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Sarah Palin Adopts a Key Plank of Chuck Norton’s Rhetorical Strategy

Posted by iusbvision on March 21, 2010

Via NewsReal:

My heart just jumped. Governor Sarah Palin is on the O’Reilly Factor right now and she has not uttered the word “liberal” as a descriptor of the Democrats pushing Obamacare tonight. What’s she saying? Leftist.


Editor’s Note – I have been advocating this rhetorical change for years at this web site (since early 2007), I advocated it when I ran our Indiana Palin Truth Squad web site as well, maybe my message got across, or maybe someone elses did, but this is a very positive thing.

There are many traditional Americans who consider themselves to be liberals. These people may want a government that is a little more active than for our tastes and so do some independents, but they are not statist progressives for a leviathan state by any means. The leadership of the Democratic Party and much of academia are indeed leftists, it is the truth and Republicans fall into the lefts hands when we allow them to get away with euphemisms such as “liberal” to describe themselves. There is nothing liberal about the leadership of the Democratic Party.

One thing is for sure, it is my intention to revolutionize libertarian to classic liberal political rhetoric and strategy forever. We are going to do it by using new ways to use contextual and historical truths to explain new situations and events. Ditching euphemisms like “liberal” to describe the statist progressive secular left is just the first step.

I have put together a rhetorical strategy to get someone like Sarah Palin’s message across. I have also have a strategy with handling and defeating the elite media culture. It the coming next few years it is my best hope that you will all see the fruits of that strategy. This can be done while adhering to standards of factual truth.

While this note may seem oddly self serving; we have promised to give some of the best news analysis and commentary anywhere, so when our analysis is confirmed or reflected in another publication such as Real Clear Politics or the Wall Street Journal or Investors Business Daily we want you to know about it so you can see that at least from time to time, we are on the cutting edge or even way ahead of the curve. Bloggers, by the nature of the media, have to be self promoters so when we are ahead of the curve we are going to let you know. 

This web log has been a constant source valuable information for countless web sites and hundreds of thousands of people, and if you liked what we have done here, wait till you see our plans for after May.

Chuck Norton
Editor, IUSB Vision Web Log

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin Adopts a Key Plank of Chuck Norton’s Rhetorical Strategy”

  1. Paul Geer said

    Let me see if I have this right, Progressive, Liberal, Leftest, Left-wing and possibly socialist are all cut from the same fabric.

    [For the common Joe that tends to have voted Democrat no, for the Democratic leadership yes – Editor]

  2. Editor, I have two pages I’d like to send you on the greatest cover up in our history. In 1921, the Fabian socialists starting The Liberal League at Harvard, so that students would not understand it to be communism or socialism. After John Maynard Keynes became its spokesman, the real name went further underground as Keynesianism. TOTAL, BRILLIANT DECEPTION right to this modern day.
    Time to take action and call ALL those professed liberals by their real names: statists, socialists, soft socialists, commies, interventionists,
    collectivists, etc GET USED TO DOING IT
    It can be one of the most effective ways ANYbody can change the world.
    Don’t let them get away as “liberals”.

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