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Question of the Day? Who is inciting violence?

Posted by iusbvision on April 19, 2010

With all of this lecturing from the far left about provocative, inciteful and/or inappropriate language; I would like to know:

1. When Obama said that we should punch back twice as hard was he inciting the four SEIU thugs who ganged up and beat Kenneth Gladney at the Russ Carnahan protest just hours later?

2. Was Paul Begala and crew at the White House inciting violence when they invented racist quotes and attributed them to Rush Limbaugh that he never said?

3. Did the far left and President Obama go after Rev. Wright for his racist and hateful anti-government views ins 20 years of preaching with Obama attending regularly?

4. Has Al Sharpton ever said anything inciteful? Did his “interlopers” comment not incite people to murder those Jewish shop owners?

5. Is not the far left inciting violence against Tea Party participants by calling them racists and associating them with Tim McVeigh? After all if you were a racist mad bomber isn’t it justified for anyone to use violence to stop you?

6. What about the most violent terror group in the United States? It is known as ELF, the Earth Liberation Front that has engaged in more acts of violence than any other terror group. Did not the extreme and fatalistic doom rhetoric incite people like Ted Kocinski. 

7. When anti-semitic leftists sponsored “Israeli Apartheid Week” on college campuses across the continent; is not their rhetoric obviously inciting violence against Jews? If apartheid is evil, therefore Israel must be evil and therefore it is OK to do violence against them; that is the narrative isn’t it?

8. Far left columnist Joe Klein says that people who critique the left like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin are guilty of sedition, which he claims is a felony. Is it not acceptable to use force against those committing a felony? Is that not inciteful?

9. Did Democratic Deputy Senate Leader Dick Durbin incite violence against the military by comparing our soodiers to Pol Pot and Nazi’s? Everyone knows that violence is the only way to stop Nazi’s right???…

10. Senator Durbin is not the only one who has incited violence against the military:

11. And who can forget this, when Jim Nardi from Nevada’s Health Care United and known Democrat Activist in the Nevada State Democratic Party said this to Andrew Breitbart:

And what about those Anti-Bush protests…

CNN Finds Out What a REAL Violent Protest Looks Like: 

The elite media calls the people at tea parties violent and racist, yet at every known event of violence has been committed by ACORN/SEIU thugs. There was violence at several anti-war protests, at the GOP convention and at the event in this video, the G20 summit in Pittsburgh; with 60 arrested, 6 hospitalized and businesses vandalized.

Why is CNN not featuring the nuttiest sign they can find at this protest like they do at a Tea Party, why are their reporters not getting in the face of a protestor to challenge, harass and mock them like they do at Tea Parties ….where is Susan Roesgen now?

In contrast, the National Park Service confirmed that the 9/12 protest called by Glenn Beck was the largest event in D.C. history and there was not one arrest…not one.

According to the elite media narrative the picture below is from a violent, racist and inciteful protest. The videos above are not.

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