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Sacremento City College facing lawsuit it has no chance to win over student censorship and retaliation.

Posted by iusbvision on November 27, 2009

Here we go again…and again…and again.

How many hundreds of cases does it take and how many lawsuits do universities have to lose before those who claim to have a near monopoly on enlightenment and compassion can learn simple concepts like freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association?

On Constitution Day, which is mandated by federal law for universities who accept federal funds to celebrate to promote freedom of speech and the Constitution, the administration of Sacramento City College decided that it wanted to censor a student pro-life group’s display. So in order to do that they went to the student government president and demanded that he go and have the pro-life display removed.  The student government president refused saying that doing so would be illegal viewpoint discrimination.  The administration illegally took action to remove the student government president in violation of all due process.

The Alliance Defense Fund, who will likely be suing on the student government president’s behalf, says:

In September, ASG approved the requests of several groups, including a pro-life group called the Genocide Awareness Project, to participate in the college’s Constitution Day.  On the day that GAP erected its display, ASG Advisor Lee Weathers-Miguel and Vice President of Student Services Michael Poindexter objected to it and demanded that Macias have it removed.  Macias explained that he could not do so without violating the group’s First Amendment rights.

Shortly thereafter, Weathers-Miguel removed Macias from an ASG trip to a national leadership conference and refused to explain why.  The Queer-Straight Alliance, a campus group, and Equality California began to gather signatures to recall Macias, and they and ASG members made untrue public statements about him.  The ASG violated its own constitution and bylaws repeatedly by not following rules to validate signatures through the judicial branch, voting to set the recall election by the invalid methods of e-mails and text messages, and attempting to suspend him by an invalid resolution that cited portions of the ASG Constitution which provide no basis or reason for suspending him.  ASG and administrators never even notified Macias that the recall had been scheduled.

According to the ADF letter to the college, “ASG, not Mr. Macias, has failed to follow procedures outlined in its Constitution and Bylaws, and has committed gross negligence in carrying out its public duties and waging an unlawful and retaliatory campaign to force Mr. Macias out of office and punish him for simply refusing to engage in unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination.”

This is Lee Weathers-Miguel:

Lee Weathers

Lee Weathers

Look at this guy, he looks so young and innocent. I placed his picture here so that the American people can see that the face of evil, statist behavior doesn’t always come in the form of a goose stepping little man with a funny mustache.

This clown has a masters degree in counseling. So it is just as we ask in our “About Us” section. How is it that someone can graduate high school with a fundamental understanding of the First Amendment, and the ideals of freedom of speech and conscience, go to college and graduate school and come out having not only no regard for them whatsoever, but take on the behavior of someone who believes he has the power to dictate the conscience of others to the point of using forms of brutality; and then take it so far as to break due process rules and federal law. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence nation wide and lawsuits are filed almost constantly with some universities getting sued over and over again and losing every time.

My upcoming book is going to have plenty of names and pictures.

Just to make sure that the charming picture doesn’t generate too much sympathy for this guy, take a look at a few examples of his behavior from the official documents:

Click to enlarge

UPDATE – Apparently the cease and desist demand from the Alliance Defense Fund did some good. Steve Macias has been restored as SGA president. More details to follow as we get them.

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