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Video: Pro-Illegal Immigration Protestors Turn Violent, Attack Counter Protestors, Throw Rocks and Bottles at Police – UPDATED! Fox Goes Nuclear on Elite Media Lies

Posted by iusbvision on April 26, 2010

Arizona: They also used refried beans to smear swastika’s on government buildings….. but nothing to see here .. move along, move along… and don’t forget the state-run media mantra, the Tea Party is violent, the Tea Party is violent…

How do I know this group isn’t really a bunch of crazed Tea Party people out to smash Arizona? Well you see the lovely Michelle Malkin has pictures.


UPDATE I – Famed Scholar Dr. John Lott Confirms IUSB Vision Analysis on Arizona Law

UPDATE II – Via – Rasmussen: Majority of Latinos in Arizona support letting cops check for immigration status?

UPDATE IIIFox News goes after ABC and elite media over outrageous bias.

Video: (Hat Tip HotAir) Whose protests are more violent?

By the way, the John Lewis who said it happened in spite of a dozen videos of the event that proved otherise, is the same guy who in October 2008 said that John McCain is a racist and compared him with George Wallace who tried to use force to keep black children from going to school. But why take my word for it. Here is THE PROOF

UPDATE IVByron York Takes Arizona Law Critics to School

More: Beck Blasts Eliet Media Double Standard, Shows Video

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Is “Law & Order” to blame for pedestrians walking by corpse of dead good Samaritan?

Posted by iusbvision on April 26, 2010

Are shows like “Law & Order” combined with highly publicized instances of police/prosecutorial misconduct partially to blame for the behavior we witness in this video; pedestrians walking by corpse of dead good Samaritan?

Whenever someone sees a video like this we always ask ourselves what could be in the minds of the people involved? They see something has happened, and it looks like they wish they would help, but they don’t. Why?

I have some thoughts about what narrative may be in these people’s minds. The TV show Law & Order has been on the air for about 20 seasons with 10 seasons of its spin off show “Special Victims Unit”. I find myself watching these shows when nothing better is on and I noticed a pattern of behavior among the police and prosecutors in the show and it goes like this:

1. SVU arrests suspect A, who SVU is certain is guilty. He is grilled and mistreated by police and is given no presumption of innocence whatsoever until whoops, they accidentally uncovered a piece of evidence that gets suspect A off the hook.

2. SVU arrests suspect B, who SVU is certain is guilty, the prosecutor says find me XX amount of evidence and I can get you a nice conviction, so the cops set out to prove suspect B guilty. Oh whoops, they ran across a piece of evidence that clears suspect B.

3. SVU arrests suspect C, who SVU is certain is guilty, they really grill him this time, call him names and rough him up a little in the interrogation. Why keep investigating? After all SVU knows suspect C is guilty and they are professionals and who are you to question them? The prosecutor gets ready to go for trial and then… you guessed it, whoops suspect C’s lawyer, when tangling with the prosecutor, comes up with the magic piece of evidence that either gets suspect C off so no one gets nailed or implicates suspect D, who SVU never thought could have been guilty and suspect D is prosecuted and found guilty.

4. Suspect A, B and C’s lives are damaged, if not ruined, they are often smeared in the press as criminals, they are often out lawyer fees and does SVU compensate them? Nope SVU still thinks you’re a scumbag so you don’t even get an apology, in fact don’t give them an excuse to bust you again. 

After a couple of decades of that top rated narrative can you blame anyone for not wanting to get involved?

Don’t get me wrong; ultimately people are responsible for their own actions, but can anyone deny that this narrative of inner city police exists in the minds of millions of Americans?

Real life can make this worse. How many of us have run into the cop who behaves as if he has some magical superiority and he is your master? I have run into a few just like that. Most cops are ok but there are too many like the former out there and when cases of abuse happen it is in the news in a big way. We have catalogued such cases of abuse right here:

Video: Police Beat Innocent Man, Manufacture False Charges.

Phoenix Police Raid Homes of Blogger & Officer who Spoke Out.

VIDEO: Police Shoot Handcuffed Man on the Ground

Ending the Biggest Lie Against Palin – Called Troopergate: Hey Ladies How Would You Deal With a Violent, Reckless, Out of Control Rogue Cop Who Threatened Your Family’s Life and Stalks Your Relatives – All While His Fellow Cops are Covering for Him.

Sometimes the ones who are given the most public trust and responsibility are the ones who most brazenly violate it…

In each one of these cases multiple police lied, manufactured testimony and/or failed in their duty to uphold not just the law, but basic common decency. I am by no means anti-police, but the facts are the facts that there are too many cases of mass police misconduct.

And of course it is not just police misconduct, it is prosecutorial misconduct:

A case study in prosecutor abuse.

More Traffic Camera Fraud from LAPD.

Idiot Indiana prosecutor goes after old woman for buying two cold medicines.

Senator Stevens May Walk: Prosecutorial and FBI Misconduct Could Get Stevens Conviction Overturned

The Duke rape case, the Ted Stevens trial, the Randy Weaver trial, Tom Delay persecution, Kay Baily Hutchinson persecution, Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby and the list goes on. All cases of gross prosecutorial misconduct where elements of the government conspired to manufacture evidence, hide exculpatory evidence, tamper with witnesses etc. 

The case of Martha Stewart perhaps has the biggest impact on regular people. Martha Stewart was charged with the crime of lying to the FBI by proclaiming her innocence about a crime the FBI never even attempted to charge her with.  In essence they said that by proclaiming her innocence which is everyone’s right, she was guilty of lying about a crime, but they never attempted to charge her with that crime, much less prove that a crime actually occurred.  

So if the FBI comes knocking on your door and they ask you questions, they can send you to jail for lying to them err telling them something they do not want to hear such as proclaiming your innocence. What if you are just a witness and not a suspect? That doesn’t matter. What if they ask you questions and you answer as best you can but you were just mistaken, or it was so long ago your memory wasn’t perfect, or what if the FBI has their narrative wrong and your recollection is correct; in any case you can end up in jail. So why would anyone talk to the FBI ever? Under such crazy legal circumstances many smart lawyers would advise you to say nothing. 

Like I said, I am not anti-police and I would hope that people would cooperate with the police, but in the minds of a great many people as we have seen in the video, doing the right thing can lead to trouble or make you a prime suspect when there is no one else to convict. Those people did not know there was a camera there. I am sure several of the people in the video stopped and thought about doing the right thing, only to have a narrative like the ones I described above run through their head. What if one of the pedestrians had a criminal record? What would doing the right thing potentially cost him? These feelings people have may be wrong, they may be immoral, but in some circumstances, to them their fears are justified.

More and more people fear the government and recent polls reflect that harsh reality.

[Editor’s Note: In spite of all my caveats about my thoughts in this article I am well aware that some people will use this piece to demonize me as “anti-government” or such nonsense. So in case I was too subtle when I said it in the article let me be as clear as clear can be; I would hope that people would cooperate with the police and be a good Samaritan. This article is a thought exercise that has some very real world impact to help us to possibly understand why the people in that video behaved as they did. Perhaps such a frank thought exercise will cause some in the government to have a dialogue on the relationship with the citizenry, who is according to our form of government, the boss.]

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“Where were you when George Bush was President?”

Posted by iusbvision on April 26, 2010

Liberty Chick has a great article today that responds to the elite media and the far left saying , you are complaining now but where were you when Bush was president. Of course those who know the IUSB Vision editor know that I was fighting the good fight, but what about everyone else?

Well here is your answer:

“Where were you when George Bush was President?” You know that question well. It’s been asked of each of us more times than any of us would care to count. Do you know how I usually answer it?

I was home, enjoying my life. I went to work every day and focused on doing the best job that I could do. When I wasn’t working, I hung out with family and friends. I went to baseball games, and barbecues, and obscure little hole-in-the-wall joints to hear some of my favorite live music over a couple of Guinnesses. Yum.

Why? Because while George Bush was president, we had a media establishment that was challenging our government, not our citizens.

I wasn’t necessarily happy with the direction of the country in those days. But I could sleep at night, knowing that we had media that pressed George Bush and our Congress on every single issue. I could know at any given moment what the “death count” was in Iraq because just about every channel splashed a persistent counter in the bottom corner of the television screen. When bills like the Patriot Act were first introduced in Congress, I never lacked for any detail on the dangers of the legislation. There was barely a single detail that went uncovered in the daily political grind. When there was a scandal to research and report, I certainly never had to do that myself. There were reporters who did all that.

Yep, I’m actually missing the Bush days now. I had so much more free time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always done my homework and researched issues on my own anyway. I recognize that all media is biased to some degree (and has been for quite some time). But I could always count on the media to challenge the government in the days of George Bush. I wrote my fair share of letters, I called and complained about the spending, even attended a few protests, but I can’t say that I ever felt there just wasn’t anyone challenging the president in the mainstream media. Quite the contrary, there was never any lack of DC pushback from the collective press in those days.

But we live in extraordinary times today. There now exists this giant, open cavity where that healthy pushback against government used to be. And when the mainstream media stepped away from that opening in 2008, two things happened:

  1. The laws of nature pulled everyday American citizens in to provide that cover, and
  2. The political machine took notice – and it assembled its sledgehammers

Read the rest HERE.

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Democrat Plans in 2010: Rig It So Illegals Can Vote?

Posted by iusbvision on April 26, 2010

This site as well as some others have been predicting that this would be the move by the Democrats and today it is a big step closer to being confirmed via Senator Lindsay Graham.

Mini-Update: The elite media and the far left talking heads are creating a stir over the new Arizona illegal immigration law. Here are the facts:

1.  The Supreme Court since 1984 has said that police can enforce federal immigration law and can inquire about immigration status if probable cause and/or during a legal law enforcement encounter.  

2. All the new Arizona law does is take the existing federal law and incorporate it into state law, so that it is no longer an option for Arizona to enforce it. So is the federal law racist and all that nonsense the far left has been saying? Is Obama’s Homeland Security Department racist for adding persons to the border patrol? 

3. Sheriff Joe Arpiao has been enforcing the federal law under constant investigation from the Obama administration and so far the feds can find no violations. We should thank the Obama Administration for confirming that local law enforcement can perform their duties within the bounds of federal civil rights laws.

Mini-Update IIFamed Scholar Dr. John Lott Confirms IUSB Vision Analysis on Arizona Law


Washington Examiner:

Saturday afternoon, a clearly angry Graham decided to go public with his version of what happened, releasing an extraordinary open letter accusing Reid and other Democratic leaders of engaging in “phony” and “cynical” political maneuvering by dumping energy and climate in favor of immigration. Reid, of course, is in deep trouble in his re-election fight in Nevada, where about 26 percent of the population is Hispanic. President Obama hopes to increase Hispanic voting and fire up the Democratic base to avert potentially disastrous Democratic mid-term losses across the country. Pushing aside the energy and climate bill — which had at-best iffy prospects in the Senate, anyway — for “comprehensive” immigration reform might possibly save a few Democrats. Or at least Reid. Of course, at the moment there’s no bill and no real probability that one could pass, but some Democrats apparently believe even a losing fight could help them politically by motivating the base.

So Graham was out of luck. “I am very disappointed with this turn of events and believe [the Senate Democratic leadership’s] decision flies in the face of commitments made weeks ago to Senators Kerry, Lieberman and me,” Graham wrote in his open letter Saturday. “I deeply regret that election year politics will impede, if not derail, our efforts to make our nation energy independent.”

“Moving forward on immigration — in this hurried, panicked manner — is nothing more than a cynical political ploy,” Graham continued. “Let’s be clear, a phony, political effort on immigration today accomplishes nothing but making it exponentially more difficult to address in a serious, comprehensive manner in the future.”

Graham’s angry words — senators don’t usually throw “phony” at each other — suggest a man who believes he’s been double-crossed. And indeed, a talk with aides familiar with what happened reveals a senator who thought he had deal only to find out — mostly from press reports — that he didn’t.

For several days leading up to Saturday’s meltdown, Graham had been trying to secure a commitment from Reid that energy and climate legislation would go forward. “There were flurries of phone calls since Thursday, Friday, even Saturday, trying to get assurances from Reid that we were going to take up energy instead of immigration,” one Senate aide says. “This wasn’t one or two phone calls. We’re talking dozens and dozens of phone calls.”

Reid, who formerly seemed committed to moving the legislation forward, would no longer agree. “There were multiple chances — multiple chances — for them to give the assurances that were necessary,” the aide continues. But nothing came. And Democrats left Graham — one of their best Republican friends in the Senate — fuming.

Reid’s about-face left many in the GOP amazed. Democrats appear to be tossing aside one difficult-to-pass issue in favor of an impossible-to-pass issue. The likelihood is that neither will pass. “There will be no immigration and no energy,” says another Senate aide. “They can do some sort of an energy bill, but it won’t be cap-and-trade. Graham-Kerry-Lieberman won’t pass. The support is just not there, even among Democrats. And on immigration — after having voted for a health care bill that’s toxic, voted for the biggest deficits ever, Democrats are then going to turn around and vote for an amnesty bill?”

Unlikely. The fact is, many Democrats are just as afraid of the immigration issue as Republicans. The conventional wisdom is that immigration reform efforts of 2006 and 2007 split the GOP. They did, but they split the Democrats, too. In the Senate vote that killed the 2007 effort, 34 Democrats and 12 Republicans voted to move the measure forward, while 37 Republicans and 16 Democrats voted to block it.

And that bill was the result of long and painstaking bipartisan work. “In 2007,” Graham writes, “we spent hundreds of hours over many months with President Bush’s Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, and nearly every member of the U.S. Senate searching for a way to address our nation’s immigration problems. Unlike this current ‘effort,’ it was a good-faith attempt to address a very difficult national issue.”

Now, Reid says he would like to have a bill in three weeks. It’s a laughable idea except for the fact that the majority leader is becoming desperate and might do anything to improve his chances of re-election.

But even if Democrats can cobble together some sort of legislation in the next few weeks, they can forget about having the sort of Republican support that existed in 2007. The watered-down border security measures in that bill — the “virtual fence,” for example — have been dumped. Temporary guest worker measures are gone, too. There is no way many Republicans would go along with a new Democratic measure. Even the famously pro-reform GOP Sen. John McCain campaigned for the presidency in 2008 by repeating thousands of times that he “got the message” that the U.S. should “secure the border first.” Now in a primary fight with hardliner J.D. Hayworth, McCain won’t be touching a Democratic immigration reform plan.

Nevertheless, it appears the Democrats’ “cynical political ploy” will go forward. For Reid and his party, it’s a high-risk base-strategy gamble. Maybe it will work. But if it doesn’t, it could mean a Republican victory in November that’s even larger than GOP optimists predict.

Related Story:

Smart Girl Politics sponsored a border cleanup activity to pick up trash along the border.

Smart Girl Politics sponsored a Border Clean-up in honor of murdered rancher Robert Krentz. Some of us went to the border fence and saw first hand how illegals get over the fence quickly. Also how children are being placed in harms way either by parents or human smugglers.

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