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ABC News: If You Oppose Democrat Policies or Lies Your Racist – UPDATE Michael Steele Responds! – UPDATE Gary Bauer Responds!

Posted by iusbvision on September 17, 2009

[Editor’s Note – So what the Democrats are saying is that if Joe Biden were president the Tea Parties would not be protesting the wasteful spending, the corrupt pork earmarks for corporate lobbying clients, the porkulus bills, the government take over of health care and the banks etc? So I ask, was it racist when they opposed HillaryCare in 1994?

Is anyone who criticizes Michael Steele (a black American), the head of the Republican Party a racist? By this standard the entire DNC is racist. Yup thats it, anyone who criticizes any Republican is a racist because they just can’t take it that the leader of the Republican Party is a black man.]

The Media Research Center provides this segment from ABC News. This is one of the most irresponsible pieces I have ever seen. ABC takes short clips and runs them together with a false narrative and cry racism. This just isn’t propaganda its bad propaganda because most people see right through this.

The National Park Service says that the 9/12 Tea Party event in Washington DC was the largest DC protest in US history.

This whole idea that pointing out socialist and/or corporatist (corporatism is the economics of fascism in the strict academic sense) policies and corruption is racist is rather silly, especially from a political science perspective.

Charles Krauthammer responds to this nonsense from the NYT, Maureen Dowd and ABC quite correctly:

Indeed, the entire point at hurling the racism charge when substantive arguments are against you is to put the mark of the beast on someone and try to either shut them up, or make others afraid to listen to you in fear that they may be called a racist too. ABC and the rest of the elite media culture have gone from the watchdogs for the people to the watchdogs of the Democrat Party. With Obama as president, the elite media has abandoned the whole idea that it is to have a somewhat adversarial and skeptical view of government.

Every bloggers friend Gateway Pundit has this picture that he posts on his web site from time to time and in this case it is warranted.  obama racist

For contrast, here is some RESPONSIBLE media coverage of the first Tea Party events back in March:

UPDATE – GOP Chairman Michael Steele responds rather brilliantly in the face of NBC’s Andrea Mitchell who was trying desperately to best him:

UPDATE II – Glenn Beck responds. Beck points out that NBC’s Brian Williams said that the 9.12 Tea Party was a “violent crowd”. There were no arrests at the event…not one.

Beck continues and shows how NBC is even doctoring and misrepresenting video to make a racist charge against protesters.
While NBC doctored the video and told you that the man with the gun was a racist white man. The raw video clearly shows the man is black. Come to find out he is part of a public awareness group that wears guns openly at events to educate people on the states open carry law.

UPDATE III–  Gary Bauer speaks on the issue (Via The Anchoress):

Bauer noted that when Obama was inaugurated, he had an approval rating of 75 percent.  Yet, today, his approval rating is in the neighborhood of 50 percent.  If racism is the explanation, Bauer wondered aloud, are we to believe that the quarter of the electorate that seems to have abandoned President Obama just discovered that he is black?

As Bauer made his argument, it was obvious that he was speaking directly to the reporters present.  He went further by asking the crowd the question (and this is from memory so it may not be exact), “If a party were to run a candidate who was black, Asian, or hispanic and who was pro-life, in favor of free markets, traditional morality, and strong national defense, would you support that candidate?”  The crowd erupted in massive, enthusiastic applause.  Bauer joked with the crowd and the reporters present, “I can’t wait to run home and see that positive reaction from the crowd toward racial diversity played on CBS, NBC, and ABC!”  Of course, the enthusiastic reaction in favor of a candidate of color who is also a conservative doesn’t fit the press narrative and the audience reaction  would never be played on the news.  Bauer knew that.  The crowd knew that.  And so did the press.

UPDATE IV – The B-Cast news program did a special on how the elite media is dishonestly portraying the protests as “racist” LINK.

One Response to “ABC News: If You Oppose Democrat Policies or Lies Your Racist – UPDATE Michael Steele Responds! – UPDATE Gary Bauer Responds!”

  1. Paul Geer said

    Call me a racist then, because I’ll continue to criticize Obama and his socialist policies. Good for the people out there making their grievances known, It’s constitutional and the best thing we can do to let the left know they are on notice. It’s time to pull in all the high taxes we pay!

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