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Answering far left talking points on US health care.

Posted by iusbvision on September 23, 2009

First of all lets answer some common objections/myths. 

They say the USA spends too much on health care.

There are four reasons for this.

1. Our system has a primary focus on saving lives and improving their quality, whereas some other systems focus is on saving money and preserving the “system”.

2. Americans are wealthier and we just have more money to spend on it. It is important not to underestimate this reason. As always the more money you have the more you spend.

3. We have lots of injured military veterans who need care, more than most other countries.

4. The United States has an aging baby boom problem that is worse than most other countries, so it is understandable that the expense of end of life care is higher for us.

So comparing our expenses with most other countries is NOT an apples to apples comparison.

They say that the WHO does not put the United States high on its health care list. I put the details (with links) of those WHO reports on this web site in detail. Come to find out that the WHO weighs heavily in its ranking where the health care dollars come from. Since in the USA much of it does not come from government the WHO penalizes us in the ratings. So in essence they lower our score for the simple reason that we don’t have nationalized health care.

The WHO Report does say that the USA is number 1 in patient responsiveness and level of care and as far as I am concerned that is the stat that really counts.

As we have stated before:

Here are some good steps to get started in fixing health care at the following link –

Next on the 37th place for the WHO nonsense…

When you look at the breakdown of the WHO stats, the United States is number 1 in patient responsiveness and level of care.

The WHO divides their report into sections – Here is the section on patient responsiveness and level of care – the United States is ranked number 1

The WHO ranks the United States overall as 37 because we don’t have socialized health care so that doesn’t meet socialist standard of “fairness”. – look here and do a search for the words “fairness in contributions” to see for yourself.

As far as life expectancy. Our life expectancy numbers include how many people we lose in wars, drug gangsters who shoot each other etc so that number is not an honest assessment of the level of care we get in the United States.

We do not have a health care crisis here in the United States as most doctors and hospitals will treat you and worry about the bill later. Also the vast majority of people do have health insurance.

The main problem here in the USA is the way the bills are paid takes the market forces out all together, so people think to themselves, “Heck with it the government or the insurance company will pay for it so who cares”. So the rate of health care inflation is too high but this is not difficult to fix, but since neither party wants to give the other a legislative victory simple fixes like this don’t get done. Medical savings accounts is one way to help solve that problem.

As for the 20 million who are uninsured who cant afford their own insurance the government could just give them a voucher that covers 80% of the cost of their health care premium. That would cost about 50 billion a year which is much cheaper than a multi trillion dollar take over of the system or the current plan offered in our Congress.

Another smart thing that government can do is to allow doctors and hospitals to write off 90% of all free health care expenses they give to the poor off their taxes. Since our corporate income tax rate is an outrageous 35% there is lots of room to do that.

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