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NBC’s Mika Brzezinski Names Abe Lincoln as Favorite Founder – UPDATE Who is the editor’s favorite founder?

Posted by iusbvision on February 13, 2010

Of course Lincoln wasn’t born until two decades after it was ratified but hey, when your a good post-modernist reality is just a mental construct anyways isn’t that right Mika?

What Mika likely also doesn’t understand is that Lincoln would consider MSNBC to be subversive, and in a time of war he would have either deported them or tossed them into the klink.

You can hear Mika name Lincoln at the 1 minute mark in the video.

While mocking Palin for saying she admired them all but Washington rises to the top Mika names a person who wasn’t even a founder. How typically delicious of ignorant elitist journalists.

IUSB Vision Editor Chuck Norton:

It is a tough question to answer, who is your favorite founder. I find myself answering that question with different names. Washington, I am not sure I have the words to describe him.  Have you ever met a man of God whose faith was so powerful that you could feel it? Few of us have but this is something that I have experienced and it is difficult to articulate. Washington’s strength of character, his devotion to the Lord and to Liberty were so powerful that anyone who knew Washington recognized it.

While Washington falls short as all who are born of a man and a woman do, Washington was truly an exceptional man and a great man in every sense of the word.

I admire Jefferson’s tenacity, Webster’s intellect and faith, Patrick Henry’s faith and his ability to speak as Homer wrote, I admire John Hancock’s boldness, Gouverneur Morris’ and Ben Franklin’s contributions and the list goes on; but if forced to pick just one I would have to start with the man who started it all. The original radical and visionary is Samuel Adams. Adams as far back as the 1740’s tirelessly spread the word, spoke and debated to get people on board his cause. He did his masters thesis in 1743 on “If it was proper to defy the King in order to preserve the Commonwealth”. Without Sam Adams world history as we know it may have been something completely different.

Ed Morrissey at comments on this story. Ed has a different take and says that the picking of George Washington may have been a bit “pedestrian”, and I might have agreed had I not studied George Washington as I have. Palin has quoted Washington several times that I am aware of so it is likely that she has studied him as I have. Ed rightly points out that the people at MSNBC are “chuckleheads” for not taking Mika to task for naming Lincoln while mocking Palin for saying she admired them all but believed that George Washington stood apart.

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