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This is how nutty many far left professors are: “If you criticise Obama your racist, Fox News is racist … UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on September 24, 2009

[Editor’s Note – So what the Democrats and this professor is  saying is that if Joe Biden were president the Tea Parties would not be protesting the wasteful spending, the corrupt pork earmarks for corporate lobbying clients, the porkulus bills, the broken promises, the government take over of health care and the banks etc? So I ask, was it racist when they opposed HillaryCare in 1994?

By that standard anyone who criticizes Michael Steele (a black American) the head of the Republican Party a racist. So by his own standard is the entire DNC racist and the professor below a race traitor? Yup thats it, anyone who criticizes any Republican is a racist because they just can’t take it that the leader of the Republican Party is a black man. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.]

This man is a professor of law. He speaks in these brad brush strokes and avoids specifics on policy.

I would LOVE to debate this guy Lincoln/Douglas style.  I also like how he says that he is not a leftist and then spouts every far left talking point right down the line including these baseless attacks on Glenn Beck. This guy was so transparent and phony that most thinking Americans could see right through this guy. Unfortunately this guy is representative of a great deal of college professors and administrators.

I also found it interesting how he portrayed what the National Park Service has called the largest DC event in US history; the 9/12 protest called by Glenn Beck. About 1.7 million people participated and he focussed in on the few nuts that showed up to attempt to mainstream themselves with any political movement. We also reported how plants from ACORN have been showing up to some Tea Party events with racist signs of high production value to attempt to get in front of a camera (LINK). No one who did any genuine reporting of the event said that those types of signs were even close to representative to the crowd.

So while the elite media and this professor show contempt (more contempt) for tea party protesters, I wonder where all these people were when left wing nuts took to the streets in droves with plenty of hate to spread around ….and yet they got glowing coverage from the elite media…. well as a reminder I have the video…. Watch each in total…especially the endings.

Or maybe they think the constant antisemitism that is so common at far left protests isn’t racist at all…..


UPDATE–  Gary Bauer speaks on the issue (Via The Anchoress):

Bauer noted that when Obama was inaugurated, he had an approval rating of 75 percent.  Yet, today, his approval rating is in the neighborhood of 50 percent.  If racism is the explanation, Bauer wondered aloud, are we to believe that the quarter of the electorate that seems to have abandoned President Obama just discovered that he is black?

As Bauer made his argument, it was obvious that he was speaking directly to the reporters present.  He went further by asking the crowd the question (and this is from memory so it may not be exact), “If a party were to run a candidate who was black, Asian, or hispanic and who was pro-life, in favor of free markets, traditional morality, and strong national defense, would you support that candidate?”  The crowd erupted in massive, enthusiastic applause.  Bauer joked with the crowd and the reporters present, “I can’t wait to run home and see that positive reaction from the crowd toward racial diversity played on CBS, NBC, and ABC!”  Of course, the enthusiastic reaction in favor of a candidate of color who is also a conservative doesn’t fit the press narrative and the audience reaction  would never be played on the news.  Bauer knew that.  The crowd knew that.  And so did the press.

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Andrew Breitbart to elite media “You want a war? A war it is that you are going to get!!” at Quincy 9-12 event

Posted by iusbvision on September 24, 2009

Andrew Brietbart is a the head of a new media empire. When it comes to online news it is almost guaranteed that you have ran across one of his many news and information web sites.

Brietbart News played an important role in exposing the corruption at ACORN.

His main news site is and it contains links to news from all over the world.

His news video and internet TV site is

Much of his news and links are imbedded in other web sites, so if you have not been to these sites yourself, it is almost guaranteed that you have seen Brietbart News content imbedded in another web site.

Brietbart News has a site that covers Hollywood –

Brietbart News also has a site that coves politics directly –

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AWESOME: Ben Stein vs. James Carville on tea party protestors.

Posted by iusbvision on September 24, 2009

Must see!

New video link – old one was removed.

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Dueling Obama Video: Both for and against single payer government take over of health care.

Posted by iusbvision on September 24, 2009

Go to 3:55 in to the video. So which one is the lie?

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