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Obama in Campaign: “The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.”

Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

Another broken promise. As we have said before we have TONS of these. Obama will say anything to please the group that is in front of him. He is a typical Chicago politician.

Via Fight Foca:

Last year before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Barack Obama told pro-abortion activists: “The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.”

FOCA would establish the right to abortion as a fundamental right (like the right to free speech) and wipe away every restriction on abortion nationwide.

  • FOCA will do away with state laws on parental involvement, on partial birth abortion, and on all other protections.
  • FOCA will compel taxpayer funding of abortions.
  • FOCA will force faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform abortions.
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    Al Sharpton caught in straight up lie by Bill O’Reilly over the Tea Party smears. UPDATE – Washington Post Admits Error in Reporting of Event!

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    In the video Bill O’Reilly catches Al Sharpton in a straight up lie.

    Sharpton said that he new the tea Party crowd was yelling racial epithets at the black member sof Congress because he saw the tape, the truth is that there were cameras of all kinds all over that staged setup incedent and not one word of any such type can be found. Andrew Breitbart has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who can prove it happened. So far no takers.

    The good stuff is form 2:50 to 4: 46. Sharpton is straight up busted.

    Imagine if a Republican were caught in such a lie. How would the elite media react.

    What I would like to know is, why would Bill O’Reilly take the word of a politician over a dozen video’s of the event?

    USA Today:

    Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., told a reporter that as he left the Cannon House Office Building with Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a leader of the civil rights era, some among the crowd chanted “the N-word, the N-word, 15 times.” Both Carson and Lewis are black, and Lewis spokeswoman Brenda Jones also said that it occurred.

    Multiple video’s posted here, on youtube and at Big, prove beyond doubt that there were no such chants or slurs and especially not 15 times.They all lied.

    John Lewis also said on Oct. 11, 2008 that John McCain was a racist inciting hate like George Wallace who tried to keep black children from being educated. No one believed such nonsense. Lewis isn’t the first good man to be totally currputed by the beltway mentality who will say anything to satisfy the want for power and he wont be the last.

    O’Reilly won’t say it but I will, John Lewis you made it up for political gain. THE PROOF –

    UPDATEWashington Post:

    Two black Democrats, Reps. André Carson of Indiana and John Lewis of Georgia, said protesters subjected them to racial epithets. The episodes were recounted for days in Post stories and columns. Much blame was directed at Tea Party activists.

    But many readers, echoing conservative broadcasters and bloggers, insist the reports were exaggerated or that the events simply never took place.

    Post reports were “based on no proof at all and without even offering any evidence,” District reader Clarice Feldman charged in an e-mail.

    Conservative commentator and blogger Andrew Breitbart has accused Lewis and Carson of fabricating claims of racial epithets to “create the impression that the ‘tea party’ movement is racist.” He initially offered $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund for video evidence of the slurs. It’s now $100,000. “They didn’t expect someone would challenge them on this,” Breitbart told me. “What idiot would challenge John Lewis,” a civil rights movement icon? “Well, I’m that idiot.”

    YouTube videos show the spitting incident took place as Cleaver and other black lawmakers passed through a gantlet of rowdy protesters on the steps outside the Cannon House Office Building. Amid booing and chants of “kill the bill,” Cleaver is seen reacting as he passes screaming protesters. He turns, points an accusing finger and appears to chastise one, who is shouting nonstop. As he continues up the steps, Cleaver uses his hand to wipe a protester’s saliva from his face.

    Cleaver was hit with spit, but whether it was deliberate is very much in question. The video suggests he was unintentionally sprayed by the screaming protester. The distinction is significant because it fundamentally changes widespread media characterizations of what occurred. The Post and other news organizations left the impression of a despicable, premeditated assault. With videos of the incident so prevalent on liberal and conservative Web sites, and with the question being so widely raised in the blogosphere and on cable channels, The Post was remiss in not providing clarity by quickly dissecting what happened. (Cleaver’s office did not return repeated calls seeking comment for this column.)

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    Busted: Elite Media Quoted Sources to “Racial Epithets” BEFORE those sources reported it themselves… UPDATED!

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Members of Congress have stated that Tea Party people were “chanting racial epithets 15 times”  as the article below states and links to, but the problem is that there are a dozen video’s of those members of Congress walking through the Tea Party crowd and it didn’t happen, so of course they, and the elite media, just said it did anyway. Now we have evidence that some in the elite media had the story in hand before the event even took place. – See the update for the timeline. The evidence is getting stonger by the hour.

    Via Big

    The American Thinker did an outstanding job describing the events on March 20th, when democratic members of Congress in Washington DC were reportedly taunted by tea party activists with racial and sexual slurs. It appears from the timeline of the events that this race-baiting story was in the works before the Black Caucus members paraded through the tea party crowd on Capitol Hill.

    Now Doug Ross found this—–

    released their story on the reported attacks on the Black Caucus members at 4:51 PM EST. The McClatchy reporter William Douglas refers to Huffington Post contributor Sam Stein as a source in his article.

    But… The Huffington Post did not post their article until 4:56 PM EST:


    It looks like the democratic-media complex was working on this story before it even occurred.

    …If it even occurred.

    The Black Caucus members and democratic-media complex STILL have not provided any proof that the N-word was said once, let alone 15 times, as Rep. Andre Carson claimed.

    Andrew Breitbart has more.

    UPDATE – The first reporter “reported” it 4 minutes after Representative Carson left for his stroll towards the Tea Party crowd. DirectorBlue has the timeline. Check the link for more updates.

    Reminder – John Lewis also said on Oct. 11, 2008 that John McCain was a racist inciting hate like George Wallace who tried to keep black children from being educated. No one believed such nonsense. Lewis isn’t the first good man to be totally currputed by the beltway mentality who will say anything to satisfy the want for power and he wont be the last.


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    Fox News Record Ratings: Holds top 13 programs on cable

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

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    CNN ratings down 40% in a year. ABC, CBS tanking as well.

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010


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    What Happened to the “Green Jobs” Economy? Solar Panel Plants Fleeing United States

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    While some panel production is staying in the US, most is fleeing, but with the new steep obamacare taxes and mandates and a new energy tax being proposed in Congress by Democrats, who knows if even that little bit will stay.

    But good news, the worlds largest solar panel plant is being built… in DUBAI.

    Washington Post:

    BP closing Maryland solar manufacturing plant

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    BP will close its solar-panel manufacturing plant in Frederick, the final step in moving its solar business out of the United States to facilities in China, India and other countries.

    Just 3 1/2 years ago, in an announcement widely hailed by Maryland officials and promoters of “green jobs,” BP unveiled a $70 million plan to double output at the facility and erected a building to house the production lines.

    But on Friday the company said it would lay off 320 workers and keep only a hundred people involved in research, sales and project development. BP said laid-off employees would receive full pay and benefits for three months, followed by severance packages and job-placement assistance. The company, unable to sell or lease the building, will tear it down.


    GE To Close Its Solar-Panel Manufacturing Plant In Delaware


    NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- General Electric Co. (GE) plans to shut down its only solar-panel manufacturing facility, as it found that prices for panels fell below production costs, Clean Technology Insight has learned.

    “On October 23 we announced the restructuring of our solar business to employees and our intent to close the Newark [Del.] facility,” said Milissa Rocker, spokeswoman for the company, in an interview.

    BP Solar International Inc., part of BP PLC (BP), announced in April that it would close panel production in Frederick, Md., and in Madrid, eliminating 620 positions. It also is drawing more on outsourced manufacturing through Chinese suppliers.

    Evergreen Solar Inc., meanwhile, said on Wednesday that it will move solar- panel assembly from its Devens, Mass., factory, to China next year. Energy Conversion Devices Inc., a maker thin-film solar panels, has also slowed production in Michigan even as it plans to start production in China.

    Schott Solar Inc. shut down production at its 15-megawatt solar-panel production facility in Billerica, Mass., in July.

    At least we still have that solar panel plant in Mississippi.

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    Solar-panel farm runs into bureaucratic roadblocks

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Government is just sooooo efficient isn’t it?

    USA Today (Hat Tip HotAir):

    The company proposed a 2,000-acre solar farm, named Beacon, on fallow agricultural land on the edge of California’s Mojave Desert. The site has the great desert sun but is on degraded land near a freeway, an auto test track and old buildings.

    The site “is exactly where solar should be,” says David Myers, head of conservation group Wildlands Conservancy.

    But two years later, NextEra still awaits permission to begin construction from the California Energy Commission, which grants permits on such projects after environmental reviews. Time is running short, not only for NextEra but for several dozen green-energy projects in California. Ground must be broken on them before year’s end to get federal stimulus funds worth 30% of the projects’ cost. …

    Yet the sheer number and size of the California projects, especially a dozen huge solar farms unlike anything regulators have reviewed in 20 years, is stressing agencies and stakeholders alike. No other state has so many huge solar projects in the pipeline. Billions of dollars in stimulus funds ride on whether the permitting process can be sped up without sacrificing California’s stringent environmental standards.

    No corners are being cut, regulators say. But some environmentalists fear that the tight deadlines will lead to projects that could’ve been better with more time. And companies say that some projects, like NextEra’s, have suffered delays born of inefficient permitting.

    Real nice huh… with efficiency like this maybe we should trust the government with our health care …

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    Winston Group Survey: Tea Party are people who want to see economic results

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Wait, you mean these folks are people just like you and me? Looks like the elite media lied again….

    The Winston Group found nothing extreme or racist about the Tea Party at all.

    The Winston Group:

    Behind the Headlines: What’s driving the Tea Party Movement?

    New polling data examines the demographics and political philosophy behind the Tea Party Movement

    In one of the most extensive looks to date at just who Tea Party activists are, how they think, and the ideas that matter to them, the report found that 17% of the people polled considered themselves “part of the Tea Party movement” and more than four in ten Tea Party members said they were either Independents or Democrats.

    In three national surveys, done for New Models from December 2009 through February 2010, 57% of Tea Party members called themselves Republicans, another 28% said they were Independents, and 13% were Democrats. Two-thirds of Tea Party members identify as conservatives but 26% say they are moderate and 8% described themselves as liberal.

    Tea Party members prioritize job creation over deficit, spending, and tax issues. However, they view these items as critical precisely because they are seen as a means to reducing unemployment and improving the economy. Tea Party members are very dissatisfied with the current direction of the country, the policies of the administration, and those currently in office, and as a result the Tea Party movement is breaking heavily in favor of the Republican Party. This is a movement defined by its focus not just on the policies of economic conservatism but on the desired economic outcomes.

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    Hate on MSNBC – Ed Schultz

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    This is a video you have got to see.

    Thanks to Bob Parks.

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    Illinois Democrat on ObamaCare: I don’t worry about the Constitution

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Citizen journalists doing what Katie Couric isn’t competent enough to do….

    Via our friends at

    All things considered, this clip’s more depressing than the already legendary Hank Johnson clip from last night. Like Madam Speaker, not only does he regard the novel and crucial constitutional issue involved to be beside the point, he almost seems irritated to be asked about it. Reason 8,293,511 why Americans now feel such utter contempt for their representatives.

    Oh, and he might be surprised to know that O-Care really doesn’t insure everyone. I didn’t realize that point was still in dispute, least of all for a guy who’s read the bill, ahem, three times.

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    California’s last auto plant shuts its doors

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Is the cost of government too high yet?

    AP Via Breitbart News:

    The last car has rolled off the production lines at California’s sole auto plant.

    Workers are trickling out of the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Fremont as they complete their tasks and the plant readies to shut down.

    Nearby, job centers have been set up to help the newly unemployed figure out benefits, retraining and other options.

    The plant made Toyota Tacoma trucks and Corolla sedans. The last Tacoma rolled off the assembly lines last week, and Corolla production ended Thursday.

    The plant began 25 years ago as a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors Co. GM pulled out last year, and Toyota later announced it would halt production, eliminating about 4,700 jobs.

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    Verizon: ObamaCare Bill Will Cost us $970 MIllion

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Congress in the mean time is trying to shut these companies up, far left blogs are giving the old “it’s those evil racist corporations trying to get Obama” nonsense. The truth  is that for these publically traded companies these expectation reports are mandated by law.

    Bloomberg News:

    April 2 (Bloomberg) — Verizon Communications Inc., the second-largest U.S. phone company, became the latest company to record a cost related to the U.S. health-care overhaul, saying it will incur a $970 million expense.

    The one-time, non-cash cost will be taken in the first quarter, New York-based Verizon said yesterday in a regulatory filing.

    Verizon follows AT&T Inc., the biggest U.S. carrier, Deere & Co., Caterpillar Inc. and other companies in disclosing similar expenses after losing a tax benefit for retiree plans. The costs may reduce corporate profits by as much as $14 billion as companies account for the impact of the health-care reforms, according to benefits consulting firm Towers Watson.

    “While it is a non-cash charge, it does reflect real value destruction, based on expected cash flows over the life of the company,” said Jonathan Schildkraut, an analyst at Jefferies & Co. in New York. Schildkraut, who anticipated Verizon would book an expense of about $750 million, advises investors to buy the company’s shares and doesn’t own any himself.

    AT&T said March 26 it would record $1 billion in costs in the first quarter related to the changes.

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    The Education Cartel – ‘The Cartel’ is a Damning Expose of Public Education

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Via Big

    Despite the fact that the United States spends more per student on education than any other nation in the world, students of the American educational system have scored well below average on worldwide rankings of mathematical and literacy proficiency.  Why is this?  The engaging and thought-provoking documentary, “The Cartel,” attempts to answer that very question.  Using New Jersey, the number one state in educational spending, as an example, the film investigates the various obstacles that stand between our country’s children and a first rate education.

    While the film delved into numerous issues, from bloated salaries to lack of oversight in spending, two of them were the most infuriating.  The first is the fact that the teachers’ union vehemently opposes any meaningful reform that it sees as a threat to its power.  While, as the film expresses, there are plenty of individual teachers who care about their students and put forth their best effort in the classroom, the NEA has become a bloated political organization that is interested only in protecting its power rather than in educating the students it pretends are its highest priority.  For instance, the NEA and its state chapters exert massive political influence over who is chosen to fill administrative posts that will negotiate contracts with them.  This enable them to keep policies in place such as the tenure system that manifests itself in a ridiculously unbelievable 99.97% teacher retention rate in New Jersey.  Watching Joyce Powell, head of the NJEA, try to spin her way around the facts presented to her is both laughable and maddening.  Until this mammoth self-serving organization can be dismantled, reforming public education will continue to be futile endeavor.

    The political interests of the NEA, coupled with an educational bureaucracy that refuses to allow reform, enables this scenario to play out across our country again and again, as more and more students fall through the cracks of a severely corrupted school system.  It would seem obvious that the quality of our childrens’ educational experience would be our primary consideration when evaluating our educational system, but “The Cartel” unveils the corruption that allows our children to instead find themselves almost entirely ignored.  The film will begin playing in New York City and Los Angeles on April 16, and roll into other cities in the following weeks.  Check out the website for a detailed schedule of screenings and to find an action center where you can get more information on how to fight for the best possible education for your child.  If there is one thing we can all agree on, regardless of political background, our children deserve better.

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    Dr. Victor Davis Hanson on the lack of military education among Americans and its consequences.

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    It starts out just a tad dry but gets interesting pretty fast. If you are interested in education you should watch this video.

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    Brilliant Black Man: ObamaCare — You’re Entitled

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    As always, if you disagree or critique the brilliant black man in any way, it automatically means you are a racist.

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    Psychologist on the Left’s Lack of Empathy

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Dr. Helen Smith (2):

    I often feel bad for those on the right such as Jeff Goldstein who try to make sense of someone on the left who treats them with disdain and disgust. Goldstein received an email from an old creative writing professor recently saying that he was disturbed by Goldstein’s writings and wanted Goldstein to remove his name from his “about page.” When Goldstein called Brian Kiteley, the professor, up on the phone for clarification, Kiteley called him names:

    So I dialed him up and he answered. When I told him who was calling, he let out a forced “laugh” — I presume to show his bemused exasperation with my gall at having contacted him — and, when pressed, he called me a “jerk”.

    Initially, Goldstein says he was hurt by his professor’s intolerant attitude, but then, his hurt rightly turned to anger. This professor tolerated free speech only for liberal ideas. But shouldn’t we all have the right to free speech? Apparently, only if it’s left-leaning. And one would think a creative writing professor might be above this. But the problem is, he may have a blind spot when it comes to those on the right.

    Jonathan Haidt, a professor at the University of Virginia and author of The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, found that conservatives could more readily put themselves in the shoes of liberals and understand morally where they were coming from. The reverse was not true of liberals. They have little understanding of those with opposing views to their own. As Haidt states:

    “I think of liberals as colorblind,” he says in a hushed tone that conveys the quiet intensity of a low-key crusader. “We have finely tuned sensors for harm and injustice but are blind to other moral dimensions. Look at the way the word ‘wall’ is used in liberal discourse. It’s almost always related to the idea that we have to knock them down.”

    Why are liberals unable to sympathize with conservatives? I offer three possibilities. First, I often wonder if this “blind spot” for conservatives is similar to the psychopath who cannot comprehend the morality of those who are “normal.” At the present time, there is no known cure for treating the psychopath. Trying to get someone on the left to see where a conservative is coming from may be as difficult as trying to change the mind of a psychopath. Perhaps that will happen one day.

    Dr. Helen Smith

    I am not saying here that liberals are psychopaths, for this would be incorrect for the most part. What I am saying is that their inability to understand the morality of conservatives makes them unable to understand their point of view, just as a psychopath does not understand the morality of normal people.

    So just remember that next time a liberal treats you poorly, it may not be his or her fault. Like the psychopath who has no empathy for his fellow human being, liberals may have a blind spot when it comes to having any empathy or understanding for their conservative brethren. It often makes a psychopath worse to show empathy for him, as he will take advantage of it.

    The second possibility is that liberals do have the capacity to empathize with conservatives, but they do not have to do so because of the liberal bubble they mostly live in. Schools, the media, and many of the cities they live in lean left. This means that there is no incentive to understand other ideas and there are no consequences for showing disgust and ugly feelings towards conservatives. Thus, Goldstein’s ex-professor feels free to vent at him — knowing that few will care.

    For example, if a Republican vents at a Democrat, he or she will be seen as a “hate-monger.” For an example of this, notice how Eric Cantor can have his office shot at and it is played down with all kinds of excuses, while if the tea partiers are said to have shouted at Democrats without any proof, it is taken as the gospel truth, with no video needed. The left are just “innocent victims.”

    So what is the prescription here for those of us who are conservative or libertarian? There may be no way to get the “other side” to understand our views, for they may not have the capacity to do so. Until the lack of empathy for conservatives miraculously changes, we might do better to grow our own ranks, getting more of us involved, rather than trying to rationalize our own views to the other side. Giving in only wastes valuable time that could be put to better use and makes liberals more likely to treat us poorly.

    At the same time, we should consider that it could be a lack of consequences that allows liberals to lack empathy or understanding for their fellow right-leaning citizens. Expanding right-leaning media and exposing liberals to ridicule and consequences (e.g., Andrew Breitbart) might then be the correct path to take, for the ease with which they attack may decrease once they realize that they will not get off scott-free as they once did.

    Finally, and my third possibility, is it could be lack of education that allows the left to lack empathy. They are not exposed to right-leaning and libertarian ideas. For example, how many classes at school are teaching about the ideas of Hayek, Friedman, and Rand? If kids grow up without this information, they may turn into adults who lack the ability to understand other points of view.

    Perhaps a combination of all three is needed: expanding right-leaning media, getting more people involved, and making sure consequences are dealt out to those liberals who lie and treat conservatives with disrespect. Yes, this means all of us speaking up wherever we are when we hear false, inflammatory, or just plain mean remarks made about conservatives. And finally, clamoring for more diverse educational topics and literature in the schools and media would be helpful.

    Conservatives shouldn’t back down on any of this, ever. For it is persistence and consistency that will eventually win the day. The left did it for decades and it clearly works. The left’s advantage has been that the right caves and is so worried about appearing moral that they back down, conceding any power. The right’s advantage is that we understand how the other side thinks, while they do not. Keep this in mind when you think about strategies to keep our liberties and freedoms intact.

    If you have some better or different ideas about strategies for conservatives or libertarians in dealing with the left’s disrespect and lack of empathy, drop it in the comment section.


    My answer, train in rhetoric, history, philosophy, politics and economics and defeat their “ideas” for central control in front of others. Nothing short of an apiffany will get a leftist to crack open their closed minds.

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    Obama’s Offshore Drilling Talk All Rhetoric – Sarah Palin Responds

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    This talk is designed to try to get one or two senators to vote for the Cap & Tax broad-based energy tax which Obama said would make your energy bills skyrocket.

    Stuart Varney from FBN takes the nicey nice approach, but still gets the point across.

    By the way, Cuba China and Russia are going for oil just off our shores for the sole purpose of selling it back to us. The blame for us not getting those resources falls squarely on the Democratic Party.

    Sarah Palin responds in National Review:

    Many Americans fear that President Obama’s new energy proposal is once again “all talk and no real action,” this time in an effort to shore up fading support for the Democrats’ job-killing cap-and-trade (a.k.a. cap-and-tax) proposals. Behind the rhetoric lie new drilling bans and leasing delays; soon to follow are burdensome new environmental regulations.  Instead of “drill, baby, drill,” the more you look into this the more you realize it’s “stall, baby, stall.”

    Today the president said he’ll “consider potential areas for development in the mid and south Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, while studying and protecting sensitive areas in the Arctic.” As the former governor of one of America’s largest energy-producing states, a state oil and gas commissioner, and chair of the nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, I’ve seen plenty of such studies. What we need is action — action that results in the job growth and revenue that a robust drilling policy could provide.  And let’s not forget that while Interior Department bureaucrats continue to hold up actual offshore drilling from taking place, Russia is moving full steam ahead on Arctic drilling, and China, Russia, and Venezuela are buying leases off the coast of Cuba.

    As an Alaskan, I’m especially disheartened by the new ban on drilling in parts of the 49th state and the cancellation of lease sales in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas. These areas contain rich oil and gas reserves whose development is key to our country’s energy security. As I told Secretary Salazar last April, “Arctic exploration and development is a slow, demanding process. Delays or major restrictions in accessing these resources for environmentally responsible development are not in the national interest or the interests of the State of Alaska.”

    I’ve got to call it like I see it: The administration’s sudden interest in offshore drilling is little more than political posturing designed to gain support for job-killing energy legislation soon to come down the pike.  I’m confident that GOP senators will not take the bait.

    Next week I’m headed to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, where I look forward to discussing what “Drill, baby, drill” really means.

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    3 Reasons Public Sector Unions are Killing the Economy

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Gee, look at what public sector unions have done for our schools…..

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    Capitalism vs Socialism .. the perfect analogy

    Posted by iusbvision on April 2, 2010

    Via Iron Curtain and the Republican Heretic:

    Steve Latter, an economics professor at Texas Tech said he had never failed a single student before but had, once, failed an entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said ok, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism.

    So what did Prof Latter do??  I love this – Editor

    All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A. After the first test the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. But, as the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too; so they studied little. The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around the average was an F.

    The scores never increased as bickering, blame, and name calling all resulted in hard feelings as no one would study any longer for the benefit of anyone else. All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because under capitalism when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great; but when the government levels the playing field and takes more of reward away; no one will try or want to succeed as much as before.

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