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Video: Rachel Maddow and Elite Media Incite Violence and Hate to FreedomWorks

Posted by iusbvision on April 7, 2010

Content Warning: These are a small sample of voice mails to the public policy institute FreedomWorks from those who claim a monopoly on love and tolerance.


Some money quotes:

“Be careful what you wish for – the right to bear arms means that everyone can bear arms.”

“We will be fighting you to the death.”

“I’m so glad that I saw Rachel Maddow. She’s brilliant. She’s absolutely fantastic. And her diagnosis of the ills of the American right are so right on. I mean, basically, what you’re doing is just saying no. You’re like belligerent children. You have no concept of how hard people have worked to get this together, and to make sure that we win. We WILL win, and will continue. That’s why Obama got elected.”

“We are now organized. We will show up at your town meetings, and your town halls, and trust me, it’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Sounds pretty threatening to me… but will Rachel condemn this? I’m sure she won’t. How about any of these phone calls, posted back in August? 

I’ll be the first to say that the calls to violence that are floating around both sides are inappropriate. It’s not productive, and makes everyone look bad. The media isn’t helping the situation by feeding stories that may or may not (and are most likely not) true from last weekend’s Tea Party rallies in Washington…

One Response to “Video: Rachel Maddow and Elite Media Incite Violence and Hate to FreedomWorks”

  1. Missionary James said

    These imbeciles talk about their love and loyalties to this DEMOCRACY. THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM. We are not a Democracy, we are a REPUBLIC. Shows how much they know about our Country and it’s History & Foundation. These imbeciles are ready to fight & take up arms to defend an illusion, a figment of their imagination. What is sadder, is this: Most of these Imbeciles do not know the difference between a DEMOCRACY and a REPUBLIC….If you are one of these Imbeciles reading this Posted comment, please explain the difference between the two…….

    Having said ALL THAT… don’t even know who the Founder of the Public School System and the Author of the Bill for the Public School System here in America….what to take a stab?

    Further, you don’t even know what the 1st 2-Laws that were enacted by our 1st Congress….this one I will answer and am now envisioning the Distortions and expressions on your Face as you read this Answer in Disbelief, but I assure you….it is true and I challenge you to prove me wrong!


    1) First Law was a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving
    2) Second was to PRINT 50,000 Gutenberg Bibles to be distributed throughout the 13-Colonies, for 3-Reasons:
    a) So that the Illiterate of our Country may learn to Read
    b) As they learn to read, they will learn Right from Wrong so that….
    c) They in turn would hold their Elected Officials to those Rights & Wrongs found in the Holy Scriptures

    Hello????? Any challengers???? And trust me also when I say…..Don’t even try to spew the MYTH that our Founding fathers were DEIST or SECULARIST in response this answer above. It too does not hold water and I will once again prove you wrong with the Facts and then, in turn, get another kick out of your Willingly Ignorant Expressions and Distortions on your imbecilic faces!

    I warn you….If you disagree, AND RESPOND in Disagreement, you are free to do so, and i welcome you to do so, but, you will eat those words and will find NO FACTS to the Contrary. And please do not try and quote that book that came out in 1927 or 1928 that had NO FOOTNOTES or QUOTES from ANYONE, that declared our founding Fathers to be DEIST and Founded a Secular Nation……that BOOK that you PROGRESSIVES love to quote and TEACH in our Universities and Colleges to this day….was DEBUNKED in 1929 when American History Scholars put out a BOOK WITH FOOTNOTES & QUOTES from our FOUNDING FATHERS declaring the 1927 or 1928 Book as a JOKE, a FRAUD and an INSULT to truth, our Founding fathers and American Citizens.

    In his Service,

    Missionary James

    [In short, Missionary James dares you to read the original sources, of 19,000 letters written by the Founders, secylar progressives only talk about 6. Find out why. – Editor]

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