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NBC’s Contessa Brewer ‘Frustrated’ That Times Square Bomber Is a Muslim UPDATE – Limbaugh has a ball with elite media lies and narrative – Bomber is a registered Democrat

Posted by iusbvision on May 4, 2010

This coming from a person who has accused the Tea Party of all sorts of horrible things and violence, in spite of the fact that the only violence that has happened at Tea Party events is from far left union thugs.

This is political correct silly narrative run amok and it is coming from people who claim objectivity.

Of course this is a part of the larger far left narrative of the far left and 9/11 “truthers” that the war on terror is not a war, it is not about radical Islam, rather it is all George Bush’s fault.

Via NewsBusters & HotAir:

BREWER: I mean the thing is is that and I get frustrated and there was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country because there are a lot of people who want to use this terrorist intent to justify writing off people who believe in a certain way or come from certain countries or whose skin color is a certain way. I mean they use it as justification for really outdated bigotry.

And so there was part of me was really hoping this would not be the case that here would be somebody who is not the defined. I mean he’s accused he’s arrested you know I don’t want to convict him before it’s time to do so. He’s the guy authorities say is involved. But that being said I mean we know even in recent history you have the Hutaree militia from Michigan who have plans to let’s face it create terror.

That’s what they were planning to do and they were doing so from far different backgrounds then what this guy is coming from. So, the threat is not just coming from people who decide that America is the place to be and you know come here and want to become citizens. Obviously this guy did.

ED Morrissey Comments:

Yes, Contessa, there does seem to be a lot of people who want to “justify writing off people who believe in a certain way” as either terrorists or racists. Your network employs more than a few.

NewsBusters ads:

UPDATE – Limbaugh:

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