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Six months ago they said we were nuts, now they admit we are correct on ObamaCare

Posted by iusbvision on March 29, 2010

As we have stated previously and other analysis has also explained (LINKS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), this ObamaCare bill is designed to make our health care so expensive that we “cry out for a public option” as Nancy Pelosi said. The left said we were nuts, but now Al Sharpton, some on MSNBC are using the “S word” (socialism) openly going so far as even saying that socialism is what Obama campaigned on….

Obama on the transition process to nationalized health care.


Obama saying how he would do health care different form the Clinton’s, notice the transparency and process he is describing was never seriously attempted.

So six months ago we were “nuts” and now some on the left admit that we are right. Of course if one were still in denial over this and believes the video’s and information links above are totally innocent coincidences, at the very least you must admit that Obama gives very different messages when he is in front of different groups, showing that he is just a typical politician willing to tell you anything you want to hear at the time.

This one is just a bonus, definitely worth the 5 minutes. This video is from a left-wing, union supporting Obama voter who came to the realization that his president just doesn’t tell the truth. The shame is that this guy who is just waking up, doesn’t realize that this ObamaCare bill regulates the insurance industry in such a way that it is designed to blow them up and make health care costs skyrocket; using the Alinsky model they will blame capitalism and freedom for the problems they created and offer a government take over as the solution. –

One Response to “Six months ago they said we were nuts, now they admit we are correct on ObamaCare”

  1. Paul Geer said

    I’m not all that brilliant, I’m not too particularly smart either… but I did listen to Obama before the election, I did listen to John McCain and came to the conclusion John McCain would be easier to control than Obama. I didn’t care for John McCain all that much, but ever thing or “fact” he stated did check out. Nothing, that Obama said checked out, and much of what he said, and says now, does not make any good sense. How is it that I, not so brilliant, not so smart man, saw this mess coming, and voted for the lesser. Why did so many vote for Obama when every word out of his mouth where/are lies? I saw it! Did anyone listen to what Obama said, or did they just listen to the delivery? The media said Obama’s is a better speaker than John McCain. Is that what the voter listened to, a great speaker? I understand in Collage, there is a great emphasis placed on public speaking style. Well I guess I missed that one, and ended up listening to subsidence instead of symbolism, which is what Obama speaks.

    Obama is; Symbolism over subsidence… Hey, I think Rush would like that one!

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