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Totally Awesome Video: Know More About the Founders In Minutes Than Most People with a Masters Degree.

Posted by iusbvision on April 10, 2010

If even by now you do not understand the full extent of public education failure and academic malpractice, you will start to understand after watching this.

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McLean’s Magazine: Canadian Police Told Not to Protect Coulter, “Innocent” muslim girl in video is part of a group to destroy Israel, and the same crowd that used violence against Coulter in the name of fighting racism had just staged the antsemitic “Israeli aparthied week”

Posted by iusbvision on April 10, 2010

As usual, the elite media omits key facts to set up a false narrative and in the case of the coverage of the recent Ann Coulter trip to Canada this should be expected. By the way, the “famous” video of Coulter making a crack to a Muslim girl about “take a camel” didn’t happen; the elite media took two clips from Ann talking to two different people and edited them and spliced them together to again set up a totally false narrative. To see the unedited video go HERE.

UPDATE – Let’s talk about this so called “Israeli aparthied week”; apartheid is evil and that is not a subject that is in serious debate. So if it is called Israeli apartheid week than Israel does apartheid and therefore Jews are evil and should be attacked, because they support apartheid and are evil. Make no mistake that this is the narrative.

Well that narrative was carried out in Canada where a Jewish student and his dorm-mate where attacked by an armed group of students speaking anti-Israeli slogans. Jihad  Watch has details.


As for Ottawa’s coppers, they certainly demonstrated that famously Canadian “restraint.” Faced with a law-abiding group engaging in legal activity and a bunch of thugs trying to prevent it, the police declined to maintain order. As George Jonas wrote, “Ottawa’s finest exemplified Canada’s definition of moral leadership by observing neutrality between lawful and lawless.” Allan Rock’s weasels attempted to defend themselves by pointing out that it was not the university but the organizers who cancelled the event. They did so because the police said they could not “guarantee security.” You’re certainly free to proceed, but, as David Warren pointed out, your liability insurance will decline to cover any damage if you go ahead against the coppers’ advice.

There seems to be rather a lot of this in the True North restrained and civil. I’m not just referring to obvious surrenders such as Caledonia, but to the bizarre episode of TVO’s The Agenda broadcast from the Munk Centre last week. No Ann Coulter around, only the finance minister of Ontario. But a Coulteresque mob rushed the stage, and the host Steve Paikin had to insert himself between protesters and the minister. “Regardless of what you thought of yesterday’s budget,” wrote Paikin, “I don’t believe guests who agree to appear on The Agenda ought to get beaten up.”

Oh, c’mon, you pussy. Where’s your commitment to social justice? As in Ottawa, law enforcement declined to enforce the law, the OPP remaining in the wings as thugs rushed the stage. “The police, I’m told, were urged not to intervene,” Paikin explained, “lest pictures of demonstrators being hauled off by the cops show up all over YouTube.”

True. You might haul off a Muslim or a lesbian and find yourself in “human rights” hell. Better just to linger nonchalantly by the side until it’s all over: O Canada, we stand around for thee. Her Majesty’s Constabulary seem to be sending the message that violence pays—at least for approved identity groups. That doesn’t seem a prudent strategy.

As for the media, they’ve long been too cowed by political correctness to do even elementary research. It took the blogger Blazing Cat Fur to discover that Fatima Al Dhaher, the poor wee thing traumatized by Ann Coulter’s camel joke at the University of Western Ontario, was a member of a Facebook group called “It’s Called Palestine Not Israel,” committed to the elimination of the Jewish state and regarding its present occupants as “subhuman” “zionazis/kikeroaches.” I have no objection to Miss Al Dhaher pursuing her extracurricular enthusiasms, but she would seem, even for Canada, too parodic a poster gal for “restraint” and “civility.”


She’s a great defender of the state of Israel, for example. Whereas the students the CJC praised for shutting her down are the same crowd who organized “Israeli Apartheid Week.” Given a choice between a steadfast friend of Israel and the new and ubiquitous campus Judenhass, the CJC characteristically chose the latter. For years, Bernie Farber’s CJC has never met a state censor it didn’t like. Now, it’s extolling the virtues of mob rule. By the “Israeli Apartheid” gang. Granted that the only plausible explanation for the CJC is that it’s an Islamist front organization, you surely don’t want to make it too obvious.

That seems an appropriately logical reductio for multiculturalism: the subhuman zionazis and the Riot Against Israeli Apartheid executive committee united by their opposition to Ann Coulter. Celebrate diversity! Thus, the new Canada: intolerance is “tolerance”; mob rule is “restraint”; “kike­roaches” is “civility”; law enforcement is optional; jokes are actionable; up is down; black is white; “conflict studies” majors are rioting; Steve Paikin interviewing the Ontario finance minister on public television makes Jerry Springer interviewing transsexuals who date their ex-wives’ dads look like Jack Paar hosting Kitty Carlisle Hart; and sticks and stones may break your bones, but Rocks like Allan will issue a soothing press release. What an Olympic opening ceremony it would make.

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Obama Appoints Radicallized Union Lawyer to NLRB

Posted by iusbvision on April 10, 2010

His name is Craig Becker and he thinks that he can unilaterally change the law to impose “card check” and impose unions on employees without their consent. …speaking of guys who don’t recognize the limits of their office…..

Of course Obama uses a recess appointment because there is no way this guy could get confirmed by the Senate.

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