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Should the states amend the Constitution to stop these land grabs?

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

The Founders never wanted to see federal power used this way. The video also gives a good example of how constant meddling by the federal government undermines consumer and investor confidence.

Most of these land grabs serve one purpose, to stop mining, drilling, natural gas, foresting, hunting etc etc. These land grabs are huge job killers. This also tends to make forest fires much worse. The timber companies used to manage the underbrush in the forests. When Bill Clinton forbade them to do that we ended up with forest fires that consumes massive amounts of land. ….that’s right, government mismanages land too, not just your money.

Via Ed Morrissey at Hotair:

Jim DeMint took to the Senate floor and the pages of the Washington Times earlier this week to expose a plan by the White House to seize over 10 million acres of land in nine Western states. Using an obscure clause in the Antiquities Act of 1906, the Department of the Interior under Ken Salazar would designate the land as “monuments” in order to block the use of the resources in those states. DeMint correctly asserts that this is not only a perversion of the intent of the Antiquities Act, but also a huge power grab by the federal government at the expense of the states.

Americans should be wary of any plans a president has to seize land from the states without their consent. Any new plans to take away states’ freedom to use land as they see fit must be stopped.

That’s why I sponsored an amendment to block Mr. Obama from declaring any of the 14 lands listed in the memo as “monuments.” Unfortunately, the Senate, led by Democrats, rejected it on Thursday evening by a vote of 58-38.

It was particularly disappointing that the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, voted against the amendment. The government owns more than 80 percent of the land in Nevada and the unemployment rate there is 12.8 percent. Surely it would help job prospects if more land were open for business.

This is a nationwide problem. The government currently owns 650 million acres, or 29 percent of the nation’s total land.

Federal bureaucrats shouldn’t be wasting time thinking up ways to acquire more, especially in the middle of a recession. Taking the nation’s resources offline will stifle job creation and dry up tax revenues.

If anything, the government should be selling land off, not locking more up. By voting against my amendment, the Democrats tacitly endorsed Mr. Obama’s secret plan to close off millions more acres to commerce.

It’s not the first time an administration has used this act to seize land from states. Jimmy Carter grabbed 50 million acres from Alaska over their loud objections, and Bill Clinton almost 6 million in 22 separate actions. These executive actions bypassed Congress altogether and made a mockery of state sovereignty. After all, if a state can’t keep the federal government from unilaterally declaring that their land no longer belongs to them, then states have no real power at all — and neither do the people, represented by Congress.

DeMint’s amendment got defeated on a party-line 58-38 vote.

..and the Democrats said that jobs are their number one priority….

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CBO: Banks wont pay the new Obama bank tax, you will…

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

The government doesn’t want to be the baddie when it raises your taxes, so it places taxes and fees on various businesses, they pass on the cost to you and you in turn are angry at said business, when in reality it is your government you should be upset with.

Ask not for whom the tax bell tolls, it tolls for thee!

ABC News:

But the Congressional Budget Office today warned that “the ultimate cost of a tax or fee is not necessarily borne by the entity that writes the check to the government.”

“The cost of the proposed fee would ultimately be borne to varying degrees by an institution’s customers, employees, and investors,” the CBO said today in a letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley.

“Customers would probably absorb some of the cost in the form of higher borrowing rates and other charges, although competition from financial institutions not subject to the fee would limit the extent to which the cost could be passed to borrowers. Employees might bear some of the cost by accepting some reduction in their compensation, including income from bonuses, if they did not have better employment opportunities available to them. Investors could bear some of the cost in the form of lower prices of their stock if the fee reduced the institution’s future profits.”

The availability of credit – already a problem for some consumers and businesses – could also be limited by the proposed fee, the CBO said.

“The fee would probably lower the total supply of credit in the financial system to a slight degree. It would also probably slightly decrease the availability of credit for small businesses.”

The effect of the fee on the banks, the CBO said, would be “small”.

In response to the CBO analysis, Grassley released a statement, saying, “A lot of analysts have said banks would pass the fees onto their customers. The CBO analysis confirms this and adds a lot of points for consideration from a very credible source. Before this proposal moves forward, Congress needs to understand the consequences, good or bad.”

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Head of IMF Proposes Dropping the Dollar as World Reserve Currency

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

As we have been saying for almost a year, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are trashing the dollar. It’s value is tanking. The world has been begging us to stop printing and burrowing like we have. Now the world wants out of the dollar and who can blame them?

Associated Press:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, suggested Friday the organization might one day be called on to provide countries with a global reserve currency that would serve as an alternative to the U.S. dollar.

“That day has not yet come, but I think it is intellectually healthy to explore these kinds of ideas now,” he said in a speech on the future mandate of the 186-nation Washington-based lending organization.

Strauss-Kahn said such an asset could be similar to but distinctly different from the IMF’s special drawing rights, or SDRs, the accounting unit that countries use to hold funds within the IMF. It is based on a basket of major currencies.

He said having other alternatives to the dollar “would limit the extent to which the international monetary system as a whole depends on the policies and conditions of a single, albeit dominant, country.”

Strauss-Kahn, a former finance minister of France, said that during the recent global financial crisis, the dollar “played its role as a safe haven” asset, and the current international monetary system demonstrated resilience.

“The challenge ahead is to find ways to limit the tension arising from the high demand for precautionary reserves on the one hand and the narrow supply of reserves on the other,” he said.

Several countries, including China and Russia, have called for an alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency and have suggested using the IMF’s internal accounting unit.

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Senate Democratic Leader “36,000 job losses is ‘really good.'”

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

They don’t feel our pain.

Is Harry Reid running for RNC spokesman?

All I can say is, imagine the reaction of Bush had said this.

Seriously, bad economic policy and political corruption cause great suffering among the people. Most of us know people who have been suffering since the mortgage collapse.

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The Cubanization of Venezuela

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

The Weekly Standard:

The Cubanization of Venezuela began a long time ago, but it took another large step in early February, when Cuban general Ramiro Valdés arrived in Caracas to serve as a government consultant. Valdés, 77, has been one of the most brutal enforcers of the Castro regime, beginning in the 1960s when he was responsible for crushing popular protests over energy-use restrictions. He established Castro’s ruthless G2 intelligence service and is currently number three in the Cuban hierarchy. 

According to Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, Valdés and his retinue are there to help the South American country solve its dire electricity crisis.  Cuba has been experiencing major electricity problems for 50 years, so it’s unclear just what assistance its advisers would be able to provide on energy policy. (Writing in the Ven-ezuelan newspaper El Universal, journalist Nelson Bocaranda noted that the Cubans have actually damaged several Venezuelan power generators.) 

And Valdés is no energy expert. He is an expert in managing the repressive organs of a police state. He’s been sent to Venezuela to help Chávez suppress the popular revolt and further consolidate his autocracy. It’s part of a broad Cuban effort to prop up the Bolivarian revolution and ensure that Chávez keeps providing the Communist island with generous shipments of cheap oil.

Havana has good reason to be worried about Venezuelan stability. Recent months have seen massive anti-Chávez demonstrations, with tens of thousands of angry Venezuelans filling the streets to complain about, not just electricity shortages, but also water rationing, high crime rates, runaway inflation, corruption, and the erosion of democracy. Venezuela is suffering from a lengthy drought, which isn’t Chávez’s fault. But the rest is. As Venezuelan exile Gustavo Coronel has written, “For the last ten years the infrastructure generating both hydroelectric and thermal electricity in the country has been badly neglected, in favor of Chávez’s demagogic programs of handouts to poor Venezuelans and to friendly politicians in the region.”

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British Government wants competence tests before you can be a dog owner

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

England is going broke, they have a health care system that is akin to a shop of horror’s but hey they have their priorities straight.

Europe is so enlightened aren’t they? Just ask any progressive and they will tell you.

UK Daily Mail:

Every dog owner will have to take a costly ‘competence test’ to prove they can handle their pets, under new Government proposals designed to curb dangerous dogs.

Owners of all breeds would also have to buy third-party insurance in case their pet attacked someone, and pay for the insertion of a microchip in their animal recording their name and address.

The proposals are among a range of measures to overhaul dog laws in England and Wales being considered by senior Ministers, who are expected to announce a public consultation within weeks.

But critics said responsible dog owners would be penalised by yet more red tape and higher bills – one expert estimated the extra costs at £60 or more – while irresponsible owners of dangerous dogs would just ignore the measures.

They added that genuine dog lovers could end up paying for efforts to control a small number of ‘devil dogs’ that terrorised socially deprived areas.

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Remember when Pelosi and the Dems said that those who engage in unethical behavior should resign?

Posted by iusbvision on March 6, 2010

So what if the guy who writes the tax laws is a tax evader and has corporations buy him trips to island resorts…. it’s not like he endangered national security Pelosi says…

After seeing that Republicans started making hay with this Rangel has asked for a leave of absence from the chairmanship of the most powerful committee in Congress (Ways & Means) till the election is over and then he can jump right back in. Rangel took this action on his own after over a year of this nonsense going on. Pelosi wasn’t out there making a press conference like you saw above. Oh yea and how long did they protect that Congressman from new Orleans who had the bribe money stored in his freezer?

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