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How Attitude Change Propaganda Works: Hate Group vs NPR vs Ann Coulter

Posted by iusbvision on March 31, 2010

A short lecture on attitude change propaganda, how it works, how subtle it can be and how new media is used to spread it. The comparison of two podcasts, one from a hate group, the other from NPR.

4 Responses to “How Attitude Change Propaganda Works: Hate Group vs NPR vs Ann Coulter”

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  2. JSawyer said

    If anyone in NPR’s generally intelligent listenership jumped up in a tizzy thinking Terry Gross meant ALL 9/11 widows when she mentioned “the recent flap over Ann Coulter’s remarks about the 9/11 widows.”… Well wait, it IS Ann Coulter. The “appeal to authority” you mentioned was on the totally unrelated subject of language in the rise of inflammatory media.

  3. JSawyer said

    I’ll take back my inflammatory comment “Well wait, it IS Ann Coulter”. I could think she’s a twisted lying ho * * * full of bile and not see why she’d say that.

  4. JSawyer said

    Sorry… I wasn’t aware of that spin on the story (Terry saying it that way sounds natural and I would expect NPR programs going into depth would be more precise) Listening again, I notice the linguist uses the same language… point taken!

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