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How the Senate is supposed to work, how Democrats are breaking it.

Posted by iusbvision on March 23, 2010

The Senate must have 60 votes to operate to make sure that a narrow majority doesn’t go out of control expanding its power.

There are only a few circumstances where the Senate can do business with 51 votes instead of 60. These are issues that are constitutionally mandated such as passing a budget and confirming judicial nominees.

The Democrats were first to break the Constitution to use the 60 vote filibuster to stop Republican judicial nominees; Republicans threatened to force a rule of 51 votes to get the job done and the media and the Democrats had a cow saying it was Republicans who were breaking 200 years of precedent when actually the exact opposite was true (notice how the elite media is not nearly as hostile now over 51 votes).

Reconciliation is a budget vote that requires 51 votes instead of 60; that is because Congress must pass a budget. It is constitutionally mandated. Policy issues like health care or abortion have always required 60 votes because they are policy that are not a part of a constitutionally mandated duty.

This is also known as the Byrd rule. Here is Senator Byrd explaining it the last time the Democrats tried to break the rules , which was ironically over HillaryCare, which had federal health care police with guns. Byrd stopped the Democrats from abusing reconciliation.

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