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Archive for December 16th, 2009

Glenn Beck Throws the Evidence In the Faces of Naysayers.

Posted by iusbvision on December 16, 2009

I love how Glenn Beck answers his critics. Beck doesn’t let them get away with anything. They call him a liar and a cry baby and a loser etc, but when it comes to the facts he reports the “refutation” is nothing but silence. In this show Beck throws the video and other evidence showing how correct he has been in story after story he has broken.

The pattern is always the same, Beck breaks real news, the elite media and the government call Beck names, says it’s not true, and eventually conceded to the facts Beck presents.

Glenn smacks down his critics with the evidence and I must confess that I love it as it is just my style. Beck has a great time rubbing their faces in it, and so will you. Watch and enjoy.


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