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How a Riley High School Teacher Threatened My Special Needs Daughter

Posted by iusbvision on February 23, 2010

I have seen abuse of position and violations of the law by college administrators and professors before. I have seen enough of it that I decided to research a great deal of it for an upcoming book. When Indiana University caught wind that I was writing my own book they stopped trying to censor me, harass me, censor the student newspaper and the student bulletin boards. I was hopeful that the previous abuses I saw, at least at IUSB were over. I was also comforted by the fact that IU knows that I am watching, as are my friends at the Indiana ACLU and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which stand eternally vigilant to protect the First Amendment rights of all of us.

I was ready to finish the semester, write my book and try to once again find gainful employment all drama free….. and then today happened.

I found out that a science teacher at Riley High School had intended to show the now debunked Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth”. So I sent my child to the school with a message to have her teacher, Miss Ganzer, call me.

The conversation started out quite pleasant. I asked Miss Ganzer if she was planning to show the film and she said yes. I asked if she had planned to show her students the data that shows that the film has many mistakes. She said no.

At this point I figured I would just print off about two dozen articles from the foreign press showing how many of the claims from the IPCC are unsupportable and/or fraudulent by their own admission. The IPCC Report is largely what Al Gore’s claims are based on in the movie. Many of the IPCC’s own authors have come out against the IPCC report. To see a short list of the evidence which is irrefutable click HERE.

I asked Miss Ganzer if she reads the foreign press and she said that she did because she has a relative that works at the EU. I asked her if she was aware of how the foreign press was all over the story of how much of what the IPCC has now claimed has demonstrated to be wrong or unsupportable and she said no. This surprised me because the foreign press is having a feeding frenzy of reporting on this story.

I asked Miss Ganzer if she was aware that the BBC aired a documentary that debunked some of the claims in Al Gore’s film called “The Great Global Warming Swindle”. She said no.

I asked Miss Ganzer if she was aware that the British courts ruled that the film cannot be shown to children without a packet of information showing the demonstrable inaccuracies in the film. Her answer was a flippant and attitudinal, “Oh well this ain’t Britain”.

Still, hoping to be helpful, I said that I would be happy to bring all of the foreign press coverage and information that she needed to demonstrate that what I was telling her was true, to show that the IPCC authors themselves are admitting fault. She said, “I wouldn’t be interested in that.” I asked, “Why not don’t you care about the truth?”

This is where it gets interesting….

Miss Ganzer says, “My family owns an environmental consulting company” and I said, “So what you’re telling me is that you have a financial interest in pushing the global warming agenda.” She said quite boldly, “That’s right.”

It was at this point when I began to realize just what I was dealing with. I told her, “What about the truth, as a teacher and a scientist your first duty is to the truth” and with even more brazen in her voice she said “I am not interested in the truth”.

It was at this point where my mind went into high gear. I realized that her position was quite clear. She likely knew that short of causing direct physical harm to a child that the Teacher’s Union would protect her. She is accountable only to the union and to bureaucrats which are faceless to me, so she figured that she had the power and could be as brazen and flippant as she liked.. and boy was she. The now puffy and brazen tone of her voice left no doubt, she was enjoying this and behaved as if  she had the power and there was nothing in the world I could do about it.

So I decided to show her that I am not quite as powerless as she assumed. I decided that this behavior could not go unchallenged.

I said, “You realize that I am going to have to write about this”

She said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I am a reasonably well-known writer and I am authoring a book on academia and congratulations you just got in it.”

She said, “I don’t give you permission to use my name or write about me.”

I said, “I don’t need your permission. You’re going to be in the book and that’s that.”

At this point some of the puffiness was taken out of her voice and the threats began.

She said, “My brother is a lawyer and I will have him deal with you.”

I said, “Fine, I got an A in First Amendment Case Law and I know that a libel claim has to meet seven legal tests just to have standing and I know full well that you can’t meet them. Unauthorized biographies are published all the time and there is nothing they can do. You said in no uncertain terms that you are not interested in the truth (at this point I paused a moment to give her an opportunity to back pedal or take it back, she did not).

At this point I realized that if she tried to take any legal action against me it was a win/win for me and for students. She would have no chance to prevail in such a suit and the result would just be good publicity for me and bad publicity for her. As many people need to know what this teacher is as possible.

I said, “So if you want to try to sue me……In fact, please consider this your personal invitation to try.”

It was at this point where she panicked.

She said, “Well you had better get your daughter out of my classroom.” It is difficult to express tone in a text medium such as this page you are reading but I want you to try to understand, the way she said this was truly vile, it was dripping with hate, evil. There was no question at all, my daughter had just been threatened.

I said, “You just threatened my daughter…..You just threatened my daughter”.

It was at this point where I started to get a bit upset, I was a bit shocked. We had some cross talk interrupting each other for a moment and I remember saying again, “I can’t believe it, you just threatened my daughter” while she was again trying to threaten me with legal action over my book. I remember asking myself, “what am I going to do now”.

I said, “I guess I am going to have to file a police report”.

When I said that she stopped talking as I could tell that my statement had taken some of the wind out of her sails.

I said, “You threatened my daughter. I want her out of your classroom and never to return.”

It was at this point she started to back pedal and said, “I got my copy of the Al Gore film from the school board. If you like you can donate a copy of the BBC film to the school and some teachers could show that alongside the Gore film.”

I am finishing a degree in communications. I realized that she had chosen her words quite carefully, she didn’t say that she would show the film and I was quiet confident that she wouldn’t.

I said, “Thank you I just might look into that” but still my thoughts were largely on my daughter and just how vile of tone Ganzer’s threat was.

[UPDATE – I have come to find out through hearsay that it was at just before this point in the conversation where other people in the room started to pay close attention to the conversation, at this point it may not have been the mention the possibility of filing a police report that changed her attitude, but rather the fact that she had an audience.

I have also heard via hearsay that Ganzer told others that she offered to show the BBC documentary in the class and she cannot understand why at all that I would put her in my book, as if she was trying to be totally compliant. Of course I cannot prove these statements at this time but it certainly seems in line with someone trying to manipulate a situation in their favor. How many people have we known who behaved one way when others might not be looking, only to have an apparent reversal when an audience is tuning in? – Editor]

She said, “I realize that you are passionate about this issue…”    […another statement for the audience? – Editor]

I interrupted, “This has nothing to do with passion, this has everything to do with the truth. I offered to provide you with good evidence and you made it crystal clear to me and in no uncertain terms that you are not interested in the truth” again no denial or back pedal from her.

I said, “I mean it. You threatened my daughter. I want her out of your classroom permanently.”

She said, “Fine and you can call my boss”.

I said, “I will.”

[afterthought – not once did she even deny that she threatened my daughter – Editor]

End of phone call.

I immediately called the principal’s office at Riley. The man who answered the phone was very nice and listened very well. I explained to him that Miss Ganzer had threatened my daughter and that I want her out of her class permanently. I said that we may have to get the police involved. The man said that he would leave instructions to have Bonnie moved from Miss Ganzer’s class and he would leave a note for the principal because he is in a business meeting.

It is likely that a meeting with the principal will be arranged and I have decided to wait until the school has spoken with my family before I decide if I will file a police report.

Later this evening I thought that it is highly unlikely that I am the only parent that she has spoken to in this way. She stated that she is not interested in the truth, words which will be etched on my mind forever. I wondered how many students she has misled or possibly even abused with some form of academic malpractice. I thought that it might just be karma, or perhaps God’s poetic justice, that she decided to pick a battle with the parent who is authoring a book on academic abuses. Think about how many parents are treated this way and are powerless in the face of the teachers union or bureaucracy to do something about it.

I am willing to file an affidavit stating that what I presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge and ability.

UPDATE – I heard via hearsay that the environmental firm she spoke of mostly does stuff like asbestos removal, but who knows as I have no way to verify hearsay. If it is true than she said what she said just to be flippant. I ran into someone I know who works at Riley and knows Miss Ganzer. He/she was not surprised by this story.

UPDATE II – My daughter was moved to a different class permanently. I am told via hearsay that a couple of the teachers are speaking ill of me behind my back, but since this is hearsay I am not going to publish their names here, for now; besides when you do the right thing expect people to be upset with you. They have been sent the message that if any teacher has any interest to see the other side of the story they are welcome to call or just read it here, but being aware of how union teachers often feel about parents (as a problem rather than a resource) I am not hopeful.

UPDATE III – My daughter now tells me  that a certain teacher has told her that when she has a problem with something in class, to come to said teacher rather than her father. Is this not typical of the teachers union mentality? The idea of union teachers asking students to keep things from their parents is nothing new and is perhaps a primary reason why the teachers union mentality needs to be broken. [I ask my daughter about her day, almost every day at school like a good parent should, in fact I asked her directly to tell me anything teachers say about this situation to her; as this was exactly what I expected. My research shows it is common among union teachers to try to hide information from parents who expect teacher accountability – Editor]

Said teacher, according to my daughter, also said that Miss Ganzer has a “right” to teach her curriculum however she likes. Think about this statement for a moment. The scientists who put forth much of the information for Al Gore’s movie have now admitted that much of the data and claims are wrong. So for a teacher to tell a student that another teacher has the right to teach something that is easily proved wrong with just a few minutes of research; is that a view designed to benefit the student or protect the teachers union? In each case said statement from the teacher was designed not to benefit the student or to foster academic excellence, but to benefit and further the aims of the teacher. Hopefully this update, which I am sure will be read, will be enough to prevent such ghastly behavior in the future.

After I publish my book I may consider running for school board.

Woodrow Wilson (first progressive president) said the chief job of an educator is to make — and he says this to parents — your children as little like you as possible. That is the agenda and that is still the agenda that we have today.  –  Jonah Goldberg

One Response to “How a Riley High School Teacher Threatened My Special Needs Daughter”

  1. Marcus V. said

    Hey Chuck,

    I am sorry to hear that this happened to you and your daughter. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help…from the how your recount of what happened read, it seems you have all of this under control. (Beside the seriousness of this matter, you wrote a very entertaining article…) Count me among the 1st to purchase your book.


    [Thanks Marcus :-) – Editor]

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