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New York Leftists Spent Till They Ran Out of Other Peoples Money: Now Facing “Doomsday” Cuts as Consequences – UPDATE! Chicago Too!

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009


New York Reels Over MTA Cuts, Buses, Subways, Student MetroCards Affected

Published : Wednesday, 16 Dec 2009, 12:00 PM EST


MYFOXNY.COM – The MTA board has approved its 2010 doomsday budget. It includes service cuts and could leave New York City children without free rides to their public schools if it is implemented.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the nation’s largest transportation agency, is facing a $383 million budget shortfall.

“Because the MTA’s transit system matters so much to New Yorkers, when $400 million is taken from the budget practically overnight you have to make the kinds of changes that have an enormous impact on people,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Jay Walder.


The new budget would have students start paying half fares in September 2010 and full fares in September 2011.

The MTA was recently socked with an extra $100 million in expenses after a New York State Court judge sided with the Transport Workers Union that guaranteed TWU workers 11 percent wage increases over the next three years.

The MTA plans to cut salaries for non-union employees by 10 percent.

Hearings will be scheduled In the coming weeks before a final vote on the cuts.

The Straphangers Campaign, an advocacy group, issued a statement saying, “Like the MTA hearings on service cuts last winter, we expect the hearings will be packed and vociferous, with parents, educators and students adding their concerns.  There are alternatives to propose.”

The MTA also plans to:

  • Discontinue W and Z subway routes; terminate G subway route at Court Street
  • Increase subway headways on weekends and early mornings; increase off-peak subway load guidelines
  • Adjust express bus service to reflect demand and eliminate low performing weekend express bus service
  • Discontinue and restructure local bus service on low-performing routes
  • Eliminate Rockaway-resident Cross Bay toll-rebate program
  • Reduce car consists and increase load standards
  • Reduce service on commuter railroads
  • Reduce Access-A-Ride service to meet ADA minimum standards.


CHICAGO (CBS) ― The City of Chicago will be shutting down early for the Christmas holiday, as part of Mayor Daley’s plan to save the cash-strapped city money.

City Hall, public libraries, health clinics and most other city offices will be closed on Christmas Eve as those city workers are being forced to take the day off without pay.

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British National Health Service maternity services in meltdown: understaffed wards are sinking into chaos

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

UK Daily Mail:

By Verena Burns

Clutching her husband’s hand and with agony and exhaustion etched on her face, a young woman struggled into a room in the maternity unit where I worked.

She was in the early stages of labour with her first baby, she was terrified, in excruciating pain and desperate for any crumb of support.

Helpless beside her, her overnight bag in his hand, her poor husband looked equally traumatised.

My heart went out to them. But I knew there was little I could do. With five other pregnant women to care for at the same time, all with hugely different and complex problems, I was rushed off my feet and didn’t have the time to look after her properly, to allay her fears or to hear about how she wanted the birth to unfold.

I longed to sit with this poor young woman, calm her and remind her gently to breathe deeply through each contraction.

Just half an hour of my time could have made all the difference. Instead, I put on my cheeriest smile and followed hospital procedure. ‘Would you like a painkiller?’ I asked.

Ten hours later, after she had been drugged to the eyeballs to dull the pain, I heard she’d given birth.

Her baby was healthy, but I knew I’d let her down.

As I watched her being wheeled into the ward, I felt eaten up with guilt. She’d effectively been ignored from the moment she turned up until the moment she gave birth.

Plonked on an antenatal ward until her time came, with no one to reassure her during what was most likely the most terrifying moment of her life.

No woman should have to give birth in these conditions  –  let alone in a modern hospital with professional staff at hand. 


During a typical 12-hour shift, I could be the sole midwife in charge of six women in the antenatal ward  –  some in early labour  –  or one of two qualified midwives running a postnatal ward with up to 32 women.

If I was in the delivery unit, I would assist in the births of up to three babies a shift.

Obviously, if there was a crisis during a woman’s labour  –  such as a sudden need for an emergency Caesarean  –  there was always a surgical team on call, and there would be an anaesthetist available to administer epidurals and so on.

But in terms of the normal care through labour, that was all down to the midwives.

Although we were under huge stress even back in 1995, current cutbacks mean fewer and fewer midwives are caring for more and more women.

No wonder new mothers are encouraged to leave hospital just hours after giving birth.

When I started in the mid-Nineties, there were 35,000 midwives working in Britain. A year or two ago, that number had fallen to 25,000, more than half of whom were part-time.

So, how bad did it get? Take one typical day I remember a few years ago. I found myself with up to six patients to look after at once and no back-up.

From the moment I stepped into the admissions ward, the area was crammed with women clamouring for attention.

Two women were in early labour. I longed to reassure them. But my stress levels rocketed when I saw the dramas that lay ahead.

Read more:

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Colorado Springs Crime Lab inflated the blood alcohol scores in 82 alleged drunk driving cases.

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

It’s not about safety, it’s about getting your money


At least eighty-two motorists in Colorado Springs, Colorado may have been falsely accused of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) based on unreliable blood test results. After double-checking its own work, the city’s Metro Crime Lab on Friday admitted that out of 1000 tests conducted since January, no fewer than eighty-two results were inflated above the driver’s true blood alcohol content. More incorrect readings could be discovered as re-testing continues.

“All of these samples are being re-analyzed by a senior forensic chemist and the Metro Crime Lab is issuing amended lab reports with the corrected results to the involved criminal justice entities,” a city press release explained. “The Metro Crime Lab has initiated a formal corrective action plan, and continues to investigate the root cause and full scope of the problem. To date, the lab has a method for identifying affected cases, and has already implemented new policies and procedures to prevent the problem occurring in the future.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations is performing its own independent investigation of the lab to identify the source of the erroneous readings. Agilent Technologies, manufacturer of the blood testing machines, insisted its equipment was working properly. The city prosecutor’s office and Colorado Department of Revenue are looking to see whether the amended test results will affect any drivers convicted of DUI. If so, driver’s licenses could be reinstated, criminal charges dropped and fines refunded.

“These agencies are fully supportive that corrective actions are being implemented,” the release explained.

The city claims that the errors were uncovered during a routine quality assurance check and that none of the lab’s other services have been affected. California DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor believes the errors are inherent in DUI cases that rely so heavily on readouts from fallible machines.

“Yes, tests do lie… more often than the public is aware,” Taylor explained. “The only thing unique in this story is that the inaccuracies were discovered — and published.”

Taylor cited as one example that improperly preserved blood can ferment and create alcohol where none existed before.

// //

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More Camera Ticket Fraud in Texas

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

Analysis: Short Yellows Boost Revenue for Texas Cities


Red light cameraA number of Texas cities are exploiting short yellow timing at intersections, generating significant additional revenue, according to a review of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) data by TheNewspaper. The citation issuance rate at the nine intersections with the shortest yellow timing in the state was four times greater than the ticket issuance rate at locations that offered yellow times exceeding statewide averages.

For example, among photo enforced intersections in Texas with a posted speed limit of 55 MPH, the average yellow time was 4.9 seconds. The city of El Paso, however, allowed an Australian company to set up a traffic camera at the intersection of Gateway North Boulevard and Woodrow Bean where the yellow was shorter by 0.4 seconds. This seemingly minor difference resulted in a 132 percent increase in the number of citations issued for every 10,000 vehicles entering into the intersection compared to the locations with longer yellow durations.

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Indianapolis Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

It’s just tyranny folks…..

Lawyer sues traffic and parking courts in Indianapolis, Indiana over threatened $2500 penalty for contesting a ticket in court.

Motorists who receive minor parking or traffic tickets in Indianapolis, Indiana are being threatened with fines of up to $2500 if they attempt to take the ticket to court. A local attorney with the firm Roberts and Bishop was so outraged by what he saw in Marion County traffic court that he filed a class action suit yesterday seeking to have the practice banned as unconstitutional.

“The deck is stacked against the motorist,” lawyer Paul K. Ogden wrote. “To penalize that person for seeking justice seems wrong. I know it is done for the purpose of discouraging baseless challenges to tickets and clogging the docket, but in the process you are also penalizing people who have a legitimate defense and want a chance to present it to the court.”

The city made explicit the threat of additional fines for challenging parking tickets in a November 30 press release announcing a deal between Indianapolis and a private firm, T2 Systems, to hand over operations of a parking ticket court to increase municipal income.

“Using Six Sigma process improvement strategies, it is estimated that under this program the city may collect an additional $352,000 to $520,000 in parking citation revenue over the next 12 months,” the city press release stated. “If citations are not paid prior to their scheduled hearing, the city may request a fine of up to $2500 per citation. Upon receiving a judgment for an unpaid citation, individuals responsible could be subject to collections actions or having their vehicle registration suspended.”

In traffic court, Judge William Young has been making good on the threats by routinely siding with police officers in disputes and imposing fines of up to $500 on anyone who challenges a moving violation ticket, no matter how minor, and loses. Those who pay without going to court do not face this extra fine.

“Unfortunately what you have happen a lot of times is that judges aren’t particularly worried about whether what they’re doing may be violating the law as the odds of someone ever appealing a $400 traffic ticket is remote,” Ogden wrote. “I see it all the time. Trial judges flouting the law knowing they are unlikely to ever be challenged on an appeal because the litigants can’t afford it.”

Ogden is specifically representing three motorists affected by court policies. Toshinao Ishii received a ticket for driving 63 MPH in a 55 zone in February. Had he paid the ticket without challenge, the fine would have been $150. After Judge Young sided with the police officer in court, Ishii was fined $550. Motorist Matthew Stone was told by his doctors not to wear a seatbelt over his chest as it could damage his cardiac pacemaker. He received a $25 ticket for wearing his seatbelt “improperly.” After reading that he would face a $500 fine, Stone gave up his intention of challenging the citation. Adam Lenkowsky, who did not receive a ticket, attempted to attend a traffic court proceeding on September 23, 2009. He was barred from the court, despite the state constitutional requirement that court proceedings be open.

Ogden argues the court’s practices in the first two cases violate the excessive fines clause of the state constitution as well as the clause requiring that “all penalties shall be proportioned to the nature of the offense.”

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Coal Comapany Cuts 500 Jobs Citing Endless Environmentalist Legal Harassment

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

Indiana’s own Amanda Carpenter in The Washington Times:

A Pittsburgh-based coal company, CONSOL Energy, will lay off nearly 500 of its West Virginia workers next year and its CEO blames environmentalists dead-set against mountaintop mining who have waged “nuisance” lawsuits for the job loss.

But CONSOL Energy’s political problems are not unique to the mining industry, which has suffered under the Obama Administration. The Environmental Protection Agency is already holding 79 surface mining permits in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. The EPA says these permits could violate the Clean Water Act and warrant “enhanced” review. And, agency went even further in October, announcing plans to revoke a permit for the Spruce No. 1 Mine in West Virginia.

The latest setback for the coal industry was announced on Tuesday when CONSOL Energy said close to 500 workers would lose jobs at their Fola Operations location near Bickmore, West Virginia in February 2010.

CEO Nicholas J. DeIuliis said the poor economy compounded by legal challenges by environmental activists forced CONSOL to slash jobs.

“It is challenging enough to operate our coal and gas assets in the current economic downturn without having to contend with a constant stream of activism in rehashing and reinterpreting permit applications that have already been approved or in the inequitable oversight of our operations,” he said in a statement. “Customers will grow reluctant to deal with energy producers they perceive are unable to guarantee a reliable supply due to regulatory uncertainty. It inhibits the ability to remain competitive.”

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Communist Education Journal Used to Radicalize Teachers and Students

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

National Association of Scholars:

Guided by a Red Star: Ed Schools Bring Frankincense to the Cradle of Marxism

December 15, 2009 By Ashley Thorne

Nicholas Shudak, a professor of education in South Dakota, recently notified us of a Marxist journal influencing schools of education. The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) is published by the UK-based Institute for Education Policy Studies (IEPS), “an independent Radical Left/Socialist/Marxist institute for developing policy analysis and development of education policy.” 

Why is it that the field of education is drawn to Marxism and critical pedagogy? Paulo Freire’s fingerprints are all over the La Raza studies programs in Arizona elementary schools. U Mass Amherst’s interdisciplinary program in Social Thought and Political Economy (whose logo is a red star) seeks to instill a revolutionary fervor against the “modern/colonial capitalist-patriarchal system.” And the University of California at Santa Barbara has a new department called critical globalization studies that adopts the Marxist distaste for nation-states in favor of “a new world-system.”  

Critical pedagogy is the concept developed by Brazilian radical Paulo Freire that teaches a narrative of oppression and aims to equip students with a “liberated consciousness” so that they can fully understand the meaning of oppression. Math, science, literature, and history are taught through this politicized narrative of group identity. Sandra Stotsky has described critical pedagogy’s effect on K-12 schools:  

To implement [Freire’s] ideas, teachers seek to develop their students’ political understandings and attitudes—hostility or resentment in students belonging to social groups to be considered “non-dominant,” and guilt in students who are to be perceived as members of the “dominant” groups. 

One reason why educators are attracted by this pedagogical theory is that it makes such handy excuses for unmotivated students and incompetent teachers. The core idea, as Stotsky puts it, is that “the relatively lower academic achievement and social status of these non-dominant groups may be traced to a lack of motivation for, or resistance to, the cultural content and pedagogy of a curriculum that was not originally designed for them—thereby an alien and oppressive curriculum.” 

Of course, when the radical left does design a curriculum that it thinks matches the needs of the oppressed, the resulting courses are often a clownish caricature of real instruction.  For example, Eric Gutstein, an eighth grade math teacher in a Chicago public school, teaches his Latino students that all the maps they are used to looking at are propaganda on behalf of Western colonialism.  He manages to stir up some eighth-grader indignation, which he reported on earlier this year in an article in the Teachers College Record, and which we wrote about here. Gutstein, who is also a colleague of Bill Ayers at the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Education, has been an avid promoter of Freiran Marxist pedagogy.   

Another reason educators are drawn to this pedagogical foolery is that it invites intellectual vanity.  The participants are flattered into believing that they serve a higher calling, even as they deprive students of real learning. A reviewer from the Nation wrote, “Wherever education is explicitly involved in struggles for equity and justice, Freire’s ideas and his books, especially Pedagogy of the Oppressed, will live on.” But should education be explicitly involved in struggles for equity and justice?  

The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies thinks most definitely so. The journal “addresses issues of social class, ‘race’, gender, sexual orientation, disability and capital/ism; critical pedagogies; new public managerialism and academic/non-academic labour, and empowerment/disempowerment.” It publishes articles that “report on, analyse and develop Socialist/Marxist transformative policy for schooling and education from a number of Radical Left perspectives.” 

A prominent author is Peter McLaren, a Marxist activist who worships at the altars of Freire, Raya Dunayevskaya, and Che Guevara (McLaren’s personal website opens with a picture of Guevara and a flashing message: “Che lives! His spirit will never die! Join the revolution!”). Professor Shudak, who told us about JCEPS, said that “while earning my Ph.D. [at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] such articles, many by McLaren, were required reading.” 

Last month Katherine Kirsten broke a story about the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development, which will vote in January on whether to make race, class, and gender politics the “overarching framework” for teacher education. The University’s Race, Culture, Class, and Gender Task Group has issued a report with guidelines for teaching “cultural competence.” Future teachers, it says, must be able to define their worldview in terms of “white privilege, hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity, and internalized oppression.” They must understand that they are either “privileged” or “marginalized.” High on the task group’s reading list is the anti-America textbook A People’s History of the United States by Marxist historian Howard Zinn, whose celebrity-bejeweled documentary aired Sunday on the History Channel. 

When the news got out about U Minnesota’s plans, it sounded almost too extreme to be true. Likewise, when we at NAS first scanned the contents of the Marxist journal, we wondered whether they were composed in satire. It’s not often you encounter titles such as “A Radical Redistribution of Capital,” “Critical Teacher Education for Economic, Environmental and Social Justice: an Ecosocialist Manifesto,” and “The time for action is now! Anarchist theory, critical pedagogy, and radical possibilities.” 

The JCEPS editorial advisory board has members from thirty-three universities in the United States, as well as members representing England, Australia, India, Israel, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Slovenia, France, Malta, Scotland, Taiwan, Malaysia, and South Africa. It’s possible that education students at each of the institutions represented are, like our South Dakota professor, trained in JCEPS articles. 

While it is appropriate to study the now discredited but historically important ideas of Marxism in political science, philosophy, and economics courses, education schools have no need for radical ideology. Ed schools should be preparing teachers to train the minds of the next generation, not to arm them with socialist politics. To do so cheats both future teachers and their future students out of the sound, unbiased education they deserve. 

The Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies targets extremists, but it appears to have a substantial presence at universities around the world. To the extent that it and publications like it influence schools of education, it will not be long before teachers cannot distinguish between classrooms and class struggle.

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Anne D. Neal: Colleges aren’t preparing students for jobs

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

Washington Examiner:

We know that whatever they may be, these jobs, like those of today, will demand certain basic aptitudes. These include writing a coherent paragraph, making sense of a written document and performing basic mathematical operations.

We also know, and have known for quite some time now, that universities are not doing their part in this regard. A staggering number of college graduates lack these basic skills: According to the latest National Assessment of Adult Literacy, merely 31 percent of college graduates can read and understand a complex book. Sixty-nine percent can’t compute and compare the per-ounce cost of different food items.

If our college graduates can’t find their way around a supermarket, how are they to compete in the globalized economy?

And if this is to be another American century, we don’t just need excellent workers. We also need an educated body of citizens.

Here, too, our universities are failing us. According to one recent survey, more than a third of our college graduates cannot name the three branches of government, and barely half can identify the underlying principle of free-market economies.

The truth is, we shouldn’t be surprised that our college graduates know so little. At our leading universities, students can graduate without having taken a single class in such crucial subjects as mathematics, American government or economics. As a recent report by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni showed, less than 5 percent of our top colleges require economics, only 11 percent require U.S. government or history, and nearly half allow students to graduate without having taken college-level mathematics.

Classes in these key subjects are of course still taught, but so are classes in countless other subjects. Economics 101 and English composition should not simply be one more option among “Global Martial Arts, Film and Literature” (Cornell), “History of Food and Cuisine” (Yale) and “Punk Cinema and Media” (UCLA).

By: Anne D. Neal
Examiner Staff Writer
December 14, 2009

Read the rest HERE.

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Are We Stuck with the Politically Correct University?

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

Pope Center for Higher Education Policy:

An excellent new book explores the problem and suggests reforms.

By George Leef

December 15, 2009

Does “political correctness” predominate in American higher education? If so, is that a bad thing? And if it’s a bad thing, can anything be done about it?

A new collection of sixteen essays, The Politically Correct University, digs deeply into those questions. The editors (Robert Maranto of the University of Arkansas, Frederick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute, and Richard Redding of Chapman University School of Law) conclude that there is a serious shortage of conservative, libertarian, and neoliberal thinkers in the academy, leading to an education that for many students has gaping holes in some places and ridiculous over-emphasis in others.

Specifically, Maranto, Hess, and Redding identify four social costs to the fact that most college and university faculties are overwhelmingly leftist in their political and philosophical orientation. That leftist (i.e. politically correct) orientation:

•limits the phenomena studied and questions asked when you have a faculty that is ideologically non-diverse.

•delegitimizes academic expertise because many Americans now see the professoriate as biased.

•hinders colleges and universities in their goal of producing capable, thoughtful citizens.

•dulls the intellectual vibrancy of the academy because the monoculture of acceptable opinion at many schools repels some bright people who would have otherwise found the academic world congenial.

A substantial portion of the book is devoted to demonstrating that the problem of imbalance and politicization is not merely a “right-wing myth” as some people allege, but is a reality. Some on the far-left dismiss it as a “Manufactured Controversy,” while others take a more nuanced position, as in the book “Closed Minds?” which I reviewed here. After reading The Politically Correct University, it would be hard for any objective individual to believe that there is no problem of ideological imbalance in our higher education system.

Several of the chapters the editors have included to make their case are rather familiar material—for example the data that voter registration shows a preponderance of leftist party affiliation ranging from substantial to infinite depending on the school and academic department.

I’m certainly not suggesting that such information isn’t enlightening, but I’ll concentrate on two chapters written by professors who blow the whistle on their own disciplines.

University of Virginia English professor Paul Cantor writes about the unfortunate effects of political correctness in college English departments. Today, under the influence of the diversity crusade, English departments teach a far wider array of works than they did 50 years ago. Unfortunately, Cantor maintains, they tend to teach everything the same way.

Cantor writes, “But unfortunately the broadening of what is taught has often been accompanied by a narrowing of how it is taught….[L]iterature on our campuses today is predominantly analyzed in terms of the categories of race, class, and gender. Authors are viewed as participating in the exploitation of various minorities and subordinate groups, or rebelling against it. Works of literature are generally not read as expressions of genuine insights, but as reflections of the racial, social, and sexual preferences of their authors….”

When Cantor was a student, he observes, English departments were known for lively infighting over the best analytical approach to take. Scholars used to struggle to extract new insights from a familiar canon of works, then argue why their interpretation of, say, King Lear should be accepted. Now they pretty much say “the same old thing” about a kaleidoscope of new works. The obsession with identity politics and victimization may be satisfying to professors who want their students to ape their political views, but it saps courses of intellectual vitality.

Folks, Race, Gender and Class politics is THE marxist polemic. America did well because we have a unique American culture. Marxists like keeping people fighting in groups because it is an easy way to manipulate and control them, thus it makes it easier to strip them of their freedom in the name of “equality”. Many of my classes at tiny IUSB were taught with the same polemic. It is a one trick pony that requires no real thought or critical thinking. It serves to generate hate, resentment and envy. It certainly does not spread grattitude.

Equally revealing is a chapter by John McWhorter, who began his career as a professor of linguistics. (He’s now a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.) His contribution shows how political correctness—specifically the notion that “black English” must be connected with African languages—has absurd and damaging results. McWhorter explains that this politically correct idea leads academics to suppose that black students are in a sense “bilingual” and “in need of special assistance in learning to read the foreign tongue they encounter in school.”

Therefore, instead of recommending reading instruction methods that work well, such as the phonics-based system developed by Professor Siegfried Engelmann, the black education establishment wastes time on nonsensical ideas like starting black children off with “black English” materials and later transitioning them into standard English.

McWhorter puts his finger on the essence of the problem, namely that many black academics feel that to be “authentic” they must be oppositional. That mindset has adverse consequences in college classrooms and beyond.

The book’s case that political correctness is a malignancy doing serious damage to our higher education system will, I believe, persuade almost anyone that this is a real problem. But what can be done? The last section of the book deals with possible remedies.

Professors feel that they MUST be oppositional, that is at the heart of one of the chapters of my upcoming book explaining that public university education is so marxist centric that it has become subversive.

To see some of those proposed solutions read on at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

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Glenn Beck Throws the Evidence In the Faces of Naysayers.

Posted by iusbvision on December 16, 2009

I love how Glenn Beck answers his critics. Beck doesn’t let them get away with anything. They call him a liar and a cry baby and a loser etc, but when it comes to the facts he reports the “refutation” is nothing but silence. In this show Beck throws the video and other evidence showing how correct he has been in story after story he has broken.

The pattern is always the same, Beck breaks real news, the elite media and the government call Beck names, says it’s not true, and eventually conceded to the facts Beck presents.

Glenn smacks down his critics with the evidence and I must confess that I love it as it is just my style. Beck has a great time rubbing their faces in it, and so will you. Watch and enjoy.

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UK Daily Mail: State schools admit they do not push gifted pupils because they don’t want to promote ‘elitism’

Posted by iusbvision on December 15, 2009

We have said it for decades, the left promotes “equality” by aiming for a low common denominator. Excellence and competition are frowned upon.

Daily Mail:

As many as three-quarters of state schools are failing to push their brightest pupils because teachers are reluctant to promote ‘elitism’, an Ofsted study says today.

Many teachers are not convinced of the importance of providing more challenging tasks for their gifted and talented pupils.

Bright youngsters told inspectors they were forced to ask for harder work. Others were resentful at being dragooned into ‘mentoring’ weaker pupils.

In nearly three-quarters of 26 schools studied, pupils designated as being academically gifted or talented in sport or the arts were ‘not a priority’, Ofsted found.

Teachers feared that a focus on the brightest pupils would ‘undermine the school’s efforts to improve the attainment and progress of all other groups of pupils’.

Read more:

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Senate Moving to Pass Yet Another Trillion Dollar Spending Extravoganza; But Yanks Education Funding for DC Inner City Minorities.

Posted by iusbvision on December 15, 2009

Associates Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate is poised to clear away a Republican filibuster of a huge end-of-year spending bill rewarding most federal agencies with generous budget boosts.

The $1.1 trillion measure combines much of the year’s unfinished budget work – only a $626 billion Pentagon spending measure would remain – into a 1,000-plus-page catchall spending bill that would give Cabinet departments such as Education, Health and Human Services and State increases far exceeding inflation.

After a 60-36 test vote on Friday in which Democrats and a handful of Republicans helped the measure clear another GOP obstacle, the bill was expected to win on Saturday the 60 Senate votes necessary to guarantee passage. A final vote is expected Sunday.

The measure provides spending increases averaging about 10 percent to programs under immediate control of Congress, blending increases for veterans’ programs, NASA and the FBI with a pay raise for federal workers and help for car dealers.

ANOTHER raise for Federal Employees??

Via SmartPlanet: Last week, USA Today reported that Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession’s first 18 months — and that’s before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.

Meanwhile, the Transportation Department had one person earnings $170,000 or more when the recession started. Now there are 1,690 employees making that much. The average federal worker’s pay to $71,206, compared with $40,331 in the private sector.

Back to the AP:

The bill would also void a long-standing ban on the funding of abortion by the District of Columbia government and overturns a ban on federal money for needle exchange programs in the city. It also phases out a D.C. school voucher program favored by Republicans and opens the door for the city to permit medical marijuana.

It would also lift a nationwide ban on the use of federal funds for needle-exchange programs.

Federal workers would receive pay increases averaging 2 percent, with people in areas with higher living costs receiving slightly higher increases.

Once the bill clears the Senate, it would advance to President Barack Obama’s desk.

Is this the hope & change you voted for?

I bet the parents of those inner city kids voted for the Democrats, now kids who had a real opportunity will be doomed to violent, failing, DC public schools which are among the worst in the nation. – LINK.

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Democrats Propose Bill to Have Federal Government “Design” Your Local Communities

Posted by iusbvision on December 15, 2009

Interesting article and the facts behind it are solid. More marxist utopian planning in the name of the “environment”.

 But hey who needs local government when we have a known crook like Senator Chris Dodd? Don’t you all know that a corrupt senator from Connecticut knows better what choices to make for your community than the local officials you elected? Dodd was the senator who slipped in the language in the stimulus bill to see to it that AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got their super bonuses paid for by you and me because they were the biggest people donating to his campaign.


When the term “Sustainable Development” first entered the world, it was defined to be:

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The term and the definition are the creation of the 1987 World Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, then vice-chair of the International Socialist Party.

To give meaning to this grandiose definition, the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development adopted Agenda 21, signed by 179 nations, including the United States.  This document is a 40-chapter laundry list of recommendations to create “Sustainable Communities.” 

Sen. Christopher Dodd is facilitating these U.N. recommendations through his “Livable Communities Act” (S. 1619), which further defines the term this way:

“The term ‘sustainable development’ means a pattern of resource use designed to create livable communities by:

(A) providing a variety of safe and reliable transportation choices;

(B) providing affordable, energy-efficient, and location-efficient housing choices for people of all income levels, ages, races, and ethnicities;

(C) supporting, revitalizing, and encouraging the growth of communities and maximizing the cost effectiveness of existing infrastructure;

(D) promoting economic development and economic competitiveness;

(E) preserving the environment and natural resources;

(F) protecting agricultural land, rural land, and green spaces; and

(G) supporting public health and improving the quality of life for residents of and workers in a community.”

Dodd’s bill will authorize the appropriation of billions of dollars to bribe states and local communities to transform the nation into soviet-styled communities where freedom is sacrificed for the utopian vision of sustainable development.

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Fisting Kits Given to Students, Graphic Sexual Content. Flashback: Obama Safe School Czar Promoted Fisting to 14 Yeal Olds.

Posted by iusbvision on December 11, 2009

Due to the nature of this information we simply cannot repeat much of it here. I will be linking to it.

Let me be frank, some of the news you are about to see at the links below are vile and may make you ill. If you are under the age of 18 please do NOT read on. You should instead alert your parents to see this post.

This is a photo of the fisting kit given to young students.

The famed Gateway Pundit has the basic information and details HERE.

Obama’s Safe School Czar conference promoted fisting to 14 year olds  HERE.

The “teaching” sessions to these students were recorded. You can see them HERE (WARNING GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT).

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) Calls For Removal of Dangerous School Czar Kevin Jennings

The Hill and the Washington Times editorialize on the issue. Details HERE.

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s “Black Book” For Kids Included Tips on Fisting & Pi$$ing on Your Partner Details HERE.

Youth Fisting Instructor Claims Obama Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Knew About Class Content in Advance HERE. This link contains audio of the class teaching 14 year olds how to “fist”.

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Passed Out Gay Bar Guides to Teens at GLSEN Events Details HERE. Last time I checked teens aren’t allowed in bars.

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s Teen Conference Literature Pushed Anal S*x in Parks With Strangers Details HERE.

Far Left Group Tied to White House Defends Kid Fisting Lectures and Children Sex Books as Non-Scandal. The far left smear group Media Matters, which is a part of the Center for American Progress which is run by Obama advisor John Podesta defends the lectures. Details HERE.

Michelle Malkin and Fox break the silence on this issue.

UPDATE – Our friends at have put together THE comprehensive information clearinghouse on this issue LINK.

UPDATE II – After almost two years Jennings is out.

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CATO Scholar Debates NYU Environmental Studies Students on the Global Warming Scare

Posted by iusbvision on December 11, 2009

Watch the nonsense they have been taught get shut down by simple facts and logic.

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Humorist and Philosopher Mark Steyn on Multiculturalism

Posted by iusbvision on December 10, 2009

“Multiculturalism is a unicultural phenomena, try to practice multiculturalism in Saudi Arabia.”

“Multiculturalism is a cult of ignorance.”

“If all cultures are of equal value, what point is there in talking about any of it?” 

“Playing tennis with a multiculturalist is useless because he will say that your Ace is just a social construct”

“The great thing about Multiculturalism is that you don’t have to know anything.”

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Former Communist Revolutionary David Horowitz on the “One Party Classroom”

Posted by iusbvision on December 10, 2009

Many courses are designed to install a marxist point of view into their students and the books are often designed that way as well. Having attended IU for almost six years, I can tell you that this is by and large accurate.

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What is Christmas All About Anyway???

Posted by iusbvision on December 10, 2009

This is Linus and he is quite smart, listening to him is wise.

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Michael Savage on Public Schools Teaching Phony Multiculturalism to Assault Western Culture.

Posted by iusbvision on December 10, 2009

This is Michael Savage, his rhetoric is harsh, he exaggerates and uses absurdity to demonstrate absurdity as a literary device, but the message is spot on. It is up to you to be smart enough to get the message in the rhetoric.

By the way, Savage has a PhD. and has authored over 20 books.

Savage also pays tribute to Italy’s contribution to western culture.

We certainly appreciate Italy and you should to :-)

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Hi, I’m Government Health Care …..

Posted by iusbvision on December 8, 2009

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Back Room Special Interest Deals to Pass ObamaCare

Posted by iusbvision on December 8, 2009

Glenn Beck on the corrupt back room deals and fear tactics that the left is using to force ObamaCare through even though only 35% of the American people support it.

Even if you don’t care for Glenn, this is a brilliant and well sources lecture. The left is following a book written by a convicted felon in prison who is also married to a member of Congress. That book makes it clear the Saul Alinsky propaganda tactics that they are using. The Democratic leadership is following the plan in the book step by step.

Just how big of a crook is the man who wrote the Obama plan to pass ObamaCare?

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Two short lectures on some of the data that the “Climategate” scientists tried to hide and fraud.

Posted by iusbvision on December 7, 2009

They uncovered data that their methodology was unreliable and that the warming that was happening before last decade was within standard deviations. In order to hide that they tried to come up with a way to disprove the well documented and well evidenced medieval warming period. So instead of trying to get to the truth they set out to find a way to achieve a desired result; THAT is an anti-science as can be.

This firts video is just a few minutes long and is VERY informative.

Article explaining the above lecture in more detail LINK.

This next video is from Dr. Richard Lindzen, the head of climate research at M.I.T..

UPDATE – “How the World Works” examines the claims of a global warming alarmist trying to justify the emails. The arguments used are sweet sounding strawman arguments that one may fall for unless they are paying close attention. The emails mentioned in the video have been shown to be authentic since this video was made so that argument has been rendered academic.

I like how the alarmist argues that all the fraudulent emails doesn’t change the fact that CO2 is still a greenhouse gas. Well, it also doesn’t change the fact that CO2 is a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of those gases. It is a trace gas, double it and it will still be just a trace gas.

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Scientific American thinks you are stupid: The dissection of a blatant propaganda piece for global warming alarmism.

Posted by iusbvision on December 6, 2009

Scientific American Magazine published an absolute farce of an article defending the scientists involved in the “climategate” scandal. Leaked emails and documents prove that an international cabal of the “global warming elite” rigged the data to show man-made global warming and conspire against other scientists who generated datasets through true scientific methods that challenged them. This cabal has received tens of millions in grant money for their alarmism.  The piece from Scientific American is a testament to the degree of dishonesty and self-delusion academics, journalists, college administrators and ideologues are willing to go; all while making it sound so reasonable.

This piece from Scientific American is a textbook example of first-rate “attitude change propaganda”. What is attitude change propaganda? Attitude change propaganda is the most modern and common form of propaganda and is practiced regularly by the elite media culture. It takes place when the media presents you with half-truths and strategic gaps in the information provided. The information that is provided is presented with an attitude, or particular tone that is designed to create a false narrative in the reader’s mind that is directionally different from the facts in context. Since the false narrative is usually implied or leads the readers there through suggestion and gaps in key information, it is easier to deny when called out on it.

Scientific American:

With all the “hot air” surrounding climate change discussions, none has been hotter in recent weeks than that spewed over a trove of stolen e-mails and computer code from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in England. Longstanding contrarians, such as Sen. James Inhofe (R–Okla.), who famously dubbed climate change a “hoax” in a 2003 speech, has pointed to the stolen e-mails as information that overturns the scientific evidence for global warming and called on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to halt any development of regulation of greenhouse gases pending his investigation into the e-mails. And recent polls have found that fewer Americans today than just two years ago believe that greenhouse gases will cause average temperatures to increase—a drop from 71 percent to 51 percent.

Yet, Arctic sea ice continues to dwindle—as do glaciers across the globe; average temperatures have increased by 0.7 degree Celsius in the past century and the last decade is the warmest in the instrumental record; spring has sprung forward, affecting everything from flower blossoms to animal migrations; and the concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases continue to rise, reaching 387 parts per million in 2009, a rise of 30 percent since 1750.

[What they didn’t tell you:

North Pole Sea ice WAS dwindling and then shot up 28.7% the year after the date on their “sea ice continues to dwindle”  link. When sea ice goes up 28.7% and keeps going that is not continuing to dwindle and Scientific American knows that. Their writer is lying to you straight up. They also fail to mention that if this is “global” warming why is the south pole getting colder and did not have the same issues there? Greenland used to be green and now it is covered by a glacier, what did man do to cause the warming that made it green hundreds of years ago and then cause the cooling to have it covered in glaciers?

The “last decade being the warmest on record” link they provide is yet another deception. It was a study done for the purpose of trying to refute satellite and weather balloon data showing the cooling trend over the last 10 years, so the study did not have the goal of providing a comprehensive and accurate result, rather it had the purpose of achieving a specific result. The study which reported that we have seen more warming in the last 10 years was based largely on NOAA Ground Stations. Stations that are routinely placed on asphalt parking lots, on stone structures, next to the heat pumps of buildings, next to barbeque grills, next to chimney’s, surrounded by black tires etc; all of which give the result of higher temperatures. You can see pictures of some of these ground stations in our coverage of this very story HERE. You can also see in our coverage how the rigged raw data still wasn’t giving them the warming trend result they wanted so they just adjusted it, much like was done in the CRU scandal.

The CRU scientists leaked emails admit that they can’t explain the cooling trend over the last decade while publicly claiming that temperatures are still rising.

Again Scientific American is aware of all of this as the data showing it was posted. They are also aware that ground warming isn’t global warming and Arctic Sea Ice changes aren’t global warming any more than Antarctic temperature drops are global cooling.

Their link about the “concentration of greenhouse gases” is also misleading. CO2 is a tiny fraction of all greenhouse gases. It accounts for a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of the greenhouse effect and manmade CO2, while going up, is a tiny fraction of the previous tiny fractions. The decay of plant life that dies is responsible for far more CO2 than man’s activities. Notice that the article does not mention the most prominent of all greenhouse gasses, water vapor.

So why are they not asking the question, if man-made CO2 is up over the last decade why the global cooling trend? More on that later – Editor]

Nor has the fundamental physics of the greenhouse effect changed: CO2 in the atmosphere continues to trap heat that would otherwise slip into space, as was established by Irish scientist John Tyndall in 1859. “There is a natural greenhouse effect, that’s what keeps the planet livable,” noted climate modeller Gavin Schmidt of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) during a Friday conference call with reporters organized by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank. “Without it, we’d be 33 degrees Celsius colder than we are. That’s been known for hundreds of years.”

He added: “We’re getting up to the point where the total amount of forcing from these greenhouse gases is equivalent to the sun brightening about one percent. That’s a very big number indeed.”

[What they didn’t tell you:

They tell you that heat is being trapped at the greenhouse layer because of more man-made CO2 and Methane. If that is so then it would be easy to measure the heat changes at and just below the greenhouse layer with satellites and balloon instruments, but those methods are made fun of and minimized by the alarmist (LINK see CBS story at the link) because much of that data just doesn’t show the warming that want to see (LINK – LINK). For the reasons stated above as well the alarmists prefer the rigged ground station data.  – Editor]

In fact, nothing in the stolen e-mails or computer code undermines in any way the scientific consensus—which exists among scientific publications as well as scientists—that climate change is happening and humans are the cause. “There is a robust consensus that humans are altering the atmosphere and warming the planet,” said meteorologist Michael Mann of The Pennsylvania State University, who also participated in the conference call and was among the scientists whose e-mails have been leaked. “Further increases in greenhouse gases will lead to increasingly greater disruption.”

[What they didn’t tell you:

What ever “consensus” there is or was, was based largely on what we now know is deliberately manipulated data from the CRU in England and other involved people caught in the fudging such as the aforementioned Michael Mann. That consensus is dwindling fast because the IPCC scientists are now (according to a BBC report) turning on each other as most of the data the IPCC used was from this very same cabal of corrupt people who have now been caught conspiring via email to destroy much of the raw data in case of Freedom of Information laws were used on them.

The “scientists” at East Anglia CRU carried out that plan as much of the raw data that was used to push the global warming agenda is now destroyed (LINK). Now that much of the key data is destroyed; they started claiming that they are releasing everything. A smart propaganda move as the elite media will say “see they released everything they had”, but most will not report that most of the key data is now gone forever and what is being released is just what is left (LINK).  The UK Telegraph says that this is the worst scientific disaster of our generation (LINK).

By the way, isn’t it rather odd that Scientific American is using as a source one of the very men at the heart of this scandal who is now fighting to keep his career, his credibility and his millions in grant money? Does anyone else find this strangely self-serving? Michael Mann has been in trouble before. His famous “hockey stick” computer model that “proved” man-made global warming was shown to be a fraud. When others punched in different data or random data the results were the same hockey stick graph showing global warming.

As far as the consensus, here is a LINK to 450 peer-reviewed articles written by global warming alarmism skeptics, or shall we say true scientists. So the truth is that there isn’t much of a truly scientifically based consensus at all. There is certainly a politically motivated consensus among leftists academics. There was even dissent among IPCC authors of the original UN global warming report (LINK). – Editor]

Some of the kerfuffle rests on a misreading of the e-mails’ wording. For example, the word “trick” in one message, which has been cited as evidence that a conspiracy is afoot, is actually being used to describe a mathematical approach to reconciling observed temperatures with stand-in data inferred from tree ring measurements.

[What they didn’t tell you:

This is where Scientific American gets desperate and really starts to treat you as if you are stupid….. a misreading of the wording they say… OK how about you just go read some of these emails and documents for yourself  (LINK) and you tell me if this is just people taking things out of context.  Even the National Association of Scholars, which has never taken a position on the global warming issue,  is shocked by these documents (LINK) stating that the scientists involved had a “bad faith agenda” went on to say:

The discovery that numerous scientists at CRU have distorted data, misled the public, and behaved in numerous ways counter to principles of academic and scientific integrity must be weighed very seriously.

Broadly speaking, this scandal will alter the burden of proof. From this point on, proponents of global warming theory will receive no benefit of the doubt. Wanton extrapolations, reliance on models in which data can be endlessly readjusted to fit the thesis, and attempts to stigmatize critics as scientifically illiterate will have to stop. Ad hominem attacks on critics suggesting that they are in the hire of “big oil” or other interests will be seen for the shabby evasions they always were.

 – Editor]

The scientists on the conference call, including atmospheric scientist Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University, also addressed other parts of the content of the stolen e-mails, including some that griped about particular journals (Climate Research) or editors (at Geophysical Research Letters). “It’s important to understand what peer review really is,” Mann noted. “It’s not a license for anybody to publish.”

[What they didn’t tell you:

Here we are quoting Michael Mann again. No one said that peer review was a “license for anyone to publish”, and that is a complete and obviously deliberate misreading of what the emails were saying about how this cabal of scientists made clear that they would manipulate, bully and undermine the peer-reviewed process. Their own emails and documents show this effort clearly.

 Mark Steyn comments on how they manipulated the peer review process:

The more frantically they talked up “peer review” as the only legitimate basis for criticism, the more assiduously they turned the process into what James Lewis calls the Chicago machine politics of international science. The headline in the Wall Street Journal Europe is unimproveable: “How To Forge A Consensus.” Pressuring publishers, firing editors, blacklisting scientists: That’s “peer review,” climate-style.

– Editor]

As for charges that the CRU database is corrupt or compromised such that its results cannot be trusted, Schmidt noted that a number of other databases with climate records supporting global warming exist throughout the world—including NASA’s GISS, NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center and even the IPCC, all of which provide access to the raw data. Further, many of the same contrarians arguing that global warming has stopped in recent years are relying on the same CRU record that they are now disparaging as untrustworthy.

[What they didn’t tell you:

This paragraph really takes the cake. NASA and NOAA use the same ground stations that we showed are placed so as to create extra warming (remember on chimneys (new LINK), on black asphalt parking lots etc), so the raw data from those sources is so uncontrolled that it is rendered laughable.

Most of the IPCC data is not original raw data. Remember that much of the IPCC data was from CRU and this cabal of scientists. These same scientists who have now acted on their plan to destroy much of the original raw data. If that raw data was on duplicate at the UN why conspire to destroy data that everyone can get their hands on?

With that said NASA/NOAA/NCDC (all US Government) and even the embattled CRU did have available some raw data sets that showed that global warming alarmist skeptics are correct. We know they had that data because they admitted that they had it and tried to hide it from the public, but some of it has gotten out from time to time.

This piece of raw data came from the CRU and shows the cooling trend of the last decade (LINK). That link also tells of the harassment and death threats that scientists who don’t participate in global warming alarmism have to face (More death threats HERE). This is a raw dataset from the NCDC showing the cooling trend as well (LINK).

The cabal or conspiracy do pull off such a hoax does not end with the CRU, Micheal Mann, John Holdren and crew. A leaked document from the UN (LINK to article and documents) shows that the UN  the entire man-made global warming myth and resulting hysteria is all a scheme to redistribute wealth under the pretense of saving the planet.

The climate research center in New Zealand is now facing their own “adjusted data” scandal (LINK).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was caught via Freedom of Information laws of hiding data and reports that the claims of global warming skeptics are largely true (LINK). This includes emails and such discussing the effort to hide the data.

It isn’t just this field either, money and grant chasing have resulted in a massive plagiarism/ buying opinion scandal at numerous medical schools and  journals (LINK).

Just how badly has our academic system become corrupt? If I had a couple of billion dollars to spend and I started handing out fat grants to research the possible evolutionary existence and eventual extinction of unicorns and after a time I lowered and stopped grants to those who dismissed the idea and increased the grants to those who wrote of its possibility, soon I would see papers that  “presented evidence” of their previous existence. After a number of years we would see peer-reviewed published evidence of the previous existence of unicorns.

The Black Swan Fallacy and how many scientists get drawn into it.

In science very little is ever proven per se, things are ruled out. If I were to hypothesize that all swans are white, because I have never seen a black one or a brown one, as an ethical scientist I would mount a global search for the swan that is not white.

This is not what global warming alarmist scientists do. They are looking for and counting only white swans. They seek to lock out any indicators of black and brown swans. These global warming alarmists have largely ignored the sun, cosmic rays and other factors when it comes to global warming/cooling and blamed it on man. They try to avoid inconvenient questions like how it was that man effected the glacial and interglacial periods, caused the medieval warming period, the Maunder Minimum, etc.

Rex Murphy of the CBC comments “Let us not hear that the science is settled…Science has gone to bed with advocacy” 

– Editor]

UPDATE – The commenters on the Scientific American web site are tearing that awful article apart quite ably. It is a site to see. Here is a statement from one commenter:

This article did not address a single aspect of climategate. It hopes that the reader is so stupid as to believe that “trick” means something else that non-scientists can’t comprehend. We all know what a trick is. You don’t have to be a scientist to know when you are being lied to. If tree ring data was unreliable since 1960, why would it be reliable before 1960. The article ignores that “peer review” was redefined. Explain that one away, will you. Or how these “scientists” were going to beat up someone who disagreed with them. Very mature; very scientific. There was a consensus 30 years ago that there was “global cooling” by much more respected scientists like Carl Sagan that turned out to be false. Science is not supposed to be a religion. It is not based on faith or hope. Global Warming has become a cult, not a science. Nowhere is this more evident than in how the mainstream media have ignored this story for 2 weeks and how Scientists have resorted to the worst form of defensive group think.

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Are YOU smarter than a 1954 8th grader?

Posted by iusbvision on December 4, 2009

This is a civics exam from an 8th grader from 1954. This is the actual exam with the student answers.

Via BlackInformant:

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More Dumbing Down of College Students

Posted by iusbvision on December 4, 2009

Via Minding the Campus:

A recent report by American Council of Trustees and Alumni entitled “What Will They Learn?” makes clear that the steady deterioration of general education at the best colleges continues apace. The report studied general education requirements at 100 top schools and found that “Topics like U.S. government or history, literature, mathematics, and economics have become mere options on far too many campuses.”

As we have said before, the far left which has firm control of most of our college campuses nationwide, has seen to it that most students are given a neo-marxist/pop culture based liberal arts/general education curriculum instead of a classic liberal arts based general education. What better way to disconnect students with American Exceptionalism then to see to it that they forget it? Students who enjoy a strong classic liberal arts education are far less likely to accept the emotional appeals and sophistry required to accept Marxist philosophy.

Are you a student? Do you know and I mean really know the works of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Xenophanes, Bacon, Douglas, Burke, Locke, Smith, Aquinas, Cicero, Solan? If not, you have been ripped off and likely have no idea just what it is that you have missed.

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CBO: Democrats Health Care Bill Will Raise Family Insurance Premiums by $2100 Per Year. IUSB Vision analysis proved correct again!

Posted by iusbvision on December 4, 2009

[Welcome Pajamas Media readers! – Editor]

After the “new and improved” healthcare bills came out of the Democratic Leadership from Congress we told you that these new bills are designed to make health insurance so expensive that people will cry out for a public option. This was obvious since the bills tax like crazy.

New taxes on medical devices, health services, taxes on health insurance benefits, new taxes on “cadillac insurance plans” that are not indexed to inflation so as time goes on more people have to pay the tax, new payroll taxes, new taxes on health savings accounts and the list goes on and on.

Obama promised that these bills will save the avg family $2,500 a year via an Obama campaign handout, “Questions and Answers on Health Care Plan”.

Only in Washington is healthcare made cheaper by taxing it up the wazoo.

The Congressional Budget Office has now confirmed our analysis (Hat Tip House Conference):

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) today confirmed that legislation being considered in the Senate (H.R. 3590) would raise health care premiums for struggling middle-class families:

  • The CBO analysis found that in the non-group market, average premiums would be “about 10 to 13 percent higher in 2016…than under current law.” The result would be a premium increase of $300 per year for individuals and $2,100 for families.
  • CBO also found that the “user fees”-i.e., taxes-imposed in the Senate bill “would be largely passed through to customers in the form of higher premiums for private coverage.”
  • Contrary to President Obama’s repeated promises that “You will not have to change [health insurance] plans,” CBO also found that “relatively few non-group policies would remain grandfathered by 2016”-meaning millions of individuals will lose their current individual health insurance plans as a result of Democrats’ government takeover of health care.
  • While then-Senator Obama promised during his campaign that reform would lower health care costs by up to $2,500 per family annually, CBO’s analysis confirmed that provisions in the legislation would raise health care costs. Specifically, CBO found that raising the required level of coverage for the individual market would raise premiums on its own-and “reduced cost sharing” from the new, richer benefit policies “would lead to greater use of medical services, which would tend to push premiums up further.”
  • While Democrats may claim that some individuals will pay lower premiums due to federal subsidies, those subsidies will help impose a new cost to the taxpayers of $2.5 trillion in the bill’s first ten years of implementation alone. Furthermore, because the Reid bill does not link subsidy levels to rising medical inflation levels, even trillions of dollars in federal subsidies will be insufficient for families to afford insurance if health care costs continue to rise faster than incomes. Given CBO’s analysis of health care cost growth as a result of provisions in the Senate bill, many may question the legislation’s ability to deliver on this critical goal.
  • Although CBO stated that premiums in the employer-based markets may remain constant, that judgment is based in part on an assumption that an individual mandate will increase participation in group coverage by encouraging young and healthy people to take up their employer’s plan. However, some may find such a conclusion counter-intuitive, as many individuals may find it more affordable to circumvent the mandate and instead pay the tax penalty. For instance, the $2,250 maximum tax for a family not purchasing coverage in 2016 would be dwarfed by the $3,515 average family contribution for an employer-sponsored policy in 2009 alone.

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Democrats looking to make dissent into a crime.

Posted by iusbvision on December 4, 2009

According to Senate Democrats only journalists who work for a newspaper or TV station business etc are worthy of shield law protection. Student journalists are also out. Combine this with other proposed FCC regs and what do you get?

Via RWN:

Feinstein, Durbin Seek To Limit Citizen Journalism

Update: Link to the actual bill as kos doesn’t seem to provide one. The amendment in question is addressed below.

S.448 Title: A bill to maintain the free flow of information to the public by providing conditions for the federally compelled disclosure of information by certain persons connected with the news media. Sponsor: Sen Specter, Arlen [PA] (introduced 2/13/2009) Cosponsors (10) Latest Major Action: 12/3/2009 Senate committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Committee on the Judiciary. Date of scheduled consideration. SD-226. 10:00 a.m.

Via Dailykos. The Senate was on track to do better by citizen journalism than the House given some pressure. But now, two key Democrats have introduced an amendment that would put citizen journalists at risk, giving protections to only established journalists.

This is outrageous in a land said to value and respect free speech. It seems they only want their cronies in the mainstream media to be free. The rest of us can go hang. Durbin and Feinstein. What should one expect from the likes of them?

If they get their way, these are the conditions that would apply, defining journalists and ensuring Federal protections were in place. But only under these conditions:

AMENDMENTS intended to be proposed by Mrs. FEINSTEIN (for herself and Mr. DURBIN )


In section 10(2)(A), strike clause (iii) and insert the following:

(iii) obtains the information sought while working as a salaried employee of, or independent contractor for, an entity—

(I) that disseminates information by print, broadcast, cable, satellite, mechanical, photographic, electronic, 1or other means; and

(II) that—

(aa) publishes a newspaper, book, magazine, or other periodical;

(bb) operates a radio or television broadcast station, network, cable system, or satellite carrier, or a channel or programming service for any such station, network, system, or carrier;

(cc) operates a programming service; or

(dd) operates a news agency or wire service;

In section 10(2)(B), strike ‘‘and’’ at the end.

In section 10(2)(C), strike the period at the end and insert ‘‘; and’’.

In section 10(2), add at the end the following:

(D) does not include an individual who gathers or disseminates the protected information sought to be compelled anonymously or under a pseudonym.

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Our Take On Obama Afghanistan Speech

Posted by iusbvision on December 2, 2009

The President articulated the policy well. The venue the speech was made in is debatable as far as appropriateness is concerned.

The delivery of the speech was unusual for the president. It seemed that his heart is not in it and he has many doubts. It seemed that he did not want to be there.  With that said I support this policy with the caveat of the arbitrary political pull out dates that have been tossed around.

Congressman Mike Pence articulated my thoughts exactly on MSNBC.

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My Only Post on the Obama Party Crashers. UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on December 1, 2009

[Welcome Campus-Watch readers – Editor]

UPDATE – Obama has used executive priviledge to keep the White House Social Secretary from testifying to Congress or speaking on this issue. The reasons are obvious. If these people were mere gate crashers the testimony of the Social Secretary would be the primary evidence against them. The Salahi’s were expected to be there.

It is not the secret service’s job to decide who gets in and out of a party. It is their job to provide security and to prevent weapons from being in the area etc.

The Salahi’s were followed by a Bravo TV crew. Bravo is associated with NBC who has been doing green campaigns and other things to win favor with the administration to make the contracts with GE go smoother.

Tareq Salahi was in the leadership of the American Taskforce on Palestine which Obama associated himself with in his early days (Salahi’s name has been scrubbed from the site but Google cache is forever). Rashid Khalidi, who was one of the radicals who helped Obama pay for his college education, was also in the leadership of that organization and then worked with him and the University of Chicago. This means that Obama likely had contact with them when he was a state senator.

Don’t blame the secret service. I am nearly convinced that these people thought they were supposed to be there. The administration just doesn’t want people doing the homework. Google and Yahoo search is a wonderful thing. I wonder what will happen when the elite media discovers them.

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