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Elitist Progressive pinhead quote of the day: The following ad represents violence against women…

Posted by iusbvision on February 14, 2010

I have said it many times before, far leftists are almost always post-modernists, meaning that to them there is no objective facts or truth, truth is relative to what suits you. Reality is a construct; there are no truths that are self evident. Slightly oversimplified: my truth is that its a basketball and your truth is that its a golfball.

Of course normal people see this for what it is, lying or nuttery, but the far left sees this kind of self delusion as “deep” and “nuanced”; they actually hold such intellectual dishonesty up as a virtue. Here you see such “virue” on display in a big way.

Feminist leaders and the National Organization for (Communist Acedemic) Women:

Unable to gain any traction by calling the Focus on the Family Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad extremist or over the top, pro-abortion groups today are offering a new dig on the commercial. The president of NOW and other abortion advocates claim the ad promotes domestic violence.

Amanda Marcotte – Tebow: Hey Mom! Tried to kill you from the womb and failed. How about a blind side tackle? Violence against Moms FTW! – LINK.

 “Violence against women,” declared Women’s Media Center president Jehmu Greene.

The dreaded Ad – HIDE THE CHILDREN!~

The Associated Preess misrepresented the ad when they reported on it, saying that it implies abortion where Mrs. Tebow talks about being advised to end her pregnency. No where in the ad does Mrs Tebow say any such thing. This is typical of lazy reporters. They read what smear site like Media Matters or some blog has to say about it and report that as fact. It is obvious that the AP never actually watch ed the ad before they reported on it:

And a commercial by conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, perhaps the most anticipated ad of the night, hinted at a serious subject although it took a humorous tone too. Heisman winner Tim Tebow and his mother talk about her difficult pregnancy with him and how she was advised to end the pregnancy—implying an antiabortion message—but ended with Tebow tackling his mom and saying the family must be “tough.”

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Glenn Beck Destroys Elitist Progressive Pinhead: Time Magazine’s Joe Klein

Posted by iusbvision on February 14, 2010

Klein so deserved this public flogging at the hands of a true rhetorical master. Having read Joe Klein, he is half-educated and genuinely not that bright. Is there anything worse than a rather dim witted person pretending like he is a hyper intellect?

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Paulson: Palin Right On All The Hot Button Issues

Posted by iusbvision on February 14, 2010

For the record, I don’t care for Hank Paulson with good reason – the bailout bait & switch.

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Elitist progressive pinhead quote of the day II

Posted by iusbvision on February 14, 2010

This one goes to Howard Fineman of the royally in the tank Newsweek Magazine:

Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum—which is why God created Roger Ailes. The president of Fox News is, by default, the closest thing there is to a kingmaker in Anti-Obama America. And that, in turn, makes him the de facto leader of the GOP. In a relentless (and spectacularly successful) hunt for cable ratings, Ailes has given invaluable publicity to the tea partiers, furnished tryout platforms to GOP candidates, and trained a fire hose of populist anger at the president and his allies in Congress. While Beltway Republicans wring their hands or write their tracts, Ailes has worked the countryside, using his feel for Main Street resentment to attract and give voice to this year’s angriest—and most powerful—voter-viewers: those who hate the Feds, the Fed, and the Ivy League. It was Ailes who put the “party” in the tea parties by giving them a round-the-clock national stage.

Let us have some fun deconstructing this pile of nonsense shall we?

“Anti-Obama America”..

Oh it has nothing to do with the fact that the man started fracturing his campaign promises from almost minute one, the man who relaxed lobbying rules after promising to firm them up, the man who has let special interests run wild with their money being tossed everywhere. the man who speaks against earmarks while signing into law over 8,500 of them. The man who campaigned against excessive government spending only to raise it by a factor of eight and oh this list can go on for pages….

… but no it has nothing to do with that, rather it is that you are against Obama himself, most likely bnecause he is a black man who has an elitist background.

“Ailes has given invaluable publicity to the tea partiers, furnished tryout platforms to GOP candidates, and trained a fire hose of populist anger at the president and his allies in Congress”

By all means, it wasn’t just that Fox News gave the Tea Parties coverage, I mean after all their march in DC was the largest in history and even larger than the “million mom march” and the “million man march” both og which got massive coverage by the elite media; it was that Fox covered them without continually misrepresenting them and demeaning them. The Tea Party should be covered because now it is the mainstream and the numbers prove it.

Of course perhaps Fineman thinks that the Tea Party story should be almost ignored just as the Elite Media all but ignored the ACORN scandal and just as the elite media isn’t leading every hour of news with Obama’s low 40’s approval numbers just as they did to President Bush.

By the way, Tea Party candidates are challenging several powerful Republicans in primary elections. So to make it out all as a plot by the GOP means that Fineman, like most progressives, is inventing reality as he goes.

“those who hate the Feds, the Fed, and the Ivy League”

It is not a matter of hate, of course when people like Fineman call normal traditional Americans who want us to start moving back to fiscal responsibility and limited government “inbreds” and other names, it is a direct indicator that it is the progressive elite who hate traditional America.

For an example I have a short list of the hate from the progressive left:

Columbia Journalism Review called them a crude sexual name.

NBC called them Racist.

The Atlantic Monthly said that Sarah Palin’s vagina is the root of all evil.

CNN smears Tea Party protestors but coddles ones who called President Bush a Nazi.

ABC called them racist.

Nancy Pelosi called them Nazi’s and “unamerican”.

More CNN and NBC name calling.

64 year old James Carville called them “Classless old cranks“.

SEIU and ACORN thugs have violently attacked Tea Party protestors on many occasions.

Fox News reported how the Elite Media covered the first Tea Party protests

More hate from the progressive left

The list of hate from the progressive left is pretty strong. The Tea Party people don’t hate the government, they hate that all they give is are brilliant rationalizations for failure, they hate the lies, they hate the fact that the government is chasing wealth out of the country and is lost all restraint. Maybe they would not be upset with the Federal Reserve if they had policies that are sane and don’t seem to be deliberately trying to blow up the dollar.

They may hate academia though, the lies in class, the text books that are so biased, the elitism, the indoctrination,  the fact that they support central control (and suck at doing it when given the chance), the radicalizing of new teachers (2), the sexualization of our children,  the dumbing down of public education, and can’t seem to learn the lessons of history. But when the examples are examined, who the real haters are becomes clear.

The progressives believe that regular folks are mere rabble, our health care should be rationed, we should be punished if we create too much wealth, we should be called names, we should have forced abortion policies crammed down our throat because we aren’t worthy to reproduce.

So let us be clear who it is that is actually hating who.

The progressive elite has always had contempt for middle America and the little secret is that the majority of the American people support the Tea Party movement as the Tea Party leads both Democrats and Republicans on the Generic Congressional ballot. Ten months ago a Rasmussen poll showed that the American people like the Tea Party movement but people in government hate it; it is even more popular now, just ask Massachusetts and ask GOP Senate candidate Governor Charlie Crist who is about to get defeated in the GOP primary by Marco Rubio, a Tea Party guy.

Just how far can progressive elites delude themselves? How long have they come up with brilliant rationalizations for the failure of centralized control of education, the economy and society? Their failures.

If you wish to see the Tea Party people at length to judge them for yourselves, just take a look HERE and HERE. Please show me how the names that the progressive elite call them are justified.

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