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Democrats, Leftists, and Elite Media Inciting Violence Against Republicans

Posted by iusbvision on March 25, 2010

11 Responses to “Democrats, Leftists, and Elite Media Inciting Violence Against Republicans”

  1. mary said

    Please add this info to your site of all the death threats that George Bush received from the left.


    [Done, thanks – Editor]

  2. Montana said

    Since their inception the Teaparty crowd (not a movement since they do have the numbers or clout) have been “haters not debaters”. In my opinion this is what the small portions of the republican party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” have brought you. They are good at “Follow the Leader” of their dullard leaders, they listen to Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think? The world is complicated and most republicans (Hamiliton, Lincoln, Roosevelt) believe that we should use government a little to increase social mobility, now its about dancing around the claim of government is the problem. The sainted Reagan passed the biggest tax increase in American history and as a result federal employment increased, but facts are lost when mired in mysticism and superstition. Although some republicans are trying to distant themselves from this fringe most of them are just going along and fanning the flames.

    [No Numbers… lol only the largest political protests in history, such as the 9/12 one that was confirmed the largest in DC history.

    No clout…. Tea Party polls better in the generic congressional ballot than Democrats or Republicans.

    How ironic that you posted in this thread about far left out of control hate. Thanks for demonstrating my point for me. See you the day after election day. – Editor]

  3. Paul Geer said

    What ever negative things the left says about a group or person, the left is really describing themselves.

  4. Roberta Metalious said

    Thank you for this!!!!!

  5. Christian said

    The Republicans need to get right with God! First the Republicans wanted to give Obama his Waterloo defeat over healthcare but instead they gave themselves their own Waterloo defeat by not participating in the debate of ideas and by becoming the party of obstructionist. Waterloo defeat refers of course to the defeat at Waterloo put an end to Napoleon’s rule as Emperor of the French and was the culminating battle of the Waterloo Campaign and Napoleon’s last. Republicans get right with God or get ready for future losses and Rush Limbaugh I real hope you enjoy your new home Costa Rica!


    Do you have any idea how much ignorance you have displayed here? Not being mean to you but the truth does count for something among normal people……..

    The waterloo comment was not meant to mean that the GOP wanted to use the issue to defeat him. When you listened to Senator DeMint’s comments the context is quite clear, that the issue is the Dems Waterloo because they over reached and governed against the will of the American people and a bipartisan consensus against the bill. All of which is true.

    You are ignorant because you took the media matters invented narrative of the comments instead of the obvious context of those comments if you just took the time to listen.

    Speaking of a bogus narrative, Limbaugh never said he was moving to Costa Rica, again Media Matters totally made this up. Limbaugh posts transcripts and audio of his show every day on his web site so you have no excuse.

    What Limbaugh said is that if Obama gets his way and manages to get a total government take over of health care many of the insurance companies plan to go to Costa Rica and set up clinics there with some of the best doctors for people who want to have something better. Limbaugh said that if this happened he would be going to Costa Rica for his health care. Media Matters carefully snipped a piece of audio from Limbaugh and invented the narrative of him moving there. All the left wing bloggers who ran with it had to do was go to Rush’s web site and see the transcript for themselves; but why bother when your bogus narrative works better for you than the truth.

    You also can’t say that the GOP have not tried to reform health insurance, this post shows the GOP alternative bill, these are ideas that are popular with the American people and would help to bring down costs. Democrats have filibustered in the Senate to stop these ideas from becoming law repeatedly.

    So every “fact” that you based your entire statement on is easily shown to be false in mere minutes of fact checking. – Editor]

  6. Christian said

    The alternative bill was a farce, they had 8 years to get it done and did nothing. Its time to clean house! Deal with it!

    [ By the way all, notice how Chris totally avoided the substantive arguments I proposed in his previous comment? The far left doesn’t do substance for they dont have the ability to make a real argument that is genuine.

    Anyways…. The GOP proposed these ideas to bring down health costs repeatedly and any review of Thomas or Vote Smart can show you this. Democrats blocked all real attempts to bring down health costs.

    Here is a Google link to GOP health care proposals from 2001 to 2006

    Here is a short list of GOP proposed health proposals from the Washington Examiner:

    A search of the LexisNexis database of newspapers, magazines, television programs and major blogs finds about 3,000 mentions of the major House Democratic bill, H.R. 3200, in the past six months. (Those are just the stories that refer to the bill by its House number; there have been thousands more stories referring generally to the Democratic legislation.) A similar search found 60 mentions of H.R. 3400, the Price bill.

    Another Republican bill, H.R. 2520, the Patients’ Choice Act, by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, received 12 mentions in the same time period. And two other bills, H.R. 3217 and H.R. 3218, the Health Care Choice Act and the Improving Health Care for All Americans Act, by Rep. John Shadegg, together received 20 mentions.

    The virtual embargo on reporting Republican legislation has allowed Democrats and their allies in the media to keep up the “Republicans have no plan” attack. Just hours after the president’s speech, for example, the Democratic National Committee released a new commercial claiming that Republicans “refuse to offer a plan” to reform the health care system.

    Just for the record, in case you want to check them out, these are the bills proposed, so far, by Price and his allies in the House: H.R. 77; H.R. 109; H.R. 198; H.R. 270; H.R. 321; H.R. 464; H.R. 502; H.R. 544; H.R. 917; H.R. 1086; H.R. 1118; H.R. 1441; H.R. 1458; H.R. 1468; H.R. 1658; H.R. 1891; H.R. 2520; H.R. 2607; H.R. 2692; H.R. 2784; H.R. 2785; H.R. 2786; H.R. 2787; H.R. 3141; H.R. 3217; H.R. 3218; H.R. 3356; H.R. 3372; H.R. 3400; H.R. 3438; H.R. 3454; and H.R. 3478.

    “It’s frustrating,” Price says. But Republicans believe that in the end, the public won’t buy the administration’s line. “The American people are smarter than that,” Price says. “They know there are alternatives out there. That’s what August was all about.”

    So Chris, its not that your a liar or an idiot, its just that you think you know so much that just isn’t so. – Editor]

  7. Your boy Christian is a troll. He’s been spamming blog comments far and wide with the same nonsense messages.


  8. gme said

    Nothing a left wing talking head has said has ever caused deaths like right wing talk has.

    [Oh really – like Ted Koszinski? The lefties on TV who support Hugo Chavez whose opponents have a nasty habit of being found on the side of a road with a bullet in the back of the head?
    Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Putin, the Khmer Rouge, Hitler all self proclaimed socialist leftists. Aside from radical Islam the left has a near monopoly on political violence. – Editor.]

  9. Paul Geer said

    Funny thing, I have see this line “…Obama his Waterloo defeat over healthcare…”, focus on Waterloo, on various “main stream” news networks like CNN and MSNBC just two for example.

    As one example, a Republican is being asked “will health care become Obama’s Waterloo?” or “Republicans hope health care will be Obama’s Waterloo” and so on. Waterloo a common theme throughout the news cycle.

    [Case in point, the far left and the elite media will distort anything, even Watertloo – Editor]

  10. noneofyourbusiness said

    Comments by supposed loons on the left do not equate to comments by political leaders no matter how hard you try to equate the two.

    [IUSB Vision Editor Responds –

    You mean like when Obama said, “We need to punch back twice as hard” and just hours later three SEIU thugs beat Kenneth Gladney and put him in the hospital?

    You mean like when Obama said, “If they bring a knife, you bring a gun”?

    You mean like when Obama said about the military – – and now many of our troops are getting attacked when coming home?

    You mean like when former White House adviser Van Jones cryptically praises the far left violence in France and Greece?

    You mean when Francis Fox Piven, one of the most praised far left academics of out time who was one of the major forces behind the “motor voter” bill and who also has been invited tyo the White House multiple times says that progressives should rise up like in the violence that has been occurring in Europe?

    You mean like William Ayers who ghost wrote one of the President’s books who still refuses to denounce violence and says that he wished he had done more?

    You mean like when John Murtha said that our Marines were cold blooded murderers?

    You mean like when Dick Durbin compared our troops to Nazi’s and Pol Pot?

    Senator Reid – ObamaCare protesters are “Evil Mongers”.

    The Atlantic Monthly – “Sarah Palin’s Vagina is the font of all evil”

    ABC multiple times – If you oppose Obama policy you are racist, if you go to a tea Party event you are racist etc.

    You should take a nice long look at our “violence” category. ]

  11. Indy said

    Liberals constantly embarrass themselves.They should at the very least check the facts before they post.

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