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Left Wing Groups Promising to Incite at April 15th Tea Party Events

Posted by iusbvision on April 12, 2010

It is all over the left-wing blogs. Left wing activists plan to show up to Tea Party events with racist signs, poorly spelled signs and intend to act like jack asses for the media. 

If you spot them get a police officer immediately. The Tea Party gets a protest permit to exercise not just the right of free speech, but to exercise the 1st Amendment right of expressive association. If someone shows up who is contrary to the message and is causing trouble they can and should be asked to leave, even if the police have to help them along. Such agitators are violating your rights. 

See my guide on How to spot an ACORN agitator at a Tea Party 

ACORN Agitator at Tea Party

Look at this guy with the professionally produced sign. Look at the reference to the show “In Living Color” which featured all black comedians; thus the not so subtle tie in with where Obama’s father is from and a racism angle. This message was carefully thought out with obvious advertising association techniques. Also notice how only one guy is standing near this agitator and how he has these big signs that are not on sticks so his sign provided the perfect contrast and focal point against the dark grass for a photographer. 

Putting this sign on a stick in the sky would not have made for a good clear photo and other legit signs may have drawn a viewer’s eye.  Surprise surprise, this picture has been farmed to far left blogs as “typical” of what was seen at the tea parties. The truth is that Tea Party organizers would have asked the police to ask this joker to leave on the spot; so they come in get their photo-op and leave. If you see anyone with a sign like this ask them to leave and get the attention of a police officer immediately. 


Tea Party Etiquette 

1. Do not wear camo attire period. The media will zone in on the worst looking guy or the guy they will call an armed militia member. They will call anyone wearing camo that if they are an armed militia member or not. If you wear camo attire to a Tea Party event you are a moron who should be asked to leave. 

2. Have some ready-made talking points ready that are sourced about the stimulus and the ObamaCare bill…. and by sourced I mean SOURCED. The media will be looking to play pop the question with a random member in the crowd to make them look like an idiot. DONT BE THAT IDIOT. If you do not know what to say have a “go-to” person that the media can talk to and bring the reporter straight to them. If you are a person who gets emotional do NOT talk to the media. 

3. If you spot one of these LaRouche Democrats who have been bringing nazi signs to the Tea Party events, any Alex Jones wackos or ELF or SEIU/ACORN agitators get an organizer or the police immediately. These people will be trying to get media attention. If you spot an agitator roll some pictures and/or video. Get the video and pictures to blogs like this one. We have resources to identify these people. If you spot a wacko, contact an organizer and have that person escorted out no matter how offended they try to act. 

4. When the cameras are there or a press interview is happening have a ready-made and pre-selected crowd to stand behind said person being interviewed. Agitators will try to get themselves or a sign into the shot. If someone is being interviewed, do NOT distract them, they are nervous enough as it is.



UPDATE – A commentor ads the following:

No way to get in touch with you, my friend. Could you find a place to mention this, please:


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NY Times says that interns may be an illegal dodge of labor law, but guess who uses unpaid interns…

Posted by iusbvision on April 12, 2010

You guessed it, the NY Times.

In some cases interns are exploited as often they are skilled free labor, but other times they add needed experience to skill sets for those wealthy enough to work for free.

Prof. William Jacobson:

The NY Times ran an article yesterday about the growth of unpaid internships, Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say:

With job openings scarce for young people, the number of unpaid internships has climbed in recent years, leading federal and state regulators to worry that more employers are illegally using such internships for free labor….

[Nancy J.] Leppink said many employers failed to pay even though their internships did not comply with the six federal legal criteria that must be satisfied for internships to be unpaid. Among those criteria are that the internship should be similar to the training given in a vocational school or academic institution, that the intern does not displace regular paid workers and that the employer “derives no immediate advantage” from the intern’s activities — in other words, it’s largely a benevolent contribution to the intern.

Which companies have unpaid internships? Well, the NY Times, for one (italics mine):

Academic-Year Internships

The New York Times invites ambitious, motivated graduate students in journalism to apply for semester-long internships on one of our news desks. Working alongside our reporters and editors, students can expect to observe news events, evaluate news releases and competitors’ stories for possible coverage, and have their work critiqued by New York Times staffers.

To be eligible, students must provide letters from their colleges or universities stating that they are receiving academic credit for the internship and providing the contact information for the professor or academic professional responsible for monitoring internships.

Students should expect to write several articles during their semester at The Times and will receive pay at minimum freelance rates for these news stories, as well as for any legwork or stringing. The internship itself is unpaid.

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Obama Bows to Chinese Communist

Posted by iusbvision on April 12, 2010

Is anyone getting sick of this yet?

Why did the White House deny bowing to the Saudi King and the rest of them when he keeps on doing this?

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Washington Post Admits Error and Misleading Public on Tea Party Coverage

Posted by iusbvision on April 12, 2010

Washington Post:

Two black Democrats, Reps. André Carson of Indiana and John Lewis of Georgia, said protesters subjected them to racial epithets. The episodes were recounted for days in Post stories and columns. Much blame was directed at Tea Party activists.

But many readers, echoing conservative broadcasters and bloggers, insist the reports were exaggerated or that the events simply never took place.

Post reports were “based on no proof at all and without even offering any evidence,” District reader Clarice Feldman charged in an e-mail.

Conservative commentator and blogger Andrew Breitbart has accused Lewis and Carson of fabricating claims of racial epithets to “create the impression that the ‘tea party’ movement is racist.” He initially offered $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund for video evidence of the slurs. It’s now $100,000. “They didn’t expect someone would challenge them on this,” Breitbart told me. “What idiot would challenge John Lewis,” a civil rights movement icon? “Well, I’m that idiot.”

YouTube videos show the spitting incident took place as Cleaver and other black lawmakers passed through a gantlet of rowdy protesters on the steps outside the Cannon House Office Building. Amid booing and chants of “kill the bill,” Cleaver is seen reacting as he passes screaming protesters. He turns, points an accusing finger and appears to chastise one, who is shouting nonstop. As he continues up the steps, Cleaver uses his hand to wipe a protester’s saliva from his face.

Cleaver was hit with spit, but whether it was deliberate is very much in question. The video suggests he was unintentionally sprayed by the screaming protester. The distinction is significant because it fundamentally changes widespread media characterizations of what occurred. The Post and other news organizations left the impression of a despicable, premeditated assault. With videos of the incident so prevalent on liberal and conservative Web sites, and with the question being so widely raised in the blogosphere and on cable channels, The Post was remiss in not providing clarity by quickly dissecting what happened. (Cleaver’s office did not return repeated calls seeking comment for this column.)

Reminder – John Lewis also said on Oct. 11, 2008 that John McCain was a racist inciting hate like George Wallace who tried to keep black children from being educated. No one believed such nonsense. Lewis isn’t the first good man to be totally currputed by the beltway mentality who will say anything to satisfy the want for power and he wont be the last.

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