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Democrats inciting violence against Republicans Part IV, more calls for the death of Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on March 28, 2010

[Be sure to See Part I and Part II and Part III, Part V in progress. The other posts were getting so huge that I could not just keep updating them till they took up 5 feet of page space each, so time to start number four. Like the other three this will be continually updated – Editor]

UPDATE IILeft wing antisemite threatens life of GOP Congressman. Obviously this man was whipped up by the lies and false witness the elite media and the Democrats have been launching against Republicans. By the way, no Tea Party participants have been arrested or even credibly accused of violence, yet we have case after case as outlined in these four posts of violence against Tea Party participants and several arrests of SEIU Union/Obama HCAN thugs have been made, yet the elite media narrative says it is the Tea Party who is violent.

Mini Update – Suspect is a DNC donor! – LINK. Where is the elite media screaming from the walls now?



Via Radio Equalizer:

“Liberal” radio talk host Mike Malloy hate against Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly:


Ann Coulter takes “I Hate Glenn Beck”  Joy Behar to school on hate speech and threats:

Joy Behar, “I am very excited to be a member of the I hate Glenn Beck club…”

Joy Behar could go to any known campus including Bob Jones and Hillsdale etc and be treated just fine and will not need a bodyguard. Any noted conservative or republican would need a bodyguard. In Canada hundreds of armed students tried to get to Coulter yelling “burn her book”. They don’t learn that stuff in high school folks.


Via NewsBusters: NY Times Paul Krugman: “Reagan the anti-government fanatic” & “By all means, hang Joe Liebermann in effigy”.

CNN smears the now famed conservative journalist/film maker James O’Keefe – LINK

Hate voice mail sent to Republican Congressman Jean Schmidt:

This is exactly what the elite media and the Democrat leadership is inciting with their racist and violent invective. Need they be reminded that the head of the Republican Party is a black man named Michael Steele? Do they actually believe that if Joe Biden were president and had done the exact same policies that the 62% of the American people who oppose what is going on would be all for it? Of course they don’t.

By the way, there were a dozen video’s that taped the so called “spitting event” and guess what, it didn’t happen as the video clearly shows. Andrew Breitbart has a $10,000 reward for proof that racial epithets and or spitting at people was done at the DC Tea Party. So far no takers.


Democrat Leader Harry Reid goes shooting while Sarah Palin in townLINK.


More real left wing violence Via Powerline:

I attended the convention and remember the terrorist acts that were carried out by anti-Republican protesters very well. They threw bricks through the windows of buses, sending elderly convention delegates to the hospital. They dropped bags of sand off highway overpasses onto vehicles below. Fortunately, no one was killed.


Washington Post compares Tea Party to David Duke and George Wallace – LINK .. but no, they are not trying to incite people to violence…

New York Times: Conservatives are racist, sexist, homphobes  – LINK

CNN has been doing wall to wall incitement of violence against Republicans with their irresponsible “hate Republican” rhetoric

Via Newsbusters: CNN Convicts Palin and Tea Partiers of ‘Inciting Violence’ and Stoking Racism

On a side note, CNN Lowballs Nevada Tea Party Event: ‘Hundreds of People, at Least Dozens of People’; Politico Reports 20,000 – LINK

More to come you can be sure
UPDATEBricks thrown through GOP office windows in Charlottesville LINK:
Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, March 29, 2010; B06

Bricks were thrown through windows of a Republican Party office in the Charlottesville area late last week in an act that seemed similar to incidents of political vandalism reported elsewhere.

The damage in Charlottesville was discovered Friday morning at the headquarters of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, committee vice chairman Eric Seitz said Sunday.

Seitz said two bricks came through windows at the party’s offices on Albemarle Square on Thursday night or early Friday. A third damaged a window of an office used by Virginia Del. Robert B. Bell (R-Charlottesville) in the same building, Seitz said.

Seitz said the building’s windows are made of “very thick” double-pane glass and probably required considerable force to smash.

Upon seeing the bricks inside, he said: “Wow. . . . Somebody was very angry.”

County police confirmed that windows were broken. They said Sunday night that no arrests had been made.


The Conservative = Violent / Liberal = Non-Violent Myth:

How Dare They Call Us Racist! Andrew Breitbart At Searchlight, Nevada Tea Party Rally:

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