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Elite Media Bias Roundup: Journalistic Ethics Tossed Out Window

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2010

1. NY Times Still Calling ‘Haditha’ a Crime, Despite Acquittals of Marines – LINK
2. NBC Reporter’s Idea of Balance: Dem Voices Outnumber GOP 4 to 1 – LINK
3. Texas Social Studies Curriculum Vote Brings Out Worst in AP Bias, Labeling – LINK

The AP Reporter  makes almost no attempt to hide her clear disdain. She includes references to a “far-right faction” (a “faction” that happened to constitute a two-thirds majority!) and “ultraconservatives,” while uniformly describing leftists [trying to whitewash American history – Editor] as mere Democrats, and generally comes across as a sore loser in solidarity with the poor, outvoted libs.

4. Washington Post posts an angry rant by former NYT editor Howell Raines against Fox News that did not have a single fact in it. It was all hateful invective.  – LINK

5. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell  – You have got to pass health care for Obama’s power – LINK

6. New York Times ridiculous labelling of majority in Texas curriculum issue – LINK

[Editors Note – This story is a classic example of why our kids are so ignorant of history and why many text books cannot be trusted – what schools teach is based on political pressure groups and ideological spin, not genuine history]

7. USA Today Defends Michael Mann on Front Page, Misrepresents ClimateGate Scandal – LINK

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