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Two short lectures on some of the data that the “Climategate” scientists tried to hide and fraud.

Posted by iusbvision on December 7, 2009

They uncovered data that their methodology was unreliable and that the warming that was happening before last decade was within standard deviations. In order to hide that they tried to come up with a way to disprove the well documented and well evidenced medieval warming period. So instead of trying to get to the truth they set out to find a way to achieve a desired result; THAT is an anti-science as can be.

This firts video is just a few minutes long and is VERY informative.

Article explaining the above lecture in more detail LINK.

This next video is from Dr. Richard Lindzen, the head of climate research at M.I.T..

UPDATE – “How the World Works” examines the claims of a global warming alarmist trying to justify the emails. The arguments used are sweet sounding strawman arguments that one may fall for unless they are paying close attention. The emails mentioned in the video have been shown to be authentic since this video was made so that argument has been rendered academic.

I like how the alarmist argues that all the fraudulent emails doesn’t change the fact that CO2 is still a greenhouse gas. Well, it also doesn’t change the fact that CO2 is a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of those gases. It is a trace gas, double it and it will still be just a trace gas.

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