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The Myth of the Pro-Life Democrat in Congress – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 22, 2010

UPDATE IIIStupak’s “Pro-Life” Caucus $4.7 Billion in Earmark Funds after Voting for Public Funding of Abortion

Editor’s Note – The moral of this story is, politicians lie, the lies are often planned in advance using rhetorical strategies such as “triangulation”. It does not matter what party a politician is in, they lie. A party in power will lie more than a party out of power. My experience has been that about 10% of the politicians I have encountered are true statesmen. Some lie worse than others. Some tell big fat whoppers and some just dissemble a little.

A politician is a true master of telling the majority of people what they want to hear, even if that means dividing the people up and telling different groups opposite things. We need to be more comfortable calling out the liars as liars, both to their face and to the people. Now that we face economic ruin from losing our AAA rating too much is at stake to allow our public servants to speak such bold faced whoppers with a smile in the name of nicety.

By the way – Meet Bart Stupak’s Republican Challenger – LINK.

Bart Stupak, the self-proclaimed leader of the “pro-life Democrats”, after repeatedly promising to vote no on national TV, voted yes in exchange for a promise to sign an executive order from Obama to not allow federal funding of abortion. A promise from the most pro-abortion president in history, who even supported laws protecting infanticide as a state legislator in Illinois that NARAL wouldn’t even support.   

Indiana’s own Mike Pence on Stupak:

Pence – Members of congress exchanged 30 years of pro-life law for a piece of paper from the most pro-abortion president in American history. … There is public funding for abortion in this bill…. An executive order cannot change the law. Such an executive order would be thrown out by the courts.

Bart Stupak knows this for he is not a stupid man. I have always said that Stupak would cave and so have many others, because the leadership of the Democratic Party are no longer Democrats, they are statist progressives who see the state as the highest moral authority. In that vote we saw 34 real Democrats join with Republicans to vote no, in the face of 219 statist progressives.

Phyllis Schlafly comments HERE.

UPDATE – So after going on national TV promising and promising to never vote for a bill that included public funding of abortion, after going on and on how standing up for life in the Democratic Party is a living hell,  look at what Stupak said in front of a small audience when he didn’t know he was being recorded last year – Via NewsReal

UPDATE II – The law on executive orders and what Obama used to say about them from last night’s debate:

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