostile interview. The result would have been ABC and CBS looking like they were playing a mean spirited gotcha game to get her and those interviews would have ended up helping her with cross pressured voters with a few smart commercials taking shots at ABC and CBS.

This is not just communications 101 folks, this is communications for dummies.

The clincher? Research now shows that cross pressured voters and independents watch Fox News. They might not always agree with Fox but they do watch it so the McCain Campaign stayed away from the audience that the campaign needed to reach the most.

The Wall Street Journal has the first tidbits from Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue:

Ms. Vincent didn’t reveal any details about the book, but did acknowledge it will describe Ms. Palin’s frustration over her treatment by the staffers she inherited from the McCain campaign after her surprise pick as the GOP vice presidential nominee last year. Ms. Palin was booked on grueling interviews with hostile reporters while talk-show hosts such as Glenn Beck couldn’t even get through to her aides. Mr. Beck tells me he was stunned when he picked up the phone one day just before the election to discover Sarah Palin was on the other end of the line. “She explained that she had been blocked from reaching her audience, so she was now ‘going rogue’ and booking her own interviews,” Mr. Beck told me. “I was thrilled she had burst out of the cage they’d built for her and we were finally talking.”

What is Palin to do next?

Sarah Palin should keep building foreign policy credibility with these overseas conferences and when the time comes she needs to start re-introducing herself to the Republican base and then to the American people.

The simple truth is that a sizable chunk of the base is dismissive of her because they were overwhelmed by the elite media and SNL slander that went almost unrefuted because Palin was kept away from non-elite media venues.

Sarah Palin should come up with a phrase or an idea that sets her apart from other Republicans rhetorically and make it hers. For example: referring to the GOP as “The Party of Lincoln”, “What happened to the Party of Lincoln” or “Its time to bring back the Party of Lincoln”. It doesn’t have to be Lincoln (obviously) but it has to be something that distinguishes her from the Romney Brand and the Huckabee Brand that inspires trust.

Talk about real principles or virtues with some good foreign policy and macroeconomic details (avoid the word values because that word has baggage). Get practice in these venues and then move to moderately tougher ones. Since independents watch Fox Palin can kill two birds with one stone with a smart communications strategy. When the time comes to face the hostile NBC or ABC interview, Palin should go in bold, prepared and with one goal, WIN. She doesn’t have to be horribly tough but don’t etiquette herself out of the election like McCain did in the debates.

Chuck Norton
Cross posted at PoliGazette.

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Milton Friedman: Socialized medicine results in increased input with less output.

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2009

Milton Friedman, one of the greatest economists, talks about the results of socialized medicine.

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Video: Milton Friedman Destroys the Keynesian Fallacy

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2009

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YOU Commit Three Felonies Every Day – Idiot Indiana prosecutor goes after old woman for buying two cold medicines.

Posted by iusbvision on September 29, 2009

First let us start with the Wall Street Journal:

Boston civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate [who has been actively involved with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education – IUSB Vision Editor] calls his new book “Three Felonies a Day,” referring to the number of crimes he estimates the average American now unwittingly commits because of vague laws. New technology adds its own complexity, making innocent activity potentially criminal.

Mr. Silverglate describes several cases in which prosecutors didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand technology. This problem is compounded by a trend that has accelerated since the 1980s for prosecutors to abandon the principle that there can’t be a crime without criminal intent.

Some say that ignorance of the law is no excuse and if thats your view I suggest that you go turn yourself in immediately because you ARE guilty of something. Our government is so large and so foolish that it has creates so many laws and regulations that no one could possibly follow them all and will inadvertently violate some of them every single day.

Do you have any idea how many laws you violate when you have a garage sale?

Idiot Indiana prosecutor goes after old woman for buying two cold medicines:

Wabash Valley woman didn’t realize second cold medicine purchase violated drug laws

By Lisa Trigg
The Tribune-Star

CLINTON — When Sally Harpold bought cold medicine for her family back in March, she never dreamed that four months later she would end up in handcuffs.

Now, Harpold is trying to clear her name of criminal charges, and she is speaking out in hopes that a law will change so others won’t endure the same embarrassment she still is facing.

“This is a very traumatic experience,” Harpold said.

Harpold is a grandmother of triplets who bought one box of Zyrtec-D cold medicine for her husband at a Rockville pharmacy. Less than seven days later, she bought a box of Mucinex-D cold medicine for her adult daughter at a Clinton pharmacy, thereby purchasing 3.6 grams total of pseudoephedrine in a week’s time.

Those two purchases put her in violation of Indiana law 35-48-4-14.7, which restricts the sale of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, or PSE, products to no more than 3.0 grams within any seven-day period.

When the police came knocking at the door of Harpold’s Parke County residence on July 30, she was arrested on a Vermillion County warrant for a class-C misdemeanor, which carries a sentence of up to 60 days in jail and up to a $500 fine. But through a deferral program offered by Vermillion County Prosecutor Nina Alexander, the charge could be wiped from Harpold’s record by mid-September.

Harpold’s story is one that concerns some law-abiding citizens who fear that innocent people will get mistakenly caught in the net of meth abuse roundups.

But the flip side of the story comes from the law enforcement arena, which is battling a resurgence in methamphetamine production in the Wabash Valley.

As the 12th-smallest county in the state, Vermillion County ranked as the state’s fifth-largest producer of methamphetamine just a few years ago.

“I don’t want to go there again,” Alexander told the Tribune-Star, recalling how the manufacture and abuse of methamphetamine ravaged the tiny county and its families.

While the law was written with the intent of stopping people from purchasing large quantities of drugs to make methamphetamine, the law does not say the purchase must be made with the intent to make meth.

“The law does not make this distinction,” Alexander said.

Anyone who has taken a law class knows that intent or criminal neglect/recklessness is one of the three conditions for determining if a crime has been committed. The charges should be dropped all together without paying court costs. She should have been interviewed but never arrested in the first place. Alexander is a lawyer who is supposed to be educated and enlightened and yet has no ability to use some common sense or to exercise her power with reasonable restraint.

Examine the comments under the story from the Tribune-Star. At the time of publishing of this post not one commenter supported the arrest of Miss Harpold proving once again that the average Joe is wiser than the enlightened elite.

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New Indoctrination Video: Vids of teachers having kids sing praises to Obama coming out almost daily!

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009

This is child abuse and I stand by that statement 110% and challenge anyone to DARE debate me publicly on the subject.

The growing list of these video’s is a real indicator of just what bad judgement many teachers have, but also to the degree the NEA will go to abuse the public trust for their own partisan reasons. How many times must we learn the lesson that cults of personality have consequences?

The caption with the video says: Sand Hill Elementary School in Asheville, NC

There has also been concern about school teachers doing things like taking songs about Jesus and replacing Jesus with Obama and teaching the kids to sing them in public schools and other outrageous acts of propaganda as has been done HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

How often is this going on when we don’t find the video?

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Regulation costs California economy $492 Billion – That is $134,122.48 per small business …

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009

Our friend Michael van der Galien at Poligazette posted a link to a study that explains the degree in which bad government can destroy wealth, kill jobs and raise the prices of everything you buy.

Poligazette explains that the total cost of regulation to the State of California is $492.994 billion per year. That is ‘almost five times the State’s general fund budget, and almost a third of the State’s gross product.’ 3.8 million jobs are lost because of overregulation which is a tenth of the State’s population. Furthermore:

Since small business constitute 99.2% of all employer businesses in California, and all of non-employer business, the regulatory cost is borne almost completely by small business. The total cost of regulation was $134,122.48 per small business in California in 2007, labor income not created or lost was $4,359.55 per small business, indirect business taxes not generated or lost were $57,260.15 per small business, and finally roughly one job lost per small business.

Some people feel better “when that rich guy” or “that business owner” gets taxed. Democrats play the class warfare game and tell us how they are going to “make them pay” etc… How does $500 Billion in lost wealth every year make you feel now? How many jobs could that money create? How many movie tickets bought, homes built, computers made, policeman trained, schools improved, cars repaired, and the list goes on?

It is important to keep in mind, every regulation is an arbitrary barrier to creating products, wealth and jobs. Getting rid of regulation does NOT mean getting rid of good policing. While rhetorically there may not be much difference between regulation and policing, in practice the difference is massive. We all want an active but limited government to protect us from fraud, abuse and crooks.  

As I commented on Poligazette:

I hate to throw soot on a gloomy picture, but it is even worse.

Why does California, a state that has more ability to create wealth than most countries, have this level of regulation that is causing the state to fall apart and its population vote with their feet and leave?

For each of these regulations, someone benefits either monetarily or ideologically. Many of these regulations simply serve to pick winners and losers by tilting the scale to help some business while harming their competition; with the winners kicking money back to interest groups and legislators.

The California Legislature is so strapped with the corruption otherwise known as “political market economics” (aka corporatism light) that it is a wonder the state went this long before starting to fall apart economically. But until the people who vote there learn a lesson I do not expect things to change in any meaningful way.

These regulations keep coming and the latest proposals are to have the state ban certain colors from cars, mandate the color of the roof of buildings and even have your home thermostat connected to the internet so the state can control the temperature of your home.

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Obama Will Spend More on Welfare in the Next Year Than Bush Spent on Entire Iraq War, Study Reveals

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009

Keep in mind that the pork laden Stimulus Bill reversed the hugely popular and successful Welfare Reform Bill that President Clinton and the Republican Congress worked so hard to get passed. Welfare Reform was President Clinton’s greatest legacy and Obama/Pelosi took it away from him. If rank and file Democrats were aware of this they would be outraged and rightly so.  Republicans should pound this story, but as usual their communications machine isn’t up to par.

CNS News:

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama decried the financial toll that the Iraq war was taking on the economy, but Obama’s proposed spending on welfare through 2010 will eclipse Bush’s war spending by more than $260 billion.

“Because of the Bush-McCain policies, our debt has ballooned,” thenSen. Barack Obama told a Charleston, W.V., crowd in March 2008. “This is creating problems in our fragile economy. And that kind of debt also places an unfair burden on our children and grandchildren, who will have to repay it.”During the entire administration of George W. Bush, the Iraq war cost a total of $622 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service.
President Obama’s welfare spending will reach $888 billion in a single fiscal year–2010–more than the Bush administration spent on war in Iraq from the first “shock and awe” attack in 2003 until Bush left office in January. 

Obama’s spending proposals call for the largest increases in welfare benefits in U.S. history, according to a report by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. This will lead to a spending total of $10.3 trillion over the next decade on various welfare programs. These include cash payments, food, housing, Medicaid and various social services for low-income Americans and those at 200 percent of the poverty level, or $44,000 for a family of four. Among that total, $7.5 trillion will be federal money and $2.8 trillion will be federally mandated state expenditures.
In that same West Virginia speech last year, Obama said, “When Iraq is costing each household about $100 a month, you’re paying a price for this war.”
The Heritage study says, “Applying that same standard to means-tested welfare spending reveals that welfare will cost each household $560 per month in 2009 and $638 per month in 2010.”

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RASMUSSEN POLL: ObamaCare bill approval at 41%

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009


Just 41% of voters nationwide now favor the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s down two points from a week ago and the lowest level of support yet measured.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% are opposed to the plan.

Senior citizens are less supportive of the plan than younger voters. In the latest survey, just 33% of seniors favor the plan while 59% are opposed. The intensity gap among seniors is significant. Only 16% of the over-65 crowd Strongly Favors the legislation while 46% are Strongly Opposed.

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Obama as Nazi Signs at Tea Parties from LaRouche Democrats – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009

From the College Politico with absolute video proof. It proves beyond reasonable doubt that the Obama as Hitler signs are at tea parties are clearly from LaRouche Democrats and not traditionalists, libertarians or conservatives. The elite media such as NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC have been showing these signs and presenting them as if they are typical of people at the protests when they are not.

Since any close-up of the sign or interview of people carrying them makes it clear they they are from LaRouche it is next to imnpossible to believe that the elite media did not know who these signs were really from. They made a choice to slander you.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow at MSNBC uses the LaRouche Democrats Obama=Hitler sign to smear tea party protesters.

maddow obama hitler larouche

This is a screen shot of Maddow’s show that appeared on Newsbusters.

Paul Williams has a video showing the glaring hypocrisy of the left on this matter. This is a must see if there ever was one.

Evan Coyne Maloney wrote a piece titled, “Hitler Comparisons and Media Reporting: Then and Now“.

Danny Glover at has a gereat piece titled, “The Media’s Hitler Hypocrisy Exposed“.

UPDATE II – Who goes naked and destroys cities to protest? Factreal.Com has all the details LINK.

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The Young Won’t Stand for this Health Care Bill

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009

If the new ObamaCare bill passes it will generate two generations of Republican voters.

The shall issue mandate in current proposed legislation will cause premiums to skyrocket (details why below). Young people will not be able to afford it and as a result will be forced to opt for paying the mandated tax penalty. The penalty will still be much less than the premiums. The result, since the public option is gone, will be even more people who cannot afford health insurance, more employers who cannot afford health insurance for their employees, with both the poor, young and small employers paying higher taxes to subsidize the baby boomers.

It’s a rip off and there is a smarter way to do this.

Wall Street Journal:

Let’s have an honest debate before we transfer more money from young to old.

By Leavitt, Hubbard & Hennessey

Let’s start with basics: Insurance protects against the risk of something bad happening. When your house is on fire you no longer need protection against risk. You need a fireman and cash to rebuild your home. But suppose the government requires insurers to sell you fire “insurance” while your house is on fire and says you can pay the same premium as people whose houses are not on fire. The result would be that few homeowners would buy insurance until their houses were on fire.

The same could happen under health insurance reform. Here’s how: President Obama proposes to require insurers to sell policies to everyone no matter what their health status. By itself this requirement, called “guaranteed issue,” would just mean that insurers would charge predictably sick people the extremely high insurance premiums that reflect their future expected costs. But if Congress adds another requirement, called “community rating,” insurers’ ability to charge higher premiums for higher risks will be sharply limited.

Thus a healthy 25-year-old and a 55-year-old with cancer would pay nearly the same premium for a health policy. Mr. Obama and his allies emphasize the benefits for the 55-year old. But the 25-year-old, who may also have a lower income, would pay significantly more than needed to cover his expected costs.

Like the homeowner who waits until his house is on fire to buy insurance, younger, poorer, healthier workers will rationally choose to avoid paying high premiums now to subsidize insurance for someone else. After all, they can always get a policy if they get sick.

To avoid this outcome, most congressional Democrats and some Republicans would combine guaranteed issue and community rating with the requirement that all workers buy health insurance—that is, an “individual mandate.” This solves the incentive problem, and guarantees that both the healthy poor 25-year-old and the sick higher-income 55-year-old have heath insurance.

But the combination of a guaranteed issue, community rating and an individual mandate means that younger, healthier, lower-income earners would be forced to subsidize older, sicker, higher-income earners. And because these subsidies are buried within health-insurance premiums, the massive income redistribution is hidden from public view and not debated.

Mr. Leavitt, former secretary of Health and Human Services (2005-2009), has served as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and a governor of Utah (1993-2003). Mr. Hubbard (2005-2007) and Mr. Hennessey (2008) served as directors of the White House National Economic Council.

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J.C. Watts: Put Away the Race Card

Posted by iusbvision on September 28, 2009

Congressman Watts:

Polls and voting data don’t support Carter’s remarks

There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.”

That comment comes from former President Jimmy Carter, which is fascinating considering Carter once ran for governor of Georgia proclaiming himself to be a “Lester Maddox Democrat.” (Maddox, a former Georgia governor, was an avowed segregationist who opposed integration under the Civil Rights Act.)

In fairness to President Carter, I do believe in redemption, and that people can change. But more and more people are inclined to say anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama must be racist.


J.C. Watts

It hurts me when the left and the right use race for political gain, and it depresses me further that it’s so awkward for us to talk about honestly and objectively about race. However, the implication that disagreeing with the president is racist also saddens and perplexes me.

Donna Brazile, campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000 and now a CNN analyst, nailed it when she said, “No one wins in touching race in such a shallow way. It raises defenses and creates backlash.”

The race issue blew up two weeks ago when Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., called Obama a liar on the floor of the House during the president’s address to a joint session of Congress. Although Democrats booed President Bush in that same chamber during a State of the Union a few years ago, it was still wrong for Wilson to do this.

He called the president’s chief of staff and apologized. I would have preferred he do it on the floor of the House, which is where the incident occurred.

There has always been a certain decorum in the people’s House. Boos and yelling “You lie!” are not part of that decorum.

Some try to defend one yelling “You lie!” because others boo, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Of course, we see this logic in politics from Democrats and Republicans both.

Be that as it may, was Wilson’s outburst racist? The congressman said it was not, so I take him at his word, and the opposition we’ve seen to the president’s agenda would not equate to racism based on the data released in the last year.

— President Obama did not get the majority of the white vote in 2008. Is that evidence of racism? No. This has been the case with Democrat candidates for years, including President Carter.

— President Obama did slightly better with the white vote in 2008 than John Kerry did in 2004.

— Before President Obama proposed a government takeover of the health care system, his approval rating with white voters was 57 percent.

— Between Election Day and the launch of Democrats’ health insurance reform efforts, President Obama did well with independent voters. But he has lost about 18 points with this demographic in the past two months. Most of these independent voters are white.

The data simply do not support President Carter’s claim.

Are there some people who didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black? Certainly. Just as there were some who opposed John McCain because he is white.

There are people of all colors who believe it is wrong for the government to take over our health care system.

There are people of all colors who believe we will have no choice but to ration health care when we put between 35 million and 40 million more people in the system but yet have the same number of doctors.

There are people of all colors who believe we already ration care through Medicare and Medicaid.

There are people of every color who believe it is bad economic policy to raise taxes, especially in a weak economy.

I would remind you that in the last two years of the Bush administration, conservatives were taking shots at President Bush for all his profligate spending, and it was never framed in terms other than “Republicans are mad at Bush for all the spending.”

How inconsistent that the media loved disgruntled conservatives being disenchanted with Bush, but abhor criticism of President Obama.

There are people of all colors who believe we are literally mortgaging our children’s futures with this spending spree. These people would have felt the same with if it were President Hillary Clinton, Kerry, Bill Richardson or any other president proposing the nationalization of 16 percent of our economy and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Ironically, I wonder how President Carter would view things if it were President Clarence Thomas proposing tax relief, protection for the unborn, raising the troop levels in Afghanistan or exploring for oil right here in the United States.

As Arsenio Hall used to say, “It’s something that makes you say ‘Hmmm.’ ”

J.C. Watts ( is chairman of J.C. Watts Companies, a business consulting group. He is former chairman of the Republican Conference of the U.S. House, where he served as an Oklahoma representative from 1995 to 2002. He writes for the Review-Journal twice monthly.

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AWESOME: Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to UN.

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

Mark Levin, author of ‘Men in Black’, ‘Rescuing Sprite’, and the super million plus best seller ‘Liberty & Tyranny’ says that this speech has launched Netanyahu to be the leader of the free world. Levin could be right.

This is a MUST see. After you are done watching this please see Ambassador Bolton’s reaction to Obama’s statements on Israel (LINK). Here is Ambassador Bolton’s reaction to Netanyahu’s address.

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Nutty Professor Quote of the Day: Personal responsibility is a code word for racism

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

Yes she really said this. So does this mean that we don’t have to do our homework any more and we can still get an A because telling me I need to take personal responsibility makes you a racist….. 

McLeans Magazine Canada

Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Melissa Harris-Lacewell


Melissa Harris-Lacewell, professor of African-American studies at Princeton, was invited on to National Public Radio to expound on the use of “racial code words” in “the current opposition to health care reform.” For example, explained professor Harris-Lacewell, “language of personal responsibility is often a code language used against poor and minority communities.” 


Mark Steyn responds

“Personal responsibility” is racial code language? Phew, thank goodness America is belatedly joining Canada and Europe in all but abolishing the concept. 

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn


“Code language” is code language for “total bollocks” [eg total bullcrap – Editor] “Code word” is a code word for “I’m inventing what you really meant to say because the actual quote doesn’t quite do the job for me.”“Small government”? Racist code words! “Non-confiscatory taxes”? Likewise. “Individual liberty”? Don’t even go there! To an incisive NPR racism analyst, the elderly gentleman telling his congressman “I’m very concerned by what I’ve heard about wait times for MRIs in Canada” is really saying “I’m unable to overcome my deep-seated racial anxieties about the sexual prowess of black males, especially now they’re giving prime-time press conferences every night.” With interpreters like professor Harris-Lacewell on the prowl, I’m confident 95 percent of Webster’s will eventually be ruled “code language.” 

My colleague at America’s National Review, Jonah Goldberg, proposed a simple thought experiment: suppose Hillary Clinton had won the election and proposed the current health care reforms. Does anyone doubt that conservatives would be equally opposed to it? Would that, too, be “racist”? A reader wrote back: no, if they were opposing Hillary’s health plan, they’d be sexist. Er, okay, how about John Edwards? Would opposing his health care reforms be oleaginous trial-lawyer creepy adulterer-phobic? 

Prof. Lacewell majored in English….what a shock. This far left propagandist should consider herself most fortunate that she doesn’t find me in her class because I would have a ball exposing her nonsense in front of the students daily. I would love to debate this professor. I have debated other professors and handily bested them all and for most of them it was on topics in their own field of study. The simple truth is that most far left professors are creatures of indoctrination and are in essence half-educated nitwits. They are not disciplined thinkers and they lack almost any sense of introspective so defeating them isn’t tough. I realize that this is a sweeping statement but unfortunately it is a sweeping statement that matches a pattern of behavior that fits far left academia like a glove.

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Obama Czar Mark Lloyd next to go? Said we need to get rid of white media execs and replace them with black ones. Praises Hugo Chavez’ take over of radio & TV. Plans to tax talk radio out of existance.

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

And yes he has said all of this in front of a video camera folks.

The Hugo Chavez and censorship remarks are HERE. This next video is a synopsis of his plan.

Washington Times:

Diversity czar’ takes heat over remarks.

President Obama’s diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to “step down” in favor of minorities, prescribed policies to make liberal talk radio more successful, and described Hugo Chavez’s rise to power in Venezuela “an incredible revolution.”

Mark Lloyd’s provocative comments – most made during a tenure at the liberal Center for American Progress think tank – are giving fodder to critics who say Mr. Obama has appointed too many “czars” to government positions that don’t require congressional approval. They are also worrying to some conservatives who fear the FCC might use its powers to remove their competitive advantage on talk radio and television.

Many of the remarks have been unearthed by conservative-leaning writers and bloggers and discussed on cable television amid a broader critique of Mr. Obama’s penchant for czars that exploded with the ouster this month of “green jobs czar” Van Jones.

In one of his more eye-opening comments, Mr. Lloyd praised Mr. Chavez during a June 2008 conference on media reform, saying the authoritarian Venezuelan president had led “really an incredible revolution – a democratic revolution.”


At another conference, Mr. Lloyd spoke about the need to remove white people from powerful positions in the media to give minorities a fairer chance.

“There’s nothing more difficult than this because we have really truly, good, white people in important positions, and the fact of the matter is that there are a limited number of those positions,” he said.

“And unless we are conscious of the need to have more people of color, gays, other people in those positions, we will not change the problem. But we’re in a position where you have to say who is going to step down so someone else can have power.”

He added: “There are few things, I think, more frightening in the American mind than dark-skinned black men. Here I am.”

Andrew Breitbart published the audio of the conference on his Web site on Monday. Mr. Breitbart said the recording was made during a conference on media reform and racial justice in May 2005.

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Andrew Klavan: Politicians Talk Crap

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

Andrew Klavan is a respected author and Hollywood screen writer.

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Fox News Sunday’s Power Player of the Week: James O’Keefe, Interview 25-year-old Independent Filmmaker

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

This is the man who blew the ACORN scandal wide open.

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Glenn Beck and David Horowitz prove to be the most effective at taking on & shedding light on the administration.

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

horowitzdavidDavid Horowitz is a former marxist radical and turned conservative civil rights activist. He has written so many books that I have lost count. David Horowitz is a man who knows where the “bodies are buried” as it were and knows how leftist organizations help each other launder tax and charity money for political  purposes. Horowitz has a site where he tracks the organizations and the people who run them on his site called “Discover the Networks”.

[Editor’s Note – for the “if you oppose leftist policy you must be a racist” crowd. David Horowitz marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and faced the dogs and fire hoses when standing up for equal rights under the law wasn’t considered cool.]

Horowitz has partnered with Beck and together they have proved to be the most effective at exposing the most extreme (and I mean really far out extreme that even leaves most partisan democrats scratching their heads) elements of the administration.

The pattern with Beck has been the following; Beck announces that he has learned something new, it could be Van Jones or ACORN or Tides Foundation, he is ridiculed by the elite media and the left as a nutty conspiracy theorist, then Beck is proved correct and Van Jones resigns or the Senate pulls ACORN’s funding etc and the circle starts all over again.

Rarely do we quote an entire article, but in this case we made a rare exception for the following reasons:

1. This information is SO important and so educational that it merits bringing it all to you IU South Bend  readers and the nearly 40,000 others who come to us for news analysis.

2. You will notice that the text is filled with links to evidence/information that you can check and see for yourself. It really shows off the degree of intelligence gathering that has been done by the Horowitz organization.

3. If one were to read this article and its associated links the education conferred would be better than two semesters of political science classes.

Poligazette Editor Michael van der Galien comments at

John convinced me today that Beck should not merely be tolerated by conservatives but publicly celebrated.

Although there is more in John’s post – much more even – the main point can be summarized in one short sentence: without Beck, the Obama administration would not have had to deal with any controversies.

Without Beck the far left would not have been exposed.

Many would undoubtedly have liked it to be different but the FrontPageMag editor is right. Beck is the only national figure willing to take on the extreme left and to prove that Obama has ties to them and may even be one of them.

That’s it; it is time for conservatives to stop criticizing Beck and to give him credit for helping the conservative movement take on the most progressive individuals ever to be in charge of the most powerful country on earth.


John Perazzo posted this awesome piece at David Horiwitz’ blog site and it is taking the blogosphere by storm:

In recent weeks, Glenn Beck has elevated political/news television to an entirely new level. Without fealty to any particular party, he is shining a light into the dark corners of a political cesspool that has been hidden for too long. He is taking the esoteric and making it accessible; taking the complex and making it simple. The result: Millions of Americans are waking up and beginning to understand, often for the first time, exactly what the left is all about. At the David Horowitz Freedom Center, we’re honored that one of the most vital resources from which Beck draws information that is presented on his program is our online encyclopedia of the left at It was our hope that by putting the networks, funders and covert agendas of the left up on the Web, we would awaken Americans to the internal threat to their freedoms from the legions of what is misnamed the “progressive” left. (In fact they are reactionaries and closet totalitarians who want to re-run the discredited socialist scripts of the past.) Since we launched DiscoverTheNetworks in February 2005, more than 20 million people have visited the site. But Glenn Beck is reaching over half that number of Americans every single day.

A thorough researcher who does plenty of homework in preparation for his program, Beck has perhaps done more than any other broadcaster to make Americans keenly aware of so many vital facts that few others in the media have ever even mentioned. For instance, he has stressed the immense significance of Saul Alinsky, the late godfather of radical “community organizing” — and probably the single most formative tactical influence on Barack Obama during his years as a political neophyte.

Alinsky’s blueprint for social upheaval and revolution largely eschewed any form of confrontational defiance that might scare off or alienate ordinary Americans. Instead he stressed the need for revolutionaries to mask the extremism of their objectives and to deceitfully present themselves as moderates, until they could gain some control over the machinery of political power. No source, anywhere, offers a clearer or more comprehensive exposition of Alinsky’s tactics, and by extension of Obama’s campaign strategies, than DiscoverTheNetworks. Glenn Beck has helped bring this information to the American people, presenting it in a way that everyone can understand.

Beck also has done a magnificent job of bringing to light the vitally important, though not widely understood, Cloward-Piven strategy — a key tactic of the left.

First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, this strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands. Though undertaken ostensibly to protect the “rights” of the “poor” and the “working-class,” the strategy’s ultimate objective is to thrust society into a political and financial crisis that will cause people to lose all faith in the existing system (capitalism), and to follow the lead of a self-assured, charismatic “community organizer” to a socialist alternative. Again, DiscoverTheNetworks has proved to be a vital resource for Beck; no source, anywhere, has laid bare the principles of Cloward-Piven with greater clarity than DiscoverTheNetworks.

[IUSB Vision Editor’s Note: I have taken the time to examine some of Francis Fox Piven’s lectures and writings. It was rather disturbing to explore the mind of one who I can only describe and genuinely evil. Piven takes leftist hate and envy to a level higher than I am used to experiencing among leftist academics.]

Cloward-Piven, of course, dovetails seamlessly with ACORN, an Alinskyite organization with a long history of attempting to stress American institutions to their breaking point. In its early days, ACORN members invaded welfare offices across the United States — often violently — bullying social workers and loudly demanding every last cent to which the law ostensibly “entitled” them – all in an effort to overwhelm the welfare system and spark an economic crisis. More recently, ACORN’s malign ambitions have focused on trying to overwhelm our electoral system by means of a voter-fraud campaign of unprecedented magnitude. And, on yet another front, ACORN worked long and hard, and with much success, to help bring about the collapse of the housing market — by aggressively pushing banks to extend credit to undercapitalized, high-risk borrowers in low-income, mostly-minority areas. Beck and DiscoverTheNetworks have been pointing this out for a long time.

In recent months, Beck has driven home vital revelations about so many significant people and organizations on the left: the Supreme Court Justice and promoter of ethnic politics Sonia Sotomayor; the Harvard professor and racial grievance monger Henry Louis Gates; the America-hating communist revolutionary Van Jones; the Apollo Alliance on whose board Jones sat, and whose environmental recommendations have a profound influence on President Obama; the former Weather Underground terrorist and current Apollo Alliance board member Jeff Jones; the FCC Diversity Chief who seeks to deal a death blow to conservative talk radio, Mark Lloyd; and most recently the Tides Foundation, funder of an anti-capitalist animated video that is being shown to schoolchildren across the United States.

Through it all, DiscoverTheNetworks has been a vital resource upon which Beck has drawn. His recognition of the value of the information in DiscoverTheNetworks, coupled with his unwavering commitment to truth – wherever it may lead – will go a long way toward waking up the American people to the corrosive agendas of the left.

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Rave Reviews of Sarah Palin’s Asia Economics Presentation. Former NOW President Tammy Bruce Comments.

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

Former National Organization for Women Los Angeles President Tammy Bruce:

Hong Kong AP:

Former U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, criticized for her lack of foreign policy experience, emerged in Asia on Wednesday to share her views from “Main Street U.S.A” with a group of high-flying global investors.

In her first trip to the region, the former Alaska governor addressed an annual conference of investors in Hong Kong in what was billed as a wide-ranging talk about governance, economics and U.S and Asian affairs.

“I’m going to call it like I see it and I will share with you candidly a view right from Main Street, Main Street U.S.A.,” Palin told a room full of asset managers and other finance professionals, according to a video of part of the speech obtained by The Associated Press. “And how perhaps my view of Main Street … how that affects you and your business.”

Palin started off her keynote — which was closed to reporters — with a light talk about the links between her state and the southern Chinese territory, then touched later on economic issues and China.

One attendee said she called on China to be a more responsible global citizen, allow greater freedoms and take a more active role in solving pressing world issues.

She also criticized the U.S. Federal Reserve’s massive intervention in the economy over the last year, arguing its actions only exacerbated the crisis, according to another attendee. She also praised the conservative economic policies of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Earlier, she talked of Alaska’s salmon exports and complimented Hong Kong as a “beautiful city,” according to a third attendee. All three people spoke on condition of anonymity, because they did not want to be seen as speaking on behalf of their companies.

Bloomberg News:

Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin used her first trip to Asia to attack the Federal Reserve for creating asset bubbles and encouraging excessive risk-taking that hurt working-class Americans.

In a wide-ranging, 80-minute speech to fund managers in Hong Kong today, Palin spoke about issues ranging from Alaskan fishing to energy independence to U.S.-Sino ties. She repeated calls for “market-oriented” health-care reform and said governments shouldn’t regulate executive compensation.

The Fed and the government sent a message to companies that “the bigger that you are, the more problems that you get yourself into, the more likely the government is to bail you out,” Palin said in the closed door speech, according to a tape of the event given to Bloomberg News. “Of course the little guys are left out then. We’re left holding the bag, all the moms and pops all over America.”

The speech was Palin’s first major public appearance since quitting as Alaska governor on July 26, less than a year after she ran with John McCain in an unsuccessful campaign against now-President Barack Obama. People at the event said she focused on a wide range of global and domestic issues rather than her own political future.

AFP (France):

“She was brilliant,” said a European delegate, on condition of anonymity.

“She said America was spending a lot of money and it was a temporary solution. Normal people are having to pay more and more but things don’t get better. The rich will leave the country and the poor will get poorer.”

Two US delegates left early, with one saying “it was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer”. He declined to be identified.

This was a foreign policy and economics speech so it is the foreign reaction that counts, but it should be no surprise that the only people who had something bad to say were from the United States. One can just feel the vitriol from the American quote.   Many people have such an emotional connection with Barack Obama that they cannot stand to hear any critique of him. This is something I have seen first hand. One should NEVER make an emotional attachment to a candidate or a politician ever. The emotional connection will blind you. The polls make it crystal clear that the independent/cross pressured voters have turned against Obama’s policies, but for those partisans with such a strong emotional investment it is going to take a lot more damage to get them to open their eyes fully. Even the NY Times gave her presentation a good review.

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VIDEO: Meet the “Evil, Racist, Violent” Tea Party People

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

Yes indeed here they are. Run for the hills before this violent angry mobs gets you!

Meet the Tea Party moms.

Whoops I forgot to call them “unamerican” as Nancy Pelosi did.

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Dateline NBC Producer to conservative group, “Bite Me Jew Boy!”

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009


You can view the actual document HERE at Andrew Brietbarts web site. 

This should not surprise anyone. Especially when we examine at large the quality of journalism majors we have seen and especially when we see the dismal quality of some professors at the IU Bloomington J School (LINK). Forunately, Ken Klimek, who teaches many of the journalism classes here at IUSB, has a pretty strong emphasis on media ethics.

Apparently NBC “Dateline” producer Jane Stone or someone else who has access to her Blackberry has a problem with groups that oppose ACORN and with an ethnocultural minority.

When Stone received an email urging Congress to defund ACORN from Alex Rosenwald, director of media outreach for Americans for Limited Government, the following sentence came back to Rosenwald from Stone’s account: “Bite me, Jew Boy!”

As editor, I also subscribe to the Columbia Journalism Review. It is completely ideological and might as well be written by the Democratic National Committee.

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Education and the Culture of Blame

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

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Economics 101 Meets Night of the Living Dead!

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

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Hugo Chavez wants a nuke: Venezuela seeking uranium with Iran’s help. UPDATE – and Russia’s help.

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

Just as we predicted. The main reason that Hugo Chavez has promised to export gasoline to Iran in spite of any sanctions was in trade for assistance in its own nuclear weapons program.

Unfortunately when you launch your great foreign policy crusade with an apology tour and give up missile defense systems in Alaska and eastern Europe for no reason the bad guys know the cat is away so its time to play.

Yahoo/AP News:

PORLAMAR, Venezuela – Iran is helping to detect uranium deposits in Venezuela and initial evaluations suggest reserves are significant, President Hugo Chavez’s government said Friday.

Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said Iran has been assisting Venezuela with geophysical survey flights and geochemical analysis of the deposits, and that evaluations “indicate the existence of uranium in western parts of the country and in Santa Elena de Uairen,” in southeastern Bolivar state.

“We could have important reserves of uranium,” Sanz told reporters upon arrival on Venezuela’s Margarita Island for a weekend Africa-South America summit. He added that efforts to certify the reserves could begin within the next three years.

The announcement came as revelations that Iran has secretly been building a uranium-enrichment plant provoke concerns among countries including the U.S., Russia, France, Britain, Germany and China.

Update –  Just as we feared, Russia is helping Chavez as well.

Yahoo/AP News:

PORLAMAR, Venezuela – Venezuela’s science and technology minister said his country is working with Russia to detect deposits of uranium but withdrew an earlier denial that the country was also working with Iran.

Jesse Chacon originally denied the reports that Venezuela is receiving support from Iran to seek uranium, but clarified later Saturday that his comments were only in regard to Russia and that exploration efforts with Iran fall under the direction of Venezuela’s Mining Ministry.

Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said Friday Iran is helping Venezuela to detect uranium deposits and that initial evaluations suggest reserves are significant. His announcement was made the same day world leaders criticized the Islamic republic for secretly building a uranium-enrichment plant that could be used to make an atomic bomb.

Sanz declined to respond to reporters when questioned Saturday about Chacon’s remarks. President Hugo Chavez said only that Venezuela “has a lot of uranium.”

Talk Host Michael Savage says that Obama maybe naive but he isn’t stupid and hopes that he will change when he realizes that our enemies, who he always thought were just misunderstood, are playing him for a sucker:

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Gallup: 80% satisfied with American health care & 61% with insurance

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009


Americans are broadly satisfied with the quality of their own medical care and healthcare costs, but of the two, satisfaction with costs lags. Overall, 80% are satisfied with the quality of medical care available to them, including 39% who are very satisfied. Sixty-one percent are satisfied with the cost of their medical care, including 20% who are very satisfied.

How Satisfied Are You With Your Medical Care Quality/Costs?


The 15% who are uninsured are far less satisfied with the quality of their medical care (50% are satisfied), and only 27% are satisfied with their healthcare costs. (Sixty-nine percent are dissatisfied with their costs.)

So let that last statement sink in. Even the majority of uninsured are satisfied with the level of care they receive.  They are far more worried about the costs and that is understandable because their out-of-pocket expense is much higher than someone with insurance which brings us to another problem. If people have the attitude of “heck with it the insurance or the government will pay for it” that is exactly a primary reason why medical inflation is too high.

People without insurance are more likely to shop for the best deal, if we had medical savings accounts the opening expenses of those with health insurance would be controlled directly by the customer and they would want a good deal too which would help drive down medical costs, fraud, waste and abuse.

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Dr. Thomas Sowell: FDR, The New Deal & Obama

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

Dr. Sowell is perhaps the greatest living economist.

Often times when presidents surround themselves with highly intelligent people, they end up with brilliant rationalizations for failure.  – Dr. Thomas Sowell

More on the lefts revisionist New deal history HERE. Non farm unemployment never dropped below 20% during the New deal.

Dr. Sowell has a new column on this very subject and Michael van der Galien has a nice commentary on it at PoliGazette:

Although that’s certainly true (and dangerous), Sowell explains that the real problem runs even deeper: “Such people have been told all their lives how brilliant they are, until finally they feel forced to admit it, with all due modesty. But they not only tend to over-estimate their own brilliance, more fundamentally they tend to over-estimate how important brilliance itself is when dealing with real world problems.”

You see, Sowell explains, not all things can be understood by ‘intelligence’ alone. Experience is just as and often even more important. As Sowell puts it: “Many crucial things in life are learned from experience, rather than from clever thoughts or clever words.”

The main weakness of those who consider themselves to be extremely intelligent if not brilliant is that they overrate intelligence and reason and undervalue traditions, culture and experience. For them only intelligence matters. There is no limit to what government can do as long as they are in charge of it.

History has taught us that there are limits and that brilliant men often end up destroying the good in a vain pursuit of the perfect.

It’s progressivism’s main weakness; it is inherently unrealistic – no matter how ‘brilliant’ its adherents may believe themselves to be.

Bravo Michael! Well said. Michael and I are of one mind on this issue and I feel that my experience with leftist academia allows me the opportunity to expand on this a little more.

The Virtue of the Collectivist vs. the Wisdom of the Individualist

The left believes that society needs to be liberated from the mysticism and ancient thinking of the past. They believe that their virtue and their normative values combined with their new thinking is what is needed to lead the rest of society to a utopia, or at least to something close to perfection. All society has to do in exchange is cooperate with their ideas.

For the traditionalist or individualist, they realize that man is flawed and cannot be perfected, so they look at the wisdom, philosophy and experiences of the past to see what worked. They seek to conserve such knowledge and good practices and implement the best of them, while accepting that it will not be perfect and “very good” is the best that can ever be hoped for.

To the leftist or collectivist the wisdom of the past IS the problem, especially the philosophy that is included with Western religion. They see it as nothing but backwards mysticism that is utterly useless. Any argument against the leftist point of view often generates a vitriolic reaction, as they see it as an attack on virtue itself. In such an argument from the traditionalist, the reality is that it is not an attack on virtue, but rather an attack on the leftist’s normative ideas. It is narcissism at its core (after all we all want equality of result, DON’T YOU? Aren’t you down with the struggle?).

Since the left sees arguments from traditionalists as an attack on virtue itself, they see traditionalists as evil and feel perfectly justified in attacking them, trying to silence them, and engage in double standards in dealing with them.

In more cases than one might suspect the leftist will engage in various forms and degrees of brutality which is totally justified in their minds as virtuous. One just needs to explore the case files of the Foundation for Individual rights in Education and the Alliance Defense Fund (2) to see countless examples where leftist academics and administrators brazenly violated the rights of traditionalist students and teachers.

Have you ever wondered why leftist academics so often gloss over or play apologetics for human catastrophes that have resulted from collectivist or centrally controlled regimes? Well now you know. To them, Castro and Hugo Chavez are just trying to live up to their virtue.

How Academia Went Wrong

With the academic left, it starts with a liberal arts education that is a pop culture based education that is very heavy on Marxist theory, rather than a classic liberal arts education that is based on Aristotle, Socrates, St. Thomas Aquinas, Cicero, Plato, Locke, Bacon, Scholasticism etc. For many, if not most American universities the premises of the far left are often presented as the academic truth.

These academics pat each other on the back and tell each other how brilliant they are….and after all it MUST be true because all of these PhD. types tell you so. Invariably this environment brings you to a point where you start to believe it. You internalize it and eventually you stop challenging your own assumptions. The end result is an atrophied thinking process.

I am a non-traditional student at a state university finishing my first degree. I have debated professors on topics within their own field of study and defeated them. This should not happen and the simple truth is that in most cases out thinking them was not difficult. It is not that I am so brilliant, rather it is that a classic liberal arts based general education teaches you how to think ethically, logically and with a sense of introspective. Without it even the most educated among us will use their education and intellect to satisfy positions that are often a result of emotional attachments. They simply are not trained thinkers and as a result they often do not apply their knowledge well.

The Hollywood screenwriter and author Andrew Klavan wrote two very entertaining short video’s explaining this very concept of leftist virtue and ‘moral authority’.

Why are Conservatives So Mean?

Night of the Living Government

The Brainy Bunch By Dr. Thomas Sowell

September 29, 2009

Many people, including some conservatives, have been very impressed with how brainy the president and his advisers are. But that is not quite as reassuring as it might seem.

It was, after all, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brilliant “brains trust” advisers whose policies are now increasingly recognized as having prolonged the Great Depression of the 1930s, while claiming credit for ending it. The Great Depression ended only when the Second World War put an end to many New Deal policies.

FDR himself said that “Dr. New Deal” had been replaced by “Dr. Win-the-War.” But those today who are for big spending like to credit wartime big spending for bringing the Great Depression to an end. They never ask the question as to why previous depressions had always ended on their own, much faster than the one under FDR, and without government intervention or massive government spending.

Brainy folks were also present in Lyndon Johnson’s administration, especially in the Pentagon, where Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s brilliant “whiz kids” tried to micro-manage the Vietnam war, with disastrous results.

There is usually only a limited amount of damage that can be done by dull or stupid people. For creating a truly monumental disaster, you need people with high IQs.

Such people have been told all their lives how brilliant they are, until finally they feel forced to admit it, with all due modesty. But they not only tend to over-estimate their own brilliance, more fundamentally they tend to over-estimate how important brilliance itself is when dealing with real world problems.

Many crucial things in life are learned from experience, rather than from clever thoughts or clever words. Indeed, a gift for the clever phrasing so much admired by the media can be a fatal talent, especially for someone chosen to lead a government.

Make no mistake about it, Adolf Hitler was brilliant. His underlying beliefs may have been half-baked and his hatreds overwhelming, but he was a genius when it came to carrying out his plans politically, based on those beliefs and hatreds.

Starting from a position of Germany’s military weakness in the early 1930s, Hitler not only built up Germany’s war-making potential, he did so in ways that minimized the danger that his potential victims would match his military build-up with their own. He said whatever soothing words they wanted to hear that would spare them the cost of military deterrence and the pain of contemplating another war.

He played some of the most highly educated people of his time for fools– not only foreign political leaders but also members of the intelligentsia. The editor of the Times of London filtered out reports that his own foreign correspondents in Germany sent him about the evils and dangers of the Nazis. In the United States, W.E.B. Du Bois – with a Ph.D. from Harvard – said that dictatorship in Germany was “absolutely necessary to get the state in order.”

In an age when facts seem to carry less weight than the visions of brilliant and charismatic leaders, it is more important than ever to look at the actual track records of those brilliant and charismatic leaders. After all, Hitler led Germany into military catastrophe and left much of the country in ruins.

Even in a country which suffered none of the wartime destruction that others suffered in the 20th century, Argentina began that century as one of the 10 richest nations in the world – ahead of France and Germany – and ended it as such an economic disaster that no one would even compare it to France or Germany.

Politically brilliant and charismatic leaders, promoting reckless government spending – of whom Juan Peron was the most prominent, but by no means alone – managed to create an economic disaster in a country with an abundance of natural resources and a country that was spared the stresses that wars inflicted on other nations in the 20th century.

Someone recently pointed out how much Barack Obama’s style and strategies resemble those of Latin American charismatic despots– the takeover of industries by demagogues who never ran a business, the rousing rhetoric of resentment addressed to the masses and the personal cult of the leader promoted by the media. But do we want to become the world’s largest banana republic?

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Andrew Klavan: Why are conservatives so mean?

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

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Leftist bloggers carefully edit video to make it look like Glenn Beck killed a frog.

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

This just goes to show you how eager they are to smear Glenn & you.

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Andrew Klavan: Are You a Racist? A Frank Conversation.

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

UPDATE: Joe Nicks – Don’t Be Intimidated By the Race Hustling Democrats

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Foreign banks Want Out of the Dollar Because of Reckless US Monetary Policy

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

UK Telegraph:

HSBC bids farewell to dollar supremacy

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The sun is setting on the US dollar as the ultra-loose monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve forces China and the vibrant economies of the emerging world to forge a new global currency order, according to a new report by HSBC.

“The dollar looks awfully like sterling after the First World War,” said David Bloom, the bank’s currency chief.

“The whole picture of risk-reward for emerging market currencies has changed. It is not so much that they have risen to our standards, it is that we have fallen to theirs. It used to be that sovereign risk was mainly an emerging market issue but the events of the last year have shown that this is no longer the case. Look at the UK – debt is racing up to 100pc of GDP,” he said

Crucially, China and rising Asia have reached the point where they can no longer keep holding down their currencies to boost exports because this is causing mayhem to their own economies, stoking asset bubbles. Asia’s “mercantilist mindset” of recent decades is about to be broken by the spectre of an inflation spiral.

The policy headache was already becoming clear in the final phase of the global credit boom but the financial crisis temporarily masked the effect. The pressures will return with a vengeance as these countries roar back to life, leaving the US and other laggards of the old world far behind.

A monetary policy of near zero rates – further juiced by quantitative easing – is completely incompatible with circumstances in most of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Divorce is inevitable. The US is expected to hold rates near zero through 2010 to tackle its own crisis.

What is occurring is an epochal loss in the relative wealth and economic power of the old G10 bloc of rich countries compared to rising regions of the world. The euro, yen, sterling, Swiss franc and other mature currencies will be relegated along with the dollar in this great process of rebalancing, but the Greenback will bear the brunt.

The Fed’s super-loose policy is turning the dollar into the key funding currency for the next phase of the global “carry trade”, taking over the role of Japan during its period of emergency stimulus.

Mr Bloom said regional currencies would emerge as the anchor for their smaller trading partners, with China, Brazil, or South Africa substituting the role of the US. Australia is already linking its fortunes to China through commodity ties.

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Stimulus Bill Stimulating Government Size.

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

By the way, this is exactly what this very blog said would happen when the plan was first proposed. Anyone with a genuine understanding of the history of economics would……but if you have an emotional tie to an ideologically driven position that prosperity comes from government and only your brilliant central planning can be a success, that is how this type of flawed policy comes to be.

USA Today:

Fourteen of the top federal agencies responsible for spending under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act say they’ve hired about 3,000 workers with stimulus money. That’s helped fuel the continued growth of the federal government, which increased by more than 25,000 employees, or 1.3%, since December 2008, according to the latest quarterly report. During that time, the ranks of the nation’s unemployed increased by nearly 4 million, Labor Department statistics show.

Overall, there are about 2 million federal workers, the data show.

Thirteen agencies that report stimulus-related administrative expenses separately on their weekly spending reports say they’ve spent $186.8 million so far on salaries and other overhead. Those agencies have reported spending $46.1 billion in stimulus funds overall.

The new workers are tackling such tasks as managing stimulus-funded contracts, processing Social Security benefit claims and investigating possible cases of fraud and waste. They’re overseeing about $288 billion in tax cuts and nearly $500 billion in federal spending, much of it in the form of transfers to state governments for education, health care and jobless benefits.

The Social Security Administration, for example, has hired 2,115 workers, spokeswoman Kia Green said. The Energy Department has hired about 240 workers, including engineers, contract managers and accountants, spokeswoman Tiffany Edwards said in an e-mail.

Stimulus critics such as Rep. Darrell Issa of California, the top Republican on the House oversight committee, say the package has enlarged the federal bureaucracy without making a dent in the nation’s unemployment rate, which was 9.7% in August. “The only thing we have seen stimulated by this package has been the size of the federal government,”Issa said in an e-mailed statement.

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Ambassador Bolton on Obama UN Speech: Most Radical Anti-Israel Speech I Can Recall Any President Making

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

UPDATE – Video yanked (thats Youtube folks) – transcript HERE.

Keep in mind that antisemitism on the academic left from which Obama comes from is very high to put it mildly. Also keep in mind that Obama sat in a radically antisemitic church for 20 years.

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Poligazette: Obama Insults Britain – Bye Bye Special Relationship

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

This isn’t the first time we have insulted Britain in the last few months (LINK). Normally, if you insult someone do it for a very good substantive reason. What in the world has Britain done to deserve this treatment? It is silly.

Our friend Michael van der Galien, the editor of Poligazette (which is on our blogroll) got his introduction at today off to a great start with the following article (LINK) and we would like to offer him a hearty congratulations as his career blooms:

Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf reports that Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried to meet with President Barack Obama this week but was rebuffed.

The British newspaper the Daily Telegraph adds that Brown’s office tried to arrange a meeting five times. Every single time, however, Obama’s staff turned them down.

British officials made five attempts to secure official talks with the US President and even agreed to a policy change in an attempt to land a joint appearance between the two leaders, said diplomatic sources.

But the White House rebuffed the offers and Mr Brown, who had hoped to increase his popularity by appearing on his own with Mr Obama, had to settle instead for a snatched conversation with the President in a New York kitchen.

The reason is that Scotland’s leader – not Brown – recently released Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi recently. Brown supported this decision because it would improve Britain’s relationship with Libya (the power of the almighty dollarpound).

Megrahi should obviously never have been released. But insulting a loyal ally because of one (admittedly big) mistake isn’t exactly what I’d call smart diplomacy.

Especially not considering the fact that Obama has no problem whatsoever meeting with Iran’s, Venezuela’s and other anti-American dictators who have sponsored and continue to sponsor terrorism against America.

Many have speculated in recent months that Obama may treat Britain badly because of his personal history. Unlike most Americans he has no personal bond with this country.

Perhaps there’s something to that explanation, but you wonder how it is that he does treat, say, Venezuela well since he and his family have no personal history with that country either.

Here is my guess of why he rebuffed Brown not once, not twice but five times: Brown supports the war on terror, Obama does not. Obama holds Brown (partially) responsible for the Iraq War. He believes this war to be unjust. And as has become clear due to his constant bashing of his predecessor George W. Bush, he has nothing but contempt for those who decided to remove one of the worst dictators in modern times from power.

That or he simply sides with those he considers ‘the weak’ automatically; even if they’re enemies of the West.

Your call.

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What if Star Wars was written by Enviro-extremists?

Posted by iusbvision on September 26, 2009

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