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Constituent gives Congressman lecture on executive power

Posted by iusbvision on September 7, 2009

Good video and an important point. While war powers give the executive more power during times of conflict, the DHS Secretary did go through the standard vetting process and the few presidents who have created “Czar” positions in the White House appointed only 1-4 of them and kept their role in the government very limited such as the “Drug Czar” appointment whose job it is to keep the president informed on the international drug trade. The Drug Czar runs the President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (LINK) and unlike many of these other new “czar” positions it is a pretty open book.

The point about the shadow government is an important one and Democrat Robert Byrd was the first to sound the alarm on this issue. Remember when one of Obama’s Czar’s was caught telling the staff  “to put nothing in writing, ever.” LINK. Czar’s can escape Congressional oversight because it can be said that they are special advisors to the president and are thus covered by “executive privilege”. These people are not just advisors, they seem to be implementors.

Special thanks to for the video link.

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