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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

See what this student learned in college: Look Ma, I’m a Communist!

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2010

IUSB is a small college with many adjunct faculty. Most of the best professors I have had have been adjuncts as they are not hard-core ideologues and they often have actual practical experience in their fields of study. While we certainly have our share of communists and neo-marxists in the faculty who slant the curriculum, at the big campuses the problem is much worse as I will show in my upcoming book.

As many problems that I have with the IU system and IUSB, I am still convinced that one gets a better undergraduate education at small campuses like IUSB than one would get at Columbia, Bloomington, Berkeley, Harvard, Notre Dame, Cornell, etc.

With that said, take a look at this poor fellow. I would bet any amount of money he didn’t learn this nonsense in high school.

Via Big

In Detroit, a chap representing the Che Guevara-loving, Mumia Abu-Jamal-supporting “FIST Youth” educated a crowd of about two dozen about the virtues of socialism.  He also lectured on the Soviet Union, its roots and the glory days when the “people’s council” made all of the important decisions.

Thursday, March 4th, for a “Day of Action to Defend Public Education.”  The nationwide event was organized by fringe, left-wing groups like Michigan’s “By Any Means Necessary,” Ohio-organized “Community Organizing Center for Mother Earth,” Los Angeles-based “County Peace and Freedom Party,” the “League for the Revolutionary Party” of New York, and North Carolina’s “Destroy Industry.”

One Response to “See what this student learned in college: Look Ma, I’m a Communist!”

  1. Paul Geer said

    It is possible that America’s worst threat to it’s liberty, may be coming out of American collages. I said that twenty years ago, only because of the strong European influence during the eighty’s, in other words, European thinking is forward and the U.S. is “living in the past”. One could be fooled with that idea, with so much technology found in Europe in comparison. Now I realize it’s Socialism may very well have been taught, and has been with us since the founding of this country. Instead of progressing, America would be regressing if Socialism ever took hold, since we have never really witness a successful Socialist country achieve like the United States. As Glenn says; We need to remember who we are… however, if the young doesn’t even know who they are, neither will America in time. All part of the dumbing down process, the rewriting of history, and out lasting the old.

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