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More Camera Ticket Fraud in Texas

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2009

Analysis: Short Yellows Boost Revenue for Texas Cities


Red light cameraA number of Texas cities are exploiting short yellow timing at intersections, generating significant additional revenue, according to a review of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) data by TheNewspaper. The citation issuance rate at the nine intersections with the shortest yellow timing in the state was four times greater than the ticket issuance rate at locations that offered yellow times exceeding statewide averages.

For example, among photo enforced intersections in Texas with a posted speed limit of 55 MPH, the average yellow time was 4.9 seconds. The city of El Paso, however, allowed an Australian company to set up a traffic camera at the intersection of Gateway North Boulevard and Woodrow Bean where the yellow was shorter by 0.4 seconds. This seemingly minor difference resulted in a 132 percent increase in the number of citations issued for every 10,000 vehicles entering into the intersection compared to the locations with longer yellow durations.

5 Responses to “More Camera Ticket Fraud in Texas”

  1. Matt Barrow said

    Note, too, that lights are frequently timed so that drivers doing the speed limit get hit with a red as they approach the intersection.

    If 20,000 people have to die so that cities and towns can get your money, they’ll do it.

  2. Craig Lowery said

    .4 seconds at 55 mph gives you 35 feet less stopping distance for the light. Not only does this increase the probability of facing a ticket, but it increases the risk of being rear-ended. This is the tactic promoted by the organization tasked with “keeping our highways safe”. Safe for blood-sucking public sector parasites.

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  4. robertharris47 said

    Its a shame the almighty Dollar means more than Constitutional righta,peoples lives, and personal property to our Texas politicians.

  5. Missionary James said

    I say it is High time to say what ANY FOUNDING FATHER would say if He were alive to see this Tyrrany taking place……..

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