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Tom Hanks: We killed the Japanese in WWII because they were different

Posted by iusbvision on March 15, 2010

Yup, WWII was all about racism according to Tom Hanks.

And we were so racist that we rebuilt Japan after WWII and now they are one of our closest allies.

We are so racist that we sided with China in WWII, and before Pearl Harbor we sent American volunteer pilots to fight the Japanese on behalf of the Chinese. They were known as The Flying Tigers.

Tom Hanks, not only are you a pinhead, but now you have smeared the greatest generation who you have made movies on that have made you a very rich man. You ingrate.

2 Responses to “Tom Hanks: We killed the Japanese in WWII because they were different”

  1. Lou Meigs said

    While Mr. Hanks, whom I admire greatly as both an actor and a movie maker, may be correct in his assertion that there was a racial ‘component’ to the root causes of World War II, he is definitely mistaken with regards to where the racism lied. The Japanese people were indoctrinated (long before the U.S. got into the fight) that they were a superior ‘race’, and established the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (an outrageous misnomer, if ever there was one!) in order to conquer, subjugate and pick clean their Asian neighbors of oil, food, raw materials and labor. Their military venture into Manchuoko (Manchuria) and on into mainland China (typified by their behavior during the Rape of Nanking)can only be described as the actions of a people who considered themselves as a superior race to those they were subjugating. And that behavior was evident in every village, city and island that they occupied.

    And the Nazis in Germany, with their Aryan Master Race and their unimaginable subjugation and genocide against the Jews, are a text book example of racism.

    So, yes Mr. Hanks, racism was a major component of the causes of World War II, but please don’t attempt to re-write history and re-point the finger of blame.

    History won’t bear it.

  2. Paul Geer said

    Simply put; Tom Hanks has no idea what he is talking about, other then giving us the leftest point of view, which is anything but the truth. I cut them no slack! LoL

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