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Flashback Laugh of the Day, Associated Press: Republicans doomed in 2009 elections…

Posted by iusbvision on January 21, 2010

November third the elite media was predicting doom and gloom for the GOP. Now Republicans have won governors races in New Jersey and Virginia, swept lesser statewide races on swing states such as Pennsylvania and Florida and now have won the vacated Senate seat in Massachusetts where Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats 3 to 1.

Here are the key excerpts.. hilarious.

Associated Press Washington — For Republicans, an election win of any size today would be a blessing. But victories in Virginia, New Jersey or elsewhere won’t erase enormous obstacles the party faces heading into a 2010 midterm election year when control of Congress and statehouses from coast to coast will be up for grabs.

So even if political winds start blowing harder behind them and even if they can capitalize on Democratic missteps, Republicans will have a long way to go over the next year because of their party’s own fundamental problems – divisions over the path forward, the lack of a national leader and a shrinking base in a changing nation.

In fact, 2009 seems to have underscored what may be the biggest impediment for Republicans – the war within their base.

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