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College Friend of Obama: He was a committed Marxist-Leninist

Posted by iusbvision on March 5, 2010

Dr. John C. Drew, “I was a Marxist myself back in 1980…”

Listen to the interviews HERE and HERE.

Is this news? Not if you have read Obama’s books. Obama states that he was raised by Marxists, mentored by them (Frank Marshall Davis etc), and chose to hang around Marxist professors in college.

Listen to the part about how Drew and Obama praised the Soviet Union and how the academic left thought it was the way to go. As someone who was alive and engaged during that time this is not suprising at all. It may seem hard to believe by today’s attitudes, but almost to the time of the Soviet collapse, the academic, journalistic and activist left was well steeped in Soviet apologetics. I remember it well.

The average uninformed voter (like most students) may be surprised by this information or just go into denial about it, but to anyone who has studied Obama understood this well before this interview with Dr. Drew.

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