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Democrat Prosecutors Refuse to File Charges Against SEUI Thugs Caught on Video Beating Protestors.

Posted by iusbvision on November 24, 2009


It has been more than three months since Kenneth Gladney was viciously attacked by SEIU employees. The assault wasn’t an accident, but a deliberate attempt to intimidate and silence tea party activists and town hall protesters. The morning of the Gladney assault, the White House presented to Senate Democrats a ‘battle plan’ to quell the protests. The White House advised Democrats “punch back twice as hard.” Gladney was the first casualty.

The Gladney beating took place at a forum on ‘Aging’, sponsored by Rep. Russ Carnahan. Carnahan had been caught flat-footed by earlier protests. This time he was more prepared; the day before the forum, Sara Howard took over as his communications director. Ms. Howard is a veteran leftist activist, holding senior positions with SEIU.

SEIU and partisan hacks like Media Matters have tried to spin away the Gladney beating. They would have you believe a 130 lb diabetic, recovering luekemia patient, picked a fight with men almost twice his size. The police report puts an end to that lie.

You can view the police report HERE.

Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis DA, is trying to cover-up SEIU’s crime.

Glenn Beck has a must see segment on this story.

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Cash for Clunkers Cost You $24,000 Per Car! Government Efficiency in Action!

Posted by iusbvision on November 24, 2009

It cost you $24,000 to hand out a $4,000 check for each new car that wouldn’t have been solde anyway (and most of that went to Japanese cars).  Why?

One reason: The thousands of bureaucrats hired to administer the program knew that the program was temporary so they tried to extend the program by rejecting as many applications as possible, knowing that denied filers would refile and thus keep their government finding incoming. And these are the people that some want running health care.


White House blows a gasket on Clunkers critique

The Cash for Clunkers program gave car buyers rebates of up to $4,500 if they traded in less fuel-efficient vehicles for new vehicles that met certain fuel economy requirements. A total of $3 billion was allotted for those rebates.

The average rebate was $4,000. But the overwhelming majority of sales would have taken place anyway at some time in the last half of 2009, according to That means the government ended up spending about $24,000 each for those 125,000 additional vehicle sales.

“It is unfortunate that has had nothing but negative things to say about a wildly successful program that sold nearly 250,000 cars in its first four days alone,” said Bill Adams, spokesman for the Department of Transportation.


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Large Conventions Moving Out of Chicago Citing City and Union Gouging

Posted by iusbvision on November 24, 2009

Why do I say gouging? By moving their convention to Orlando the plastics industry trade show saved $20 Million.


CHICAGO – The loss of a second trade show that meant big business for Chicago is putting quick and powerful pressure on McCormick Place, the city’s showcase convention center, to combat the impression that the Second City costs too much to visit.

The plastics industry trade show on Tuesday said it is moving to Orlando, Fla., for 2012 and 2015 after nearly four decades in Chicago. The announcement follows a decision by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society last week to move its 2012 annual meeting to Las Vegas. Both shows cited the high cost of doing business in Chicago.

The plastics show said much of the savings in moving to Orlando will be derived from travel expenses, but officials say the high cost of union labor to assemble anything at McCormick put a crimp in exhibitor’s willingness to bring along their sophisticated machines. Seeing those machines in action is critical to buyers.

“With the cost structure in Orlando, we can put on a more high-quality event,” Carteaux said.

By moving to Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, average exhibitor costs would drop by 48 percent for utilities, 19 percent for on-site hauling and rigging, 23 percent for lodging and 11 percent for travel, the trade group determined in an in-depth study this year.

The group examined detailed bills from the 2009 show, and compared them to projected costs in Orlando in 2012. For example, one exhibitor with a midsize booth paid $6,167 for utility service at McCormick Place, but would see that cut by 43 percent, or $2,648, in Orlando due to lower labor charges, the group determined.

Union work rules are another issue.

The extra labor expense of putting on a show in Chicago is often due to union rules that require certain levels of staffing and don’t permit exhibitors to perform many of the tasks required to build exhibits.


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More Traffic Camera Fraud from LAPD.

Posted by iusbvision on November 24, 2009

Be sure to examine our Camera Fruad category.

Via Reason Magazine:

Police Defend, Lie About Devices That Extract Money From and Cause Bodily Harm to Citizens

In Los Angeles, there are 32 intersections outfitted with red light cameras. “The LAPD,” reports David Goldstein of the local CBS television affiliate, “claims accidents are down after they installed cameras, but are they telling the whole truth or just trying to make money off motorists? We crunched the numbers and the results may surprise you.”

Well, they won’t surprise you, maybe, but they’re jarring nonetheless:

We wanted to know actual numbers of accidents at red light camera intersections to see if they really went down.

When we asked, the LAPD became very defensive. The sergeant in charge told me in an e-mail, “The city would hope that it is the goal of KCBS/KCAL to discuss the positive aspects of the photo red light program.”

So we filed a public records request. The department charged us more than $500 for a computer run. When we got the numbers back, they told a different story.

We looked at every accident at every red light camera intersection for six months of data before the cameras were installed and six months after.

The final figures? Twenty of the 32 intersections show accidents up after the cameras were installed! Three remained the same and only nine intersections showed accidents decreasing.

The problem? Motorists see the cameras flash, slam on their brakes, and get rear-ended. Helpfully, the LAPD does not measure rear-end crashes in front of red-light intersections; but only the crashes of people who’ve run a red. Those are down 34 percent, which the department crows about. When confronted with overall intersection data, which tells an unhappier story, the LAPD suddenly says this:

“It would be improper to draw a correlation between all accidents going up and the red light cameras,” a spokesperson from the LAPD said.

Read the whole thing; link via LA Observed. Reason on red-light cameras here.

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How is that Stimulus Working Out for You?

Posted by iusbvision on November 24, 2009

As we stated from the very beginning.  The stimulus was a leftist slush fund that is a boon to government and special interest groups. It was not intended to create jobs which was obvious from the content of the stimulus. Dr. Schiller told them so when they asked him so they can’t claim ignorance (per his lecture at IUSB).

Remember when Obama said that if the stimulus plan wasn’t passed right away unemployment would reach 8.5%. Well now it is 10,2% and when you figure in those who have just given up looking for work it is 17.5% (LINK). This means that almost 1 in 5 members of the workforce are unemployed.

Nice graphic from Mike Pence. The editorializing in the graphic really wasn’t necessary as the numbers speak for themselves.

The second graphic is from “Innocent Bystanders” which has some other stats and graphics from previous months.

Why is unemployment up?

It can be summed up in two words, “no confidence”. NO confidence that those who invest in hiring new people, expanding business or production or making capital investments will lead to a fair return on their investment.

When Obama decided to break the law and go after the bond holders who held those GM bonds in favor of his union friends, who would buy loan bonds in the United States? It has always been the rules that bond holders get paid first even if a company goes out of business. Obama stated that he wants to nearly double the capital gains tax which serves only one purpose, to punish investors by taking their return. One would have to be crazy to invest in bonds or much else under such circumstances. In China the capital gains tax rate is ZERO.

With the administration deliberately trying to make energy (cap & trade energy tax) and health care more expensive who would would to build factories here? Who would want to hire?

With the Federal Reserve printing up money like crazy, setting the benchmark lending rate to zero, the Treasury not acting to protect the value of the dollar and the Democrats quadrupling deficit spending and considering a new bill to force banks to once again make home loans to people regardless of income; who would invest in American financial institutions? Who would wan’t anything to do with the dollar?

No one with a brain could expect anything but greater unemployment and more jobs and wealth going to China under such an environment.

Deficits Rise

When wealth and jobs are chased out of the country that is economic activity that cannot be taxed. This raises deficits.

In the last budget that Republicans had control (2007) the deficit for the YEAR was $211 billion. The deficit for the MONTH of October was $176.36 Billion.

Wall Street Journal:

The federal government kicked off fiscal year 2010 by posting its widest-ever October budget deficit, the Treasury Department said Thursday.

The $176.36 billion gap is more than $20 billion wider than the shortfall recorded in October 2008, driven up by lower tax receipts, stimulus-related revenue reductions and consistently high government outlays.

The 50 Job Lawn Mower

New York Times:

In June, the federal government spent $1,047 in stimulus money to buy a rider mower from the Toro Company to cut the grass at the Fayetteville National Cemetery in Arkansas. Now, a report on the government’s stimulus Web site improbably claims that that single lawn mower sale helped save or create 50 jobs.

Earlier that same month, when Chrysler got a $52.9 million stimulus order for new cars for the government, the struggling automaker claimed that the money did not save a single job.

Those two extremes illustrate the difficulties in trying to figure out just how many jobs can be attributed to the $787 billion stimulus program. Last week the Obama administration released reports from more than 130,000 recipients of stimulus money in which they claimed to have saved or created more than 640,000 jobs, but a review of those reports shows that some are simply wrong, while others contain apparently subjective estimates.

That is a pretty tough indictment considering that the New York Times has been in the tank for the Obama Administration. Ed Morrissey at has more commentary on this part of the story.

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