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Glenn Beck and David Horowitz prove to be the most effective at taking on & shedding light on the administration.

Posted by iusbvision on September 27, 2009

horowitzdavidDavid Horowitz is a former marxist radical and turned conservative civil rights activist. He has written so many books that I have lost count. David Horowitz is a man who knows where the “bodies are buried” as it were and knows how leftist organizations help each other launder tax and charity money for political  purposes. Horowitz has a site where he tracks the organizations and the people who run them on his site called “Discover the Networks”.

[Editor’s Note – for the “if you oppose leftist policy you must be a racist” crowd. David Horowitz marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and faced the dogs and fire hoses when standing up for equal rights under the law wasn’t considered cool.]

Horowitz has partnered with Beck and together they have proved to be the most effective at exposing the most extreme (and I mean really far out extreme that even leaves most partisan democrats scratching their heads) elements of the administration.

The pattern with Beck has been the following; Beck announces that he has learned something new, it could be Van Jones or ACORN or Tides Foundation, he is ridiculed by the elite media and the left as a nutty conspiracy theorist, then Beck is proved correct and Van Jones resigns or the Senate pulls ACORN’s funding etc and the circle starts all over again.

Rarely do we quote an entire article, but in this case we made a rare exception for the following reasons:

1. This information is SO important and so educational that it merits bringing it all to you IU South Bend  readers and the nearly 40,000 others who come to us for news analysis.

2. You will notice that the text is filled with links to evidence/information that you can check and see for yourself. It really shows off the degree of intelligence gathering that has been done by the Horowitz organization.

3. If one were to read this article and its associated links the education conferred would be better than two semesters of political science classes.

Poligazette Editor Michael van der Galien comments at

John convinced me today that Beck should not merely be tolerated by conservatives but publicly celebrated.

Although there is more in John’s post – much more even – the main point can be summarized in one short sentence: without Beck, the Obama administration would not have had to deal with any controversies.

Without Beck the far left would not have been exposed.

Many would undoubtedly have liked it to be different but the FrontPageMag editor is right. Beck is the only national figure willing to take on the extreme left and to prove that Obama has ties to them and may even be one of them.

That’s it; it is time for conservatives to stop criticizing Beck and to give him credit for helping the conservative movement take on the most progressive individuals ever to be in charge of the most powerful country on earth.


John Perazzo posted this awesome piece at David Horiwitz’ blog site and it is taking the blogosphere by storm:

In recent weeks, Glenn Beck has elevated political/news television to an entirely new level. Without fealty to any particular party, he is shining a light into the dark corners of a political cesspool that has been hidden for too long. He is taking the esoteric and making it accessible; taking the complex and making it simple. The result: Millions of Americans are waking up and beginning to understand, often for the first time, exactly what the left is all about. At the David Horowitz Freedom Center, we’re honored that one of the most vital resources from which Beck draws information that is presented on his program is our online encyclopedia of the left at It was our hope that by putting the networks, funders and covert agendas of the left up on the Web, we would awaken Americans to the internal threat to their freedoms from the legions of what is misnamed the “progressive” left. (In fact they are reactionaries and closet totalitarians who want to re-run the discredited socialist scripts of the past.) Since we launched DiscoverTheNetworks in February 2005, more than 20 million people have visited the site. But Glenn Beck is reaching over half that number of Americans every single day.

A thorough researcher who does plenty of homework in preparation for his program, Beck has perhaps done more than any other broadcaster to make Americans keenly aware of so many vital facts that few others in the media have ever even mentioned. For instance, he has stressed the immense significance of Saul Alinsky, the late godfather of radical “community organizing” — and probably the single most formative tactical influence on Barack Obama during his years as a political neophyte.

Alinsky’s blueprint for social upheaval and revolution largely eschewed any form of confrontational defiance that might scare off or alienate ordinary Americans. Instead he stressed the need for revolutionaries to mask the extremism of their objectives and to deceitfully present themselves as moderates, until they could gain some control over the machinery of political power. No source, anywhere, offers a clearer or more comprehensive exposition of Alinsky’s tactics, and by extension of Obama’s campaign strategies, than DiscoverTheNetworks. Glenn Beck has helped bring this information to the American people, presenting it in a way that everyone can understand.

Beck also has done a magnificent job of bringing to light the vitally important, though not widely understood, Cloward-Piven strategy — a key tactic of the left.

First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, this strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands. Though undertaken ostensibly to protect the “rights” of the “poor” and the “working-class,” the strategy’s ultimate objective is to thrust society into a political and financial crisis that will cause people to lose all faith in the existing system (capitalism), and to follow the lead of a self-assured, charismatic “community organizer” to a socialist alternative. Again, DiscoverTheNetworks has proved to be a vital resource for Beck; no source, anywhere, has laid bare the principles of Cloward-Piven with greater clarity than DiscoverTheNetworks.

[IUSB Vision Editor’s Note: I have taken the time to examine some of Francis Fox Piven’s lectures and writings. It was rather disturbing to explore the mind of one who I can only describe and genuinely evil. Piven takes leftist hate and envy to a level higher than I am used to experiencing among leftist academics.]

Cloward-Piven, of course, dovetails seamlessly with ACORN, an Alinskyite organization with a long history of attempting to stress American institutions to their breaking point. In its early days, ACORN members invaded welfare offices across the United States — often violently — bullying social workers and loudly demanding every last cent to which the law ostensibly “entitled” them – all in an effort to overwhelm the welfare system and spark an economic crisis. More recently, ACORN’s malign ambitions have focused on trying to overwhelm our electoral system by means of a voter-fraud campaign of unprecedented magnitude. And, on yet another front, ACORN worked long and hard, and with much success, to help bring about the collapse of the housing market — by aggressively pushing banks to extend credit to undercapitalized, high-risk borrowers in low-income, mostly-minority areas. Beck and DiscoverTheNetworks have been pointing this out for a long time.

In recent months, Beck has driven home vital revelations about so many significant people and organizations on the left: the Supreme Court Justice and promoter of ethnic politics Sonia Sotomayor; the Harvard professor and racial grievance monger Henry Louis Gates; the America-hating communist revolutionary Van Jones; the Apollo Alliance on whose board Jones sat, and whose environmental recommendations have a profound influence on President Obama; the former Weather Underground terrorist and current Apollo Alliance board member Jeff Jones; the FCC Diversity Chief who seeks to deal a death blow to conservative talk radio, Mark Lloyd; and most recently the Tides Foundation, funder of an anti-capitalist animated video that is being shown to schoolchildren across the United States.

Through it all, DiscoverTheNetworks has been a vital resource upon which Beck has drawn. His recognition of the value of the information in DiscoverTheNetworks, coupled with his unwavering commitment to truth – wherever it may lead – will go a long way toward waking up the American people to the corrosive agendas of the left.

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