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Bill Ayers Sent the Most Outspoken Conservative Professor in America a Facebook Friend Invite….

Posted by iusbvision on November 28, 2009

What happens when the unrepentant terrorist, communist professor, and Obama ghost writer Bill Ayers, sent the most outspoken conservative professor in America a freind invite?

Dr. Mike Adams is a famed author and scholar. He teaches criminology at UNC much to the chagrin of the university who illegally tried to deny him tenure when he switched from an atheist lefty to a Christian traditional American. Next to the word BOLD in the dictionary is a picture of this guy. Adams makes leftists completely lose it.

Ayers likely had no idea who Dr. Adams was and was probably just trying to network. Since most conservatives get blocked from academics and cant afford the pay cut anyways Ayers had every reason to assume that Dr. Adams was just another far left or Marxist professor.

I bet he knows who Mike Adams is now.

Ouch.. LOL.

I had to add my own comments to the thread:

One could say that forgiveness is the Christian thing to do. BUT before forgiveness doesn’t there need to be repentance? Since Ayers is a self proclaimed unrepentant bomber I concur with you. I wanted to tackle this argument before some lefty tried to use it against you.

and from the history record…

On February 16, 1970, a bomb exploded at a San Francisco, California, Police Department substation, fatally wounding Sergeant Brian McDonnell. McDonnell died of his wounds two days later. A second officer, Robert Fogarty was partially blinded by the bomb’s shrapnel. Although the case has never officially been solved, members of the Weather Underground, including Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were prime suspects.

On October 20, 1981, several members of the Weather Underground undertook the robbery of a bank to finance their terrorist activities. During the robbery the group murdered an armored car guard and two members of the Nyack, New York, Police Department – Officer Waverly Brown and Sergeant Edward O’Grady,. a Vietnam War veteran. Unlike with Sergeant McDonnell’s murder, this case was quickly solved and several members of the group were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Bill Ayers, you are one heck of a writer I will give you that, but you are pure evil and in some ways, totally stuck on stupid.  You should repent. If you did and were sincere about it I bet Dr. Adams would be nice to you :-).

One Response to “Bill Ayers Sent the Most Outspoken Conservative Professor in America a Facebook Friend Invite….”

  1. Bill Ayers is a Communist and has ties to 8 people in the White House. See proof here:

    Obama is a Communist. See proof here:

    See 100 Communists and Socialists in US Government in 60 seconds here:

    Then see the details on each at this reference site:

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