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See “Attitude Change Propaganda” at Work Courtesy ABC News. UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 23, 2010

UPDATE – David Frum is fired by the American Enterprise Institute (Hat Tip HotAir). It is about time. From time to time David Frum does some passable scholarship, but all to often in the last two plus years it hase been name calling, logical fallacies and unsupported invective. Maybe he has turned bi-polar or something, but one thing is for sure, he will have to get more money from the elite media he has been courting.

UPDATE II – Frum liar?  – LINK, NRO on Frum Firing – LINK.

UPDATE IIIWall Street Journal:

Mr. Frum now makes his living as the media’s go-to basher of fellow Republicans, which is a stock Beltway role. But he’s peddling bad revisionist history that would have been even worse politics. The truth is that Democrats never had any intention of working with Republicans, except to pick off two or three Senators and calling it “bipartisanship.” This worked for Democrats on the stimulus, and they had hoped to do it again on health care.

This is a great example of why fewer and fewer people trust the elite media. This propaganda piece seems so persuasive, until you learn about the missing pieces.

Seems pretty damning doesn’t it, until you learn just a few more things.

Point 1: There are a dozen video’s from different cameras of those politicians walking through the crowd, not a single one can you here any name calling like what was indicated as “fact” by ABC News. Here are two of them so you can see for yourself and there are many more on youtube:

Point 2: As a well  known blogger and a bit of a traditional activist, I know very well that when I start to win an argument against a leftist one of the first things the left does when it runs out of arguments is call you a racist or a fascist. It has happened to me more times than I can count. It is the far lefts standard far left red herring. My record of defending the freedom of minorities in print and as former Chief Justice at school speaks for itself.

Point 3: Why did those three men walk through that crowd so brazenly when they could have taken the tunnel? I dare say that they were hoping that a lone nut would have said something bad, but they didn’t get what they wanted as the video evidence makes so clear so they just went with their narrative anyways.

Point 4: So we are left with a credibility match, a politician using the oldest self-serving smear in the book,  vs the video evidence of a dozen cameras surrounding them.

Point 5: ABC Describes David Frum as a “prominent conservative”. He is no such thing. Frum is Canadian and may be considered  “conservative” by Canadian socialist standards, but since 2007 Frum has been the go-to guy that the New York Times or far left magazines or the elite media quotes when they want a “republican” to attack members of his own party.

Frum routinely trashes social conservatives and the libertarian wing of the GOP. Frum has several times posted a rant on The Daily Beast calling conservatives all sorts of names and applying all sorts of claims to them without any evidence at all other than “Frum says so”.

The following links have some of our David Frum coverage although for the most part conservatives ignore him and most of the GOP blogosphere holds him in contempt for his smear like tactics.

Point 6: Frum, after taking heat for his behavior left National Review and started a new web site for “Frum like moderates” called “New Majority”. His site had next to no impact at all, got few hits and the site routinely scrubbed comments from real conservatives who quite capably took Frum’s comments and arguments apart. He later changed the name of the site to “Frum Forum”.  If David Frum was a “Prominent Conservative” as ABC said, he would have been a featured speaker at CPAC – trust me when I say that he would not be too welcome there. See the following link:

As you can see, I am not the only one who has reported on Frum’s baseless name calling and smear tactics.

NewsBusters has a long list of David Frum’s behavior. While he occasionally defends a Republican, in recent years most of the attention he gets is from trashing other Republicans and name calling – LINK.

So what are we left with, racial epithets that didn’t happen, no evidence of spitting at all, no one participating at a tea party event in DC has ever been arrested. And ABC telling us just how “prominent” Davis Frum is.

But wait, there’s more…..

ABC Calling Sarah Palin “Barbie” – LINK

ABC saying that “Limbaugh has a history of making racially offensive comments” – but offered no proof  – LINK

ABC: If you oppose Obama on policy, your racist – LINK

ABC does an infomercial for ObamaCare yet refuses health care ads from Republicans – LINK (2)

ABC cut out key substantive portions of the Palin interview (the parts that showed how knowledgeable she was) – LINK

ABC questions asked to Republicans vs Democrats – LINK and I could go ON and ON.

Last but not least –

The “Showing Obama as Hitler” signs at Tea Party that the elite media had a cow over, well they were from LaRouche Democrats who advocate a government takeover af health care. They knew this and misreported it – LINK

This is the narrative of Tea Party that the elite media puts out. This is NBC’s Rachel Maddow, but instead of seeing her while you listen to her trash us we show you… well this you need to see. Evan Coyne Maloney wrote a piece titled, “Hitler Comparisons and Media Reporting: Then and Now“.

The elite media often charges the Tea Party with being angry and violent, but what they don’t tell you in case after case of violence at a Tea Party the violence has been leftists and SEIU thugs attacking Tea Party participants. Hmm why doesn’t that fit in to ABC’s bogus narrative?

When faced with REAL violent far left protestors how did CNN treat them – LINK.

UPDATE – More bogus narrative –

CBS News’s Mark Knoller: ‘Tea Bagger Protests’ Outside Capitol Hill – LINK

CBS Charged Anti-ObamaCare Protesters Acted in ‘Ugly’ Manner, But Politico Found Them ‘Polite’ and ‘Boring’ – LINK

CBS: ‘Mean from the Start’ Health Debate ‘Turned Even Nastier Yesterday’ with ‘Racial Epithets’ and ‘Sexual Slurs’ – with no proof in the video of the event – LINK

ABC’s Sawyer: ‘Protesters Roaming’ DC, ‘Increasingly Emotional, Yelling Slurs and Epithets’ – again no proof in the video – LINK

ABC Gushes Over Patrick Kennedy and Ted’s Fight for Health Care: ‘Dad’s Final Wish’ Came True – LINK

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Argues With McCain on Health Care: ‘What Would You Say’ to Ted Kennedy? – LINK

ABC’s Cokie Roberts: Glenn Beck ‘Corrupting’ Democracy, a ‘Traitor’ to American Values – LINK

ABC Casts Democrats as Profiles in Courage, Republicans as Grief-Exploiting Meanies – LINK

ABC Highlights Congresswoman Upset ObamaCare Opponents Dare Pressure Her via TV Ad – LINK

CBS Continues to Recite ObamaCare Talking Points; Dems Praise Reporting – LINK

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