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Denial, Lies? President Says Stimulus Bill Greatest Recovery Evah!

Posted by iusbvision on February 25, 2010

In spite of the latest bad economic news and just 6% of Americans believe that the stimulus package has delivered the private sector jobs promised the Obama Administration insists that it was the greatest recovery plan of all time.

To add a little perspective, understand that 6% of Americans think Elvis is still alive.

Talk about denial – wow.. and no earmarks…. The stimulus funds are mostly being spent to preserve government union (SEIU) jobs, hire IRS agents etc. This means that the majority of the money is being spent as a political slush fund. In a way that means it is a giant earmark.

But fear not, right after he signed the stimulus he signed another massive spending bill that had over 8,500 earmark spending provisions in it.

The earmark process is bad because it allows politicians to spend millions with next to no checks and balances. Many of these earmarks go to the clients of lobbyists and some of that money circulates back to the campaign coffers of politicians.

Don’t forget it was the stimulus that reversed the Clinton/Ginghrich welfare reform bill that was such a huge success, it was the stimulus that was carefully worded to preserve those Bonuses for AIG and Fannie Mae.

Steven Crowder goes on a “Stimulus Package Road Trip” to see what you and your kids and grandkids just bought…

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