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Coffee Party Votes – Supporting Obama is More Important than the Economy

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2010

Lee Doren is a film maker and voice of the famed “How the World Works”. He attended a “Coffee Party” which CNN has been promoting in a big way with the camera rolling.

What Lee Doren saw at the event came as no surprise and here is why. After taking Dr. Bennion’s 400 level elections class I realized that advanced political science majors were being caught up in the cult of personality around Obama and the marketing of it all (details of how that happened will be in my upcoming book); when asked basic questions about Obama no one in the class could answer them.  

[Editor’s note – while I have a tough critique of my fellow students in that class, who were mostly poli-sci majors and seniors who may be counted on as political consultants who could not answer the most basic of questions about the candidates, this is in no way a reflection of Dr. Bennion’s curriculum in the class which was a good one and covered the electoral bases pretty well. I recommend that people take the class.]

In the video Doren is right that this was by and large a therapy session. The fact that their top issue was “Supporting the President” over the premier issue according to all the polls, the economy, is really very telling.

The people in that video poured their hopes and wants onto Obama; he was the canvas and they painted it the way they wanted. With such an emotional connection it is not easy for people caught up in it all to get over their cognitive dissonance and snap out of it. Cult’s of personality for very strong, remember Jim Jones and heck, for decades after WWII there were people who slept with a picture of Hitler nearby [Disclaimer for progressives who may not be that bright – I am not saying that Obama is Hitler, I am just making an example about the power of a cult of personality – Editor].

Ed Morrissey at comments HERE.

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