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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

Profiles in the Obvious: New Survey of Economists Says Stimulus Bill Didn’t Work

Posted by iusbvision on April 27, 2010

Amazing. Congratulations Mr. Obvious. Of course we have said this since minute one. Anyone with competent rudimentary economics training understood this from the get go. In fairness to NABE though, they have been saying this for some time. But that doesn’t excuse Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, Christina Romer and other pinheads the elite media talked to who said the stimulus would work great. Things like this almost never do


In latest quarterly survey by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), the index that measures employment showed job growth for the first time in two years — but a majority of respondents felt the fiscal stimulus had no impact. 


When politicians spend money, it is for the purpose of achieving a political outcome, not an economic one. 

A new survey shows private employers shed 23,000 jobs in March, but many expect tomorrow’s Labor Department report to show overall job growth thanks to increasing government employment. 

A study by the George Mason University shows: 1) no statistical correlation between unemployment and how President Obama’s failed stimulus was spent; 2) Democratic districts received one-and-a-half times as many awards as Republican ones; and 3) an average cost of $286,000 was awarded per job created. 


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