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Health Care Round Up Sticky Post II – UPDATED REGULARLY!

Posted by iusbvision on November 5, 2009

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UPDATE IX – VIDEO: Congressman Dingell (D-MI): It will take some time for ObamaCare to “control the people”

UPDATE VIII – 90 Seconds to Govt Run Health Care

UPDATE VII – Busted: Democrat Memo Proves They Lied to Trick CBO on ObamaCare – LINK – CBO Updates & Reverses: ObamaCare will add to deficit! – LINK

UPDATE VI Obama’s Cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf: ObamaCare does harm, rations care. – New England Journal of Medicine: 46% of physicians will consider leaving practice if ObamaCare passes – LINK

UPDATE V – Paul Ryan on why this health care process is an unprecedented disgrace and abuse of the rules. They are trying to pass health care without voting on it. – LINK

UPDATE IV – Paul Ryan vs B. Obama at Health Care Conference.

Paul Ryan goes through what is wrong with the Obama/Reid Health Bill step by step. He hits most of the bases that we hit in this post and our associated links. Obama was left with no ability to refute and tried to change the subject. After watching the conference and after seeing how Obama was consistantly wrong about how CBO scored these bills (see the spat with Lamar Alexander for an example), it is clear that Obama did not come prepared on the substance.

The Democrats were benefitting from the lie perpetuated by the elite media that the GOP just didn’t care about health care, this conference put an end to that perception for those who watched it. Why do we only have the two Paul Ryan clips in this post? Because mostly the elite media is showing is the Obama clips and the spat with McCain. has a post with some of the highlights of the conference HERE.

UPDATE III – Federal Health Board recommendation on Mamograms would have likely killed Carly Fiorina. She speaks out on the rationing that is in the Senate health Care Bill.

UPDATE IIMississippi, Ohio, Louisiana, and Texas medical associations have all come out against Pelosi/ObamaCare.

UPDATE: SHOCK! Speaker Pelosi’s Government-Run Health Plan Will Require a Monthly Abortion Premium – LINK. UPDATE – So does Senator Reid’s new Bill! – LINK.

Obama Advisor and former Labor Sec. Robert Reich. Listen for yourself:

We are going to let the old die because its too expensive and we are going to make the drug companies poor so they cant innovate new drugs so you young people likely will not live much longer than your parents. We have to make the young pay more.

And the Democrats called Sarah Palin a liar ……

.. The Roundup:

(NEW) Caterpillar: Health care bill would cost it $100M – LINK

(NEW) Health Bill Expands IRS Power – LINK

(NEW) Budgeting Sleight of Hand On ObamaCare – LINK

(NEW) ObamaCare Will Increase Costs, Reduce Benefits, Towers Watson Surveys Find – LINK

(NEW) British National Health Service Places Patient Confidential Records Online Without Consent

(NEW) Awesome:  George Will Takes Robert Reich to School on Insurance Companies and Progressivism

(NEW) Another health care nightmare from Canada – this one is really bad.. LINK.

(NEW) Video: Sen. Durbin Admits health premiums will go up with Obamacare but…

(NEW) – British Govt Hospital Causes “Unimaginable Suffering”: Up to 1,200 needless deaths, patients abused, staff bullied to meet targets… yet a secret inquiry into failing hospital says no one’s to blame.

(NEW) Paul Ryan Reintroduces GOP Health Care Plan – LINK.

(NEW) Video: Elite Media Mentions Corrupt Vote Bribing for ObamaCare

(NEW) NPR takes sleezy shot at Tea Party activists and those who opose nationalized health care – LINK. Maybe the so called  “public option” can “foster competition” and do for health care and be a big success just like public schools. Wait, actually public schools cost more than private schools anbd perform much much worse, but what they charge is much less because it is tax payer subsidized. Democrats oppose private and charter schools at every turn and they oppose competition with the “public option”. Maybe someone needs to tell NPR that.

(NEW) Real Clear Politics: Culture of Corruption Produces Awful Health Care Bill – LINK.

(NEW) Married Couples Pay More Than Unmarried Under Health Bill – LINK.

(NEW) Real Clear Politics Confirms IUSB Vision Health Care Bill Analysis – Speaker Pelosi used IUSB Vision editor Chuck Norton’s exact words, this bill will “Make them cry out for a public option” – LINK.

(NEW) Unions get exempted from Obama’s health care taxes – so now you are taxed more if you have the wrong political affiliation – LINK:

Big Labor got some big love from President Obama and congressional Democrats yesterday after they agreed to exempt union workers from the whopping “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health-care plans until 2018.

The sweetheart deal, hammered out behind closed doors, will save union employees at least $60 billion over the years involved, while others won’t be as lucky — they’ll have to cough up almost $90 billion.

The 40 percent excise tax on what have come to be called “Cadillac” health-care plans would exempt collective-bargaining contracts covering government employees and other union members until Jan. 1, 2018.

In another major concession to labor, the value of dental and vision plans would be exempt from the tax even after the deal expires in eight years, negotiators said.

Under the plan to help fund health-care reform, the tax would kick in for plans valued at $8,900 or more for individuals and $24,000 or more for families.

That’s slightly higher than the $8,500 and $23,000 thresholds in the bill passed by the Senate last month.

The threshold will be even higher for certain plans with many older workers and women — a move to benefit unions with a high proportion of female workers.

(NEW) British National Health Service late cancer diagnosis kills 10,000 a year LINK.

(NEW) California ends (rations) coverage of mammograms for women under age 50 – LINK.

(NEW) The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations LINK.

(NEW) CBS News Online: Obama Reneged on Health Care Transparency LINK.

(NEW) Democrat Speaker (House Leader) Nancy Pelosi: constitutional objections to the individual mandate are “nonsensical,” because “the power of Congress to regulate health care is essentially unlimited.” – LINK.

(NEW) Government Vaccine Estimates off by 77% – LINK.

(NEW) Candidate Obama vs. President Obama – LINK

(NEW) Corrupt AARP Health Care Deal Puts Seniors at Risk – LINK.

(NEW) FACT CHECK: Health Insurance Profits Not So Fat – LINK.

(NEW) Oliver Wyman study commissioned by Blue Cross/Blue Shield concludes that the Senate health care bill will raise premiums by uup to 54% – VIDEO LINK

(NEW) CBO: Democrats Health Care Bill Will Raise Family Insurance Premiums by $2100 Per Year. IUSB Vision analysis proved correct again! – LINK.

Health Care News Roundup for October. New health bills designed to make health insurance so expensive that people cry out for a public option – LINK.

Democrats Lied About Choice: Health Care Bill Targets Most New Private Health Insurance Policies. Watch the videos to listen to their own words – LINK

Ten questions to ask your Congressman about ObamaCare – LINK.

Obama health care advisors say: Very old and very young will get less care – LINK.

Oregon State health Service tells 64 year old woman: We wont pay for the drug to save your life, but we will pay for Euthanasia – LINK.

IBD Poll: 45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Obama/Pelosi Health Care Overhaul – LINK.

Answering far left talking points on US health care – LINK.

Congressional Committee confirms: Buy Insurance, Pay ObamaCare Penalty, or Go to Jail! – LINK.

Senator Brownback on Death Panels – LINK.

Cornell Law Professor: Palin is right about “Death Panels” for ObamaCare – LINK.

European Member of Parliament – National Health Service has made us iller” – LINK.

CBO says that ObamaCare will result in benefit cuts. AARP stands to make millions from ObamaCare – LINK.

ABC 20/20 Takes on Government Health Care:

The Case Against Nationalized Healthcare in 3 minutes 42 seconds:

(NEW) GOP Health Care Alternative Bill Online. First Step in Moving Towards Consortium Based Health Pools & Away from Mandates Forced On Citizens by Employers, Union Bosses, and the State – LINK.

You can examine all of our health care coverage HERE.


GOP Congressman: If Obama/PelosiCare is so good, why do you have to threaten people with jail if they try to opt out?

The Wall Street Journal Guide to ObamaCare; all of their coverage in one place HERE.



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