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Nutty Journalist Quote of the Day! Florida Journalist can’t hide his hate.

Posted by iusbvision on January 15, 2010

John Guerra is a small time journalist at The Key News in Key West, FL.

A factually accurate press release from Florida Congressman Connie Mack, about how crooked the health care legislation is, generated this RESPONSE from one of those who believes he has the monopoly on virtue and tolerance. 


I don’t believe one word you or other conservatives say. The Republican Party is now a mentally ill group of people who want nothing more than to destroy Obama’s first term no matter how much the country needs his policies. I despise your party’s activities and the hatred you spew on Fox and other sounding boards for the insurance companies. Please don’t you dare get him killed, which is the underlying goal of you right wing nuts.

Of course, JFK was assassinated by a communist but is he presented as some “nut job?”

This is exactly the kind of knee jerk, ignorant emotionalism that I have come to expect from journalists and even when they aren’t this emotional, usually they are this ignorant, unlike some college professors who come up with brilliant rationalizations for their emotionalistic thinking that is divorced from reality.

How did Guerra get this way, odds are he came to his view at university as this is exactly the type of radicalism promoted by much of academia today. See the Following….

Why are conservatives so mean?

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