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Awesome Video: America’s Comeback

Posted by iusbvision on March 20, 2010

This video is from Governors Alliance and the Republican Governors Association.

The premise of the video is spot on. It is state governors that are often left finding practical solutions to Washington created messes, it is state governments that often are forced to balance budgets, and when they don’t they end up looking like California and New York. It is state governments that have to be responsive to the people because in a state a group of even a few dozen citizens can seriously impact a state election.

It will be up to the states to reign back in the federal government. The states created the federal government and the constitution, the states can amend the constitution all by themselves if they gang up and decide to get it done. The teeth of state government power was greatly reduced with the passage of the 17th Amendment, now it is time for the states to start passing constitutional amendments to roll back the federal land grabs, and to introduce new language to reinforce and clarify the chains that were put on the federal government in the Constitution that far left judges have selectively reinterpreted in violation of the states and Founders wishes.

When a government becomes hostile to these ends. it is the right and duty of the people to alter or abolish it – Declaration of Independence

Using the states in such a fashion is one of the tools the Founders were wise enough to give us to keep the central government from getting out of control, and now it is. I believe this tool should be implemented because it sure beats the alternatives.

It is not just Republican governors saying this, Tim Cahill the Democrat Treasury Secretary of Massachusetts is a  was on Glenn Back saying that the feds are burdening the states to the brink with unfunded mandates. Cahill also says that ObamaCare will bankrupt the nation as he has seen with RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

Special thanks to Ed Morrissey at for the heads up on this great video.

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