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How Media Manipulation Works: The careful out of context use of the film edit

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2010

Via Black & Right:

In this video you can see Ann Coulter answering the question about killing muslim terror leaders and converting them to Christianity. There is indeed much historical context to this as we have done this in Japan, Germany and South Korea. What the elite media did, to slander Miss Coulter, is to take a question from one student, edit out the thoughtful answer, snip to the video and Ann giving a flippant response to a heckler, but make it look like Ann answered the student’s question with the flippant comment.

This is full-blown journalistic malpractice and the elite media is happy to run with it. Here is the elite media clip followed by the REAL clip of what happened.

UPDATE – Via McLean’s Magazine:

Fatima Al Dhaher, the poor wee thing traumatized by Ann Coulter’s camel joke at the University of Western Ontario, was a member of a Facebook group called “It’s Called Palestine Not Israel,” committed to the elimination of the Jewish state and regarding its present occupants as “subhuman” “zionazis/kikeroaches.” I have no objection to Miss Al Dhaher pursuing her extracurricular enthusiasms, but she would seem, even for Canada, too parodic a poster gal for “restraint” and “civility.”

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