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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Changing History in Texas School Textbooks: Is it Indoctrination?

Posted by iusbvision on March 9, 2010

Pay special attention to the proposal to stop teaching history before 1877. As we have demonstrated before, the less people know about civics the more likely they are to accept progressive secular leftism, so what better way to have the young turn against America then to have them forget it?

One Response to “Changing History in Texas School Textbooks: Is it Indoctrination?”

  1. Rory Bezecny said

    For one thing, the monopoly that Texas has on the textbook market is wrong. Period, end of sentence, I will except no argument. Next, a small number of people deciding what goes or doesn’t go into books is insane. Here’s an idea, let the historians write the history books, the scientist write the science books, let the mathematicians write the math books and so on. Not someone who has zero expertise is any one subject. Now for this bit by Glenn Beck, hey Glen, didn’t you do the research? The people who want to rewrite the books are CONSERVATIVE, RIGHT WING CHRISTIANS not progressives. Glen if you really paid attention in history class, you would have retained the fact that the founders of this country were PROGRESSIVES. All revolutions that have benefited the average citizens throughout history have been fueled on by progressives not regressives. Regressives are the ones who wanted things to stay the same. Regressives like Beck. Beck is an overpaid tool of the real establishment that has been running this country and is still calling the shots. As I was listening to Beck, one thought kept going through my mind: rambling, scattered, uncoordinated opinions being presented as fact. How this guy built up any sort following or credibility is beyond me.

    [Wow. I know that someone is going to accuse us of paying someone to write this or inventing this post on our own, but really I swear this was totally unsolicited.

    – Editor]

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