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Argument: The “birther” issue is not a Republican issue, it is a transparency issue.

Posted by iusbvision on September 9, 2009

The man in the video above almost has it right. It is the White House that has been pushing the bogus birther story in the media. It is a classic political rope-a-dope move called triangulation meant to make anyone who falls for it looking like a dope.

Of course as we have stated before, the State of Hawaii says that they have seen the real birth certificate and it does exist, but Obama has made it clear that a certified copy of it is NOT to be released. I believe that he is a legal citizen because the State of Hawaii says so.

With that said, and as we have said before, this is a classic John Podesta communications strategy move. It was the White House who refused to give up all sorts of documents that other presidents have, so when people brought it up, here comes the White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs speaking out on the “birther” issue, paste it on “all Republicans” and call them names. It is a classic straw man who the White House set up and knocked down with false spin to smear Republicans.

If any of you do not believe that political machines will go this far to sway public opinion then you need to take a few good poli-sci classes and read a few books. It was the White House and John Podesta (they admitted it) who created the strategy to target Rush Limbaugh, bring up quotes out of context to use against him and use the media to crown him the head of the Republican Party. They planned this months in advance and said so. Did you believe that Rush Limbaugh said that he hopes that Obama fails and said it for partisan political reasons only? If you fell for this then you fell into Podesta’s spin. What Limbaugh actually said (and we posted the transcripts and video to this very site) is that “if Obama wants to socialize America than I want him to fail. I hope he fails because that is what would be the best for the country.” So all if you do not believe that Obama is trying to socialize America, than you have nothing to worry about from Rush Limbaugh.

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