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Attention GOP Leadership: There is a Tent!

Posted by iusbvision on November 3, 2009

Obama special advisor Valerie Jerrett said on a talk show that the GOP is driving moderates like Dede Scozzafava out of the party….oh and she seemed sooooo concerned (sarcasm). This is the talking point that you hear repeated by the Democratic leadership and the elite media over and over and over again.

So this begs the question is Dede Scozzafava a moderate?

Let us examine her two claims to fame.

1 – She got the support of some union leadership because she supports a policy called “card check”

2 – She is the recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award.

Card check is a very simple proposal that the unions have been fighting to get enacted into law. It strips employees of the right to a secret ballot in workplace elections and subjects them to pressure from union thugs coercing, threatening or worse into signing a card for union membership as was the case here in Indiana (LINK).

Is there anything moderate about stripping people of basic freedoms and subjecting them to coercion and violence? There are only two ways to describe such a policy and be academically honest about it. Such a policy is undemocratic and evil. I use the word evil and not a word like unfair because evil is the right word to use. Unfair is when a soda machine steals your change; this goes way, way beyond that.

Margaret Sanger was a eugenics enthusiast (LINK) who believed that those who are born should be centrally planned. Sanger believed that blacks were inferior and that society would be served by seeing to it that as many black babies were destroyed in abortion mills as possible. It is not a coincidence that so many Planned Parenthood mills are located in or near minority inner city areas. If one were to swap out “blacks” for “Jews” in such an ideal who would it remind you of?

tentThis is the key question and answer that everyone but the Republican Party Leadership was able to understand; there is nothing even remotely close to moderate about such positions.  It is true that the Republican Party is and should be a “big tent ” party, but never forget there is a tent and such views should not only be rejected by the GOP but by good people everywhere. Some may claim that gleefully accepting an award with Sanger’s name is in no way an endorsement of Sanger’s views; perhaps no more than accepting a “Joseph Goebbels Award for Excellence in Political Communications” would be. Anyone with more than a residue of humanity and good sense would find such an award to be repulsive at best. Rudy Giuliani, who like many in the GOP believe that abortion should be legal in some circumstances, would find such an award offered to him to be insulting.

So the foolish GOP leadership spent almost a million dollars on Dede Scozzafava, who pulled off her GOP face mask the day after Halloween and endorsed the Democrat, which was utterly predictable by everyone but the GOP leadership.

If one were to wonder why so many rank and file voters are more hesitant to donate to the GOP, all they need to do is take a look at how nearly a million dollars of their hard earned money was wasted.


This should be a big wake up call. The Republican’s best spokesmen like Newt Gingrich can no longer rail on about how the Democratic leadership has abandoned its former principles and is now in a relentless pursuit of  power to only abandon principle when it means pursuing power by supporting the NT 23 picked candidate even though she holds views that are truly repulsive to most Americans. Gingrich’s stated view on this race is too convenient and the voters are now wise to it.

The party machine and the party exists to advance a cause, but what is important is the cause, not the mechanism. When the GOP forgets this simple truth they lose elections and deserve to.

There is one more lesson the GOP leadership needs to learn. Republicans must stop accepting Democrat and elite media premises about elections and policy; in fact, they should aggressively rebuke them. The NY23 GOP leadership believed that if they hand picked a “Democrat lite” candidate that they could not lose; after all, the Democrats, the elite media types like David Frum tell them to do just that.  Any political strategist who examines recent history knows that this so called “conventional wisdom” wrong.

When President George H. W. Bush agreed with Democrats in signing a tax increase that resulted in a short recession it cost him the election. At the time of the signing Democrats praised the Republican president, only to have Bill Clinton’s campaign call out Bush for breaking his “read my lips” pledge and campaign to the right of him on key issues. Clinton campaigned to the right of Bob Dole as well.

Look at the strategy that former DCCC chair Rahm Emanuel used in the 2006 and 2008 congressional elections. Emanuel put together a list of “blue dog” Democrats who ran as pro-life, pro-gun and anti-illegal immigration candidates. As Democrats they campaigned to the right and swept the congress.

John McCain is the poster child “moderate republican”. Barack Obama ran as a pro-gun Democrat who couched his rhetoric in “Reaganspeak” and lambasted President Bush for not standing up to the growth of the federal government.

Of course the Democrats have governed to the far left and are working to grow government, spending and taxes at a furious pace. Where are the endless comments from the elite media about how the Democrats have driven traditionalist proven winners out of their party such as Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller? Where are the comments from the elite media calling Dede Scozzafava out as a traitor to the party when she endorsed the Democrat? Silence.

Republicans win big when there is a clear difference between the Democrat and the Republican so long as the Republicans stick to their principles and the Democrat leadership knows it. When will the Republican leadership figure it out?

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