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The Aftermath!

Posted by iusbvision on November 4, 2009

Republicans take New Jersey by 5 points.

Republicans take Virginia by 18.

NY 23:  Owens 49, Hoffman 45, Scozzafava 6 – with precincts still reporting.

But what is the real news??

It was no surprise that the GOP took back the state of Virginia, what is a surprise is the massive 18 point margin. This amounts to 34 points of movement away from Democrats  in Virginia since 2008. Virginia is Washington DC’s back yard so this can very much be seen as a partial referendum on the Democrats behavior since they have taken power as Bill Clinton said it would be.

New Jersey is now in GOP hands. The 5% margin for the GOP is a big shocker because New Jersey is known for vote fraud. If not for that the GOP may have won by another point.

NY 23. The awful behavior of the GOP Party leadership in that district sent voters to the Democrats in this heavy R+ district.  Doug Hoffman, who was totally unknown 30 days ago, who had very little money and ran on a couple of high profile endorsements, got 45% of the vote. Imagine if NY23 had bothered to have a primary instead of Scozzafava being selected by the machine? What if Doug Hoffman had that $900,000 that the GOP spent on that campaign for Scozzafava? What if Hoffman actually lived in the district? While Hoffman being a virtual unknown certainly did hurt him in the race, there can be little doubt that the Republican machine in that district was either not trusted or even punished for their behavior in this race and it cost them votes. In my view many voters will be watching the behavior of the local GOP machine in NY23 before they decide if they will be trusted in 2010. My suggestion to NY23 Republicans; its time to get some new party leadership.

The real news!

When you look at statewide and mayoral races in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Florida Republicans did very well and won many seats. In counties where Republicans win by  a few thousand votes, the margins for Republicans greatly increased. The margins for Republicans greatly increased.

Independents and cross pressured voters went for Republicans in these battleground states in a big way. Exit polls show that young people, who so overwhelmingly supported Democrats in 2008, stayed home showing a 9% turn out in surveyed precincts.

Ok its getting late and it is passed my bed time. I am sure that there will be much to chat about tomorrow.

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